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No salvation for aliens, according to creationist Ken Ham
9 HRS AGO - Creationist Ken Ham doesn’t believe extraterrestrials exist. But, if they do, they are Expand
President Obama Meets With Crew of Apollo 11
17 HRS AGO - President Barack Obama meets with Apollo 11 astronauts Michael Collins, seated left, Buzz Aldrin, Expand
NASA Officials and Astronauts Tour Neil Armstrong Operations and Checkout Building
1 DAY AGO - At the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, NASA officials and Apollo astronauts tour the refurbished Expand
First Contact Imminent
2 DAYS AGO - First Contact Imminent It was February 13, 2001 sometime around midnight in Phoenix, Arizona. I’d Expand
Is This the Oldest Known UFO Photo?
5 DAYS AGO - By Ryan Mullahy/NH Magazine If you look closely at this old stereoscopic image, you can see a Expand
John Denver, Roswell, And Dead Aliens
5 DAYS AGO - By Nick Redfern/Mysterious Universe Born into an Air Force family in the town of Roswell, New Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 7/17/14
5 DAYS AGO - Buzz Aldrin Confirms UFO Sighting in Syfy's 'Aliens on the Moon' - I saw a UFO in Sun Expand
A Close Encounter With Betty Hill
6 DAYS AGO - By David Mendelsohn/NHMagazine In time for the Exeter UFO Festival happening at the end this month Expand
10,000-year-old rock paintings depicting aliens and UFOs found in Chhattisgarh
6 DAYS AGO - Via Times of India Chhattisgarh state department of archaeology and culture plans to seek help Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 7/16/14
6 DAYS AGO - Strange sighting in the sky - Loughborough Echo 10,000-year-old rock paintings depicting aliens Expand
UFO Friend, Foe, or Fantasy – 1966 Documentary
13 HRS AGO - Presented by Walter Kronkite, this classic overly skeptical but still important to research Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 7/22/14
19 HRS AGO - Are aliens invading? UFO spotted over Swansea - Southwales Evening Post Hollywood Making a Fatal Expand
Orion Crew Module at the Neil Armstrong Operations and Checkout Building, Kennedy Space Center
1 DAY AGO - NASA's Orion spacecraft crew module has been stacked on the service module inside the Operations Expand
Astronaut John Glenn at Cape Canaveral
4 DAYS AGO - Astronaut John H. Glenn Jr., wearing a Mercury pressure suit, is photographed at Cape Canaveral, Expand
The RB-47 radar visual multiple witnesses cases, July 17, 1957
5 DAYS AGO - Via An Air Force Boeing Stratojet reconnaissance jet RB-47, equipped Expand
Seth Green on Hollywood’s negative depiction of aliens
5 DAYS AGO - Actor Seth Green recently sat down with Dr. Peter Diamandis to discuss space exploration. The two Expand
Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Shares His UFO Experience During Apollo 11 Mission
5 DAYS AGO - A Guest post from Latest-UFO-Sightings An Unidentified Flying Object Legendary astronaut Buzz Expand
State archaeologist says ancient Indian paintings depict aliens and UFOs
6 DAYS AGO - An archaeologist for the state department of Chhattisgarh state in India wants to seek help from Expand
Launch of Apollo 11
6 DAYS AGO - On July 16, 1969, the huge, 363-feet tall Saturn V rocket launches on the Apollo 11 mission from Expand
Multi-colored UFOs photographed in Austria
7 DAYS AGO - Dozens of people witnessed a fleet of multi-colored UFOs in Austria this week, and one couple Expand
Huge crop circle appears overnight in South West England (Video)
13 HRS AGO - A large crop circle has appeared overnight in the South West England county of Dorset. Although Expand
Roswell, UFOs and Project Pandora
22 HRS AGO - By Nick Redfern/Mysterious Universe Well, now, this is interesting. In fact, Expand
The Eagle Prepares to Land
2 DAYS AGO - The Apollo 11 Lunar Module Eagle, in a landing configuration was photographed in lunar orbit from Expand
UFOs land in France – Spacing Out! Episode 82
4 DAYS AGO - A witness claims that his video shows UFOs landing in a forest in southern France. That and other Expand
UFO sightings on the rise this month near port city in Turkey (Photos)
5 DAYS AGO - According to UFO researchers in Turkey, they have received an abundance of UFO reports near the Expand
Caribbean Sea Viewed From the International Space Station
5 DAYS AGO - From the Earth-orbiting International Space Station, flying some 225 nautical miles above the Expand
Deconstruction of Billy Meier’s Metal Samples
5 DAYS AGO - Via Open Minds The case of Eduard “Billy” Meier is one of the most famous among the UFO Expand
Roswell Pastor Discusses UFOs, Alien Life, and Religion
6 DAYS AGO - We stopped at the First United Methodist Church of Roswell, New Mexico to get a pastor’s Expand
NASA scientists agree that aliens are out there
6 DAYS AGO - NASA held a panel discussion on Monday, July 14 in which scientists discussed extraterrestrial Expand
Margie Kay – Missouri UFO and Paranormal Investigations – July 15, 2014
7 DAYS AGO - Open Minds UFO Radio: Margie Kay is a paranormal and UFO investigator, author, and national Expand

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