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“UFO Alert” sky watch planned for the Yucatán
1 DAY AGO - According to The Yucatan Times, a UFO sky watch is being planned for later this year that may draw Expand
Ohio witnesses saw ‘alien’ run across the road
1 DAY AGO - A husband and wife in Highland County, Ohio claim they saw an alien run across the road. The Expand
Multiple witnesses spot UFO over Capua in Caserta, Italy (Photo)
2 DAYS AGO - Italian news sites are reporting that dozens of witnesses spotted a UFO over the town of Capua, Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 12/18/14
2 DAYS AGO - Einstein’s Thoughts on SETI - Air & Space Magazine Astronomer Royal: Life on Mars would Expand
City Lights Shine Brighter During the Holidays
3 DAYS AGO - City lights shine brighter during the holidays when compared with the rest of the year, as shown Expand
Newly detected organics could suggest life on Mars
4 DAYS AGO - NASA’s Curiosity rover made a surprising discovery that could suggest that something is Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 12/16/14
4 DAYS AGO - Strange 'Shape-Shifting' UFO Witnessed Over Sydney - Huffington Post UK These 7 Mysterious Photos Expand
Colombian UFO videos cause some to believe it is a hotspot
5 DAYS AGO - The media has picked up on a few alleged UFO videos from Colombia, prompting some to ask whether Expand
UFOs over New Jersey described as ‘rocket-like’
1 DAY AGO - A New Jersey witness at Edison reported watching three “rocket-looking” objects crossing the sky Expand
Hubble Sweeps a Messy Star Factory
1 DAY AGO - This sprinkle of cosmic glitter is a blue compact dwarf galaxy known as Markarian 209. Galaxies of Expand
The Nurses and the Spacemen
1 DAY AGO - Via Phantoms&Monsters It was turning five in the morning on New Year’s Day 1970, when Expand
U.S. Air Force Closes the Book on UFOs, 45 Years Ago
2 DAYS AGO - By Evan Andrews/ In 1948, inspired by Cold War paranoia and dozens of public sightings, Expand
Two sphere UFOs described over Colorado Springs
3 DAYS AGO - A Colorado witness at Colorado Springs reported watching two sphere-shaped UFOs move toward each Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 12/17/14
3 DAYS AGO - Vatican ‘had meeting with extraterrestrials’ - Metro U.S. Air Force Closes the Book on UFOs, 45 Expand
Chile’s UFO investigations to be aided by prominent French aerospace organization
4 DAYS AGO - The Aeronautical and Astronautical Association of France (3AF) has signed an agreement with Expand
새로운 UFO 핫스팟은 콜롬비아 메델린이다(동영상)
4 DAYS AGO - UFO는 세계 곳곳에서 무작위로 나타난다. 물론 다양한 소프트웨어로
Lee Speigel - Latest Posts
Shared by The Huffington Post
Multiple UFOs streak through the sky above Leicestershire
5 DAYS AGO - A witness photographed four UFOs flying together over the English county of Leicestershire on Expand
Is Colombia a new UFO hotspot? – Spacing Out! Episode 101
1 DAY AGO - Recent alleged UFO videos covered by the media have some wondering if Colombia is a new hotbed for Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 12/19/14
1 DAY AGO - The Nissequogue UFO Incident - Syracuse New Times UFO Found In Archive Footage Of Apollo 15 Expand
Michigan hunters encounter UFO in remote wooded area
2 DAYS AGO - Two Michigan witnesses at Harbor Springs reported watching an 8-foot diameter ball of blue-white Expand
75th Anniversary of NASA Ames
2 DAYS AGO - December 20, 2014 marks NASA Ames Research Center's 75th Anniversary. The center was established Expand
Witnesses claim UFOs caused strange contrails over southern Russia
3 DAYS AGO - Witnesses assert that UFOs created unusual looking contrails in the sky above the Russian city of Expand
Harry Truman: UFO Admittance
3 DAYS AGO - TheBreakingMuse  description: Harry S. Truman responding to the 1952 UFO fleet seen over the White Expand
Sunset Over the Gulf of Mexico
4 DAYS AGO - From the International Space Station, Expedition 42 Flight Engineer Terry W. Virts took this Expand
Fast moving UFO passes over Costa Mesa, CA
5 DAYS AGO - A California witness at Costa Mesa reported watching a silent object with four, round lights that Expand

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