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Yes, the Solar Eclipse Is Worth the Hype (Trust Those Who Have Seen One)
2 HRS AGO - Pictures of the sun in total eclipse make it obvious the event is unusual. What is normally a Expand
UFOs Flying Dark
14 HRS AGO - “Lights in the sky” sightings easily comprise the majority of UFO sightings, and have just as Expand
According to a new study, Ancient Aliens exist, and are HIBERNATING in the universe
1 DAY AGO - According to a study published in the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, ancient alien Expand
6 reasons why Ancient Egypt is linked to Alien visitations
1 DAY AGO - Who doesn’t love a bit of conspiracy now and there? The truth is that for decades mankind has Expand
South Carolina warns citizens of ‘Lizard Man’ sightings during solar eclipse
2 DAYS AGO - It might sound like an April Fools' joke, but SCEMD's warning is apparently completely legitimate, Expand
Calling the Moon: Startup to Put Cellphone Tower on the Moon
2 DAYS AGO - An astronaut wandering the moon next year could use a smartphone to call home. A German startup is Expand
UFO Headline News Aug. 14, 2017
2 DAYS AGO - UFO Headline News Aug. 14, 2017
An Eclipse Chaser’s Guide to Your First Eclipse
3 DAYS AGO - The United States has not seen a total solar eclipse sail from sea to shining sea in nearly a Expand
Native Americans Have No Fear Of Aliens. Here’s Why
3 DAYS AGO - Deeply spiritual cultures remember a time when “people from the stars” freely interacted with Expand
Life After Death? –Physicists Says “It’s Quantum Information that Transcends from One World to Another”
5 HRS AGO - While scientists are still in heated debates about what exactly consciousness is, the University Expand
How Eclipses Reveal Information About Alien Worlds, Light-Years Away
20 HRS AGO - The 2017 solar eclipse is nearly upon us. The path of totality will travel across 14 states, Expand
Behind the Hype of ‘Lab-Grown’ Meat
1 DAY AGO - Some folks have big plans for your future. They want you—a burger-eatin’, chicken-finger-dippin’ Expand
This Augmented Reality Helmet Helps Firefighters See Through Smoke to Save Lives
1 DAY AGO - Qwake Tech’s augmented reality system, C-Thru, is built into a futuristic helmet and relies on a Expand
Jupiter: A New Point of View
2 DAYS AGO - This striking Jovian vista was created by citizen scientists Gerald Eichstädt and Seán Doran using Expand
“Are We Alone in the Universe?” Winston Churchill’s Lost Extraterrestrial Essay Says No
2 DAYS AGO - The famed British statesman approached the question of alien life with a scientist’s mind.
Close encounter: asteroid the size of a house set for near miss with Earth
3 DAYS AGO - Space rock 2012 TC4 expected to zoom by harmlessly, coming within 27,300 miles – an eighth of the Expand
Dutch students grow their own biodegradable car
3 DAYS AGO - What's made of sugar, can carry four people and travel at 50 miles (80 km) per hour? A Expand
Spiraling Cloud Patterns Over Guadalupe Island
4 DAYS AGO - On May 24, 2017, the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) on the Suomi NPP satellite Expand
Perseid Meteor Shower Wows Stargazer with ‘One-in-a-Million’ Fireball
8 HRS AGO - When the Perseid meteor shower peaked over the weekend, no one was expecting an amazing show. Expand
Atlas V Rocket and TDRS-M
1 DAY AGO - As the Sun rises at Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, a Expand
Eclipses Were Regarded As Omens in the Ancient World
1 DAY AGO - On Monday, Aug. 21, people living in the continental United States will be able to see a total Expand
Expert says Humans are Aliens—and we were brought to Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago
2 DAYS AGO - What if Humans are the aliens we’ve been looking for all along? According to experts, humans were Expand
Supernova collides with nearby star, taking astrophysicists by surprise
2 DAYS AGO - In the 2009 film "Star Trek," a supernova hurtles through space and obliterates a planet Expand
UFO Headline News Aug. 15, 2017
2 DAYS AGO - UFO Headline News Aug. 15, 2017
Space Station Flight Over the Bahamas
3 DAYS AGO - One of the most recognizable points on the Earth for astronauts to photograph is the Bahamas. Expand
Cassini Prepares to Say Goodbye to a True Titan
3 DAYS AGO - Mere weeks away from its dramatic, mission-ending plunge into Saturn, NASA's Cassini spacecraft Expand

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