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UFO Prophet
Astronomers Find the Source of Life in the Universe
34 MINS AGO - “The Answer to the Great Question… Of Life, the Universe and Everything… Expand
Ancient Ancestor of Large Dinosaurs and Pterosaurs Was Just Four Inches Tall
1 HR AGO - When we think of large dinosaurs, the gigantic Tyrannosaurus rex comes to mind that once stood at Expand
Underwater Ochre Mine 8,000 Years Older Than the Mayas Found in Mexico
18 HRS AGO - OK, before there is any confusion like the last time (you know who you are), ‘ochre’ is a natural Expand
NUOVO MOTORE AL PLASMA: Scienziato costruisce un motore che converte “elettricità in propulsione”
19 HRS AGO - Lo scorso autunno, un professore dell’Università di Wuhan di nome Jau Tang stava lavorando Expand
SETI, nuovo Protocollo per il “Contatto Extraterrestre”
1 DAY AGO - Un nuovo protocollo in caso di contatto extraterrestre è stato sviluppato con l’intenzione Expand
La Fisica impossibile degli UFO
1 DAY AGO - Se gli UFO fossero  davvero delle navicelle provenienti da dimensioni parallele, allora verrebbe Expand
Gli UFO avvistati sulla costa di Rio Grande do Sul hanno lasciato misteriosi “SEGNI” sulla sabbia
1 DAY AGO - Secondo il rapporto degli ufologi brasiliani, alle ore 19.30 del 23 giugno 2020, sulla spiaggia di Expand
Cross Between a Snake and a Worm is the World’s First Venomous Amphibian
2 DAYS AGO - Frogs, toads, salamanders and other amphibians rarely make anyone’s favorite animal list (except Expand
Triangular UFO Spotted for the Third Time Over Texas
2 DAYS AGO - Triangular UFO was spotted again in Texas for the third time after one sighting on New Year’s Day Expand
Aliens, Insects and Arachnids: A Menagerie of Strange Creatures
44 MINS AGO - As the title of this article makes clear, it deals with some very strange extraterrestrial Expand
Gli Ufo di Sua Altezza Hans-Hadam II, Principe del Liechtenstein
13 HRS AGO - C’è una storia interessante che arriva dalla Svizzera. Anzi, dal Liechtenstein, il famoso Expand
22.02 – MU Plus+ Podcast – Phone Calls from the Trickster
18 HRS AGO - On this episode we question the life saving messages from dreams with pre-cognitive warnings and Expand
Huge UFO making maneuvers over South Abington Township, Pennsylvania 22-Jun-2020
20 HRS AGO - Another great footage was reported today. This unidentified flying object was caught on tape in Expand
Black UFO triangle with center cutout and spheres underneath – Brooklyn, NY 2020
1 DAY AGO - Here’s one of the best UFO videos that I saw recently. It show a black triangular-shaped Expand
Scientist Says He’s Built a Jet Engine That Turns Electricity Directly Into Thrust
1 DAY AGO - The city of Wuhan, China, hasn’t been doing too well in the news lately, but a new “this changes Expand
UFO Hunter Finds Alien Warrior Figure in NASA’s Photos of Mars
1 DAY AGO - The self-proclaimed UFO expert Scott C Waring said that Martians are having a field day in the Expand
Quando un pilota peruviano tentò di abbattere invano un UFO
2 DAYS AGO - Quaranta anni fa, il pilota di caccia Oscar Santa Maria Huerta riferi’ di aver avuto un Expand
ARGENTINA, Piloti di aereo commerciale avvistano UFO sulla Red Moon Valley
2 DAYS AGO - Una enorme luce intensa (UFO) è stata  avvistata dai piloti di un aereo commerciale vicino alla Expand
Truly Sinister Paranormal Entities of Japanese Urban Legend
55 MINS AGO - Japan had become known for its horror stories and dark fictional tales over the years. Here is a Expand
The War Against COVID19 On Different Levels
15 HRS AGO - In the world of mechanized health science, there is much attention paid on the machanics of Expand
The Mysterious UFOs of Levelland, Texas
18 HRS AGO - The city of Levelland, in Hockley County, Texas, in the United States, is a mostly quiet place Expand
Gli abitanti di Batulechaur e i loro frequenti avvistamenti Ufo
23 HRS AGO - Il 25 marzo 1968, alle 20.15, gli abitanti di Batulechaur a Pokhara, sulla strada per Mahendra Expand
UFOs May Be Cause of Strange Circles on Beach in Brazil
1 DAY AGO - What do you do if you live in an area where there are no crops for making crop circles? If you’re Expand
Marilyn Monroe, Conspiracies, and Aliens
1 DAY AGO - The American actress, model, and singer born Norma Jeane Mortenson, but better known to the masses Expand
Arizona’s Mysterious Cursed Apache Death Cave
2 DAYS AGO - The history of the town called Two Guns, Arizona has a history inextricably linked to blood and Expand

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