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Lowing flying UFOs over Tucson appear to change color
14 HRS AGO - An Arizona witness at Tucson reported watching a group of about 20 copper spheres moving rapidly Expand
Lee Speigel – Personal UFO Sighting and Jacques Vallée – November 23, 2015
1 DAY AGO - Open Minds UFO Radio: Lee Speigel is a reporter for the Huffington Post covering UFOs and other Expand
Springtime in the South Atlantic
1 DAY AGO - The springtime phytoplankton communities shown in this image were spotted between the Falkland Expand
Canadian Police UFO Encounter! – Open Minds UFO Report
4 DAYS AGO - Stories in this week's show: Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer posts UFO interview video, El Expand
Renowned UFO Researcher and Author Jacques Vallee to Speak at 2016 UFO Congress
5 DAYS AGO - World renowned UFO researcher and author Dr. Jacques Vallée will be speaking at the 2016 UFO Expand
Nov. 19, 1969, Apollo 12 Lunar Module Intrepid
5 DAYS AGO - The Apollo 12 Lunar Module (LM), in a lunar landing configuration, is photographed in lunar orbit Expand
Oregon witnesses describe lights moving across property
7 DAYS AGO - An Oregon witness at Veneta reported watching a bright white light about the size of a basketball Expand
What does the end of materialism mean for political science? |294|
7 DAYS AGO - Dr. Alexander Wendt examines the implications of consciousness science for the social sciences. Expand
Miami witness recalls UFO’s paralyzing light beam
11/16/2015 - A Florida witness at Miami recalled events from 1997 when a disc-shaped UFO hovered above the Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 11/24/2015
15 HRS AGO - 9 Montreal UFO Sightings That Can Never Be Explained - MTL Blog WATCH: Is this a UFO over Expand
Texas witness believes UFO caused traffic accident
1 DAY AGO - A Texas witness at LaPorte recalled a 1972 encounter with a sphere-shaped UFO that caused damage Expand
Ohio police officers describe multiple UFOs
4 DAYS AGO - An Ohio police officer at Campbell reported “several green lights” that could not be identified Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 11/20/2015
4 DAYS AGO - WATCH: Two more 'UFO' sightings in sky above Dover - Dover Express UFO buzzes IKEA: another Expand
Ohio witness says UFO appeared to land
5 DAYS AGO - An Ohio witness at London reported watching a disc-shaped UFO that appeared to land in a nearby Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 11/18/2015
6 DAYS AGO - Obama Reveals His Favorite Conspiracy Theory About His Administration - The Blaze Aliens Are Expand
Idaho witness videotapes ‘strange’ hovering lights
7 DAYS AGO - An Idaho witness at Caldwell reported watching and videotaping a series of unknown lights that Expand
A Brighter Moon
7 DAYS AGO - Although Dione (near) and Enceladus (far) are composed of nearly the same materials, Enceladus has Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 11/16/2015
11/16/2015 - 40 years later: Most documented UFO sighting, abduction still draw interest - White Mountain Expand
Historic Formation Flight of NASA's WB-57s Over Houston
17 HRS AGO - NASA's three WB-57s fly over foggy downtown Houston, Texas during their historic formation flight Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 11/23/2015
1 DAY AGO - The Buffalo Black Triangle UFO - Syracuse New Times What was the mysterious UFO that bathed Hull Expand
California witness describes saucer-shaped UFO (Video)
4 DAYS AGO - A California witness at Dunnigan reported watching and videotaping a saucer-shaped UFO first seen Expand
Northwest Australia From the Space Station's EarthKAM
4 DAYS AGO - This image of the northwest corner of Australia was snapped by a student on Earth after remotely Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 11/19/2015
5 DAYS AGO - Fireworks or aliens? Just what was spotted in the Midlands? - Daily Mail Online Trio claim Expand
Cloud Patterns Over the Prince Edward Islands
6 DAYS AGO - Early November 2015 brought cloudy skies and intriguing patterns over the Prince Edward Islands in Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 11/17/2015
7 DAYS AGO - Triangular UFO Purported To Be ‘Alien Megastructure’ Spotted Appearing, Vanishing Over Melbourne Expand
Tapio Kangas – Sci-Fi Music Producer – November 16, 2015
11/16/2015 - Open Minds UFO Radio: Conceived by Tapio Kangas and featuring a host of stellar musical legends, Expand

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