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To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science: A Round Table Discussion
4 HRS AGO - A round table discussion about Tom DeLonge's launch of To The Stars Academy of Arts & Expand
It’s OFFICIAL! China Admits To The Existence Of UFOs And Aliens
1 DAY AGO - We know by now that various governmental institutions have spilled the beans regarding the Expand
Hubble Unravels a Twisted Cosmic Knot
2 DAYS AGO - This Hubble image shows what happens when two galaxies become one. The twisted cosmic knot seen Expand
Introducing False Flags
2 DAYS AGO - Richard Dolan from Gaia talks about false flags and how it affects today's society and how it runs Expand
Some Mind Blowing Leaked NASA UFO Photos
3 DAYS AGO - Sightings of UFOS by astronauts that you really should see.
UFO / Partial Disclosure Happening
3 DAYS AGO - Impromptu Emergency Update on Thursday October 19th, 2017 @ 6 PM PST
What Lurks Below NASA’s Chamber A?
4 DAYS AGO - Hidden beneath Chamber A at the Johnson Space Center is an area engineers used to test critical Expand
4 DAYS AGO - For the past two days, sky watchers in parts of Europe have reported strange colors in the daytime Expand
Joseph Atwill, Why is the Deep State Interested in Psychedelics? |364|
5 DAYS AGO - Joe Atwill cautions against the resurging interest in psychedelics and entheogens. photo by: Expand
Will Truth About Aliens Soon Be Known? UFO Sightings Triple In Just 16 Years!
1 DAY AGO - THE number of reported UFO sightings across the United States has more than tripled since 2001, it Expand
The Mystical Sumerian King List
2 DAYS AGO - Amazing artifacts continue to recover from a variety of sites in Iraq. This is where the Expand
NASA’s Robotic Psyche Mission To Communicate Using Lasers –“Think of It As a Telescope at the Core of an Extinct Planet”
2 DAYS AGO - A spacecraft destined to explore a unique asteroid will also test new communication hardware that Expand
Huge cave found on moon, could house astronauts: Japan scientists
3 DAYS AGO - Scientists at Japan's space agency have discovered a huge moon cave that could one day house a Expand
GOP candidate claims her lifelong conversations with UFO aliens have revealed ancient secrets
3 DAYS AGO - A Florida Republican who’s running for Congress has in the past claimed that she has been the Expand
Scientists find “evidence” of a multidimensional universe INSIDE our brain
4 DAYS AGO - An exciting discovery has been made by scientists as they have uncovered that the human brain Expand
Ring discovered around ‘potato-shaped’ dwarf planet Haumea
4 DAYS AGO - A ring system has been found around a dwarf planet for the first time — the distant, potato-shaped Expand
Puerto Rico From the Space Station
5 DAYS AGO - NASA astronaut Joe Acaba photographed Puerto Rico from the cupola of the International Space Expand
Scientists: Geological evidence shows the Great Sphinx is 800,000 years old
1 DAY AGO - One of the most mysterious and enigmatic monuments on the surface of the planet is without a doubt Expand
Scientist sees evidence of planet formation in narrow rings of other solar systems
2 DAYS AGO - Narrow dense rings of comets are coming together to form planets on the outskirts of at least Expand
A solar-powered asteroid nursery at the orbit of Mars
2 DAYS AGO - The planet Mars shares its orbit with a handful of small asteroids, the so-called Trojans. Among Expand
Jovian Moon Shadow
3 DAYS AGO - Jupiter’s moon Amalthea casts a shadow on the gas giant planet in this image captured by NASA’s Expand
NASA Missions Catch First Light from a Gravitational-Wave Event
3 DAYS AGO - For the first time, NASA scientists have detected light tied to a gravitational-wave event, thanks Expand
Linda Moulton Howe – Grant Cameron & Nancy Tremaine
4 DAYS AGO - Linda Moulton Howe with Grant Cameron And Nancy Tremaine on 10/12/2017 KGRA Radio
Absolute Cold | Space Time
4 DAYS AGO - Can we ever achieve absolute cold?
Former Intelligence & Defense Officials Are Preparing Citizens For Disclosure of Extraterrestrial Intelligences Engaging Our Planet
5 DAYS AGO - The Disclosure Activists have witnessed a major step in the formal Disclosure effort after years Expand

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