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Stunning image shows ISS in front of the Sun
5 HRS AGO - NASA has released a breathtaking photograph showing the space station silhouetted against our Expand
No Evidence Aliens Have Visited Earth – Japanese Astronomers
20 HRS AGO - Japanese astronomers actively searching for extraterrestrial life have not found any evidence that Expand
Elon Musk’s Neuralink Unveils Mind-Reading Implant that Could Be Ready for Humans by 2020
1 DAY AGO - He’s pioneered several multi-billion dollar companies, launched one of his cars into space, and Expand
Scientists still can’t agree on the universe’s expansion rate
1 DAY AGO - A new study leaves the puzzle of the Hubble constant unresolved
Flying soldier live demonstration Bastille Day military parade Paris 14 july 2019 France French army
2 DAYS AGO - During the opening ceremony of the French Bastille Day military parade on July 14, 2019, in Paris, Expand
Did the Pentagon attempt to weaponize ticks ?
2 DAYS AGO - Congress has ordered the Pentagon to reveal whether or not it is responsible for spreading Lyme Expand
‘Wonderful Feeling to Be Back.’ Astronaut Michael Collins Returns to Apollo 11 Launch Site on 50th Anniversary
3 DAYS AGO - Michael Collins revisited the exact site of the historic 1969 launch to the moon Tuesday precisely Expand
Giant marble pyramid-shaped island complex rising from sea uncovered, revealing secrets of ancient Greece’s origins
3 DAYS AGO - Exclusive: Thousands of years of history being unlocked in the Aegean isles which could provide Expand
Scientists work out way to make Mars surface fit for farming
4 DAYS AGO - Aerogel sheet mimics Earth’s greenhouse effect and could help to create fertile oases
China’s Space Station Tiangong-2 Will Come Falling Into the Ocean
11 HRS AGO - July 19, 2019, marks the day that Chinese space station Tiangong-2 falls back down to Earth.
It’s No Wonder We’re a Bit Confused by Intelligence
1 DAY AGO - Intelligence is Over-rated I’ve been involved with this field for several decades openly and Expand
ESA confirms asteroid will miss Earth in 2019
1 DAY AGO - Asteroid 2006 QV89, a small object 20 to 50 metres in diameter, was in the news lately because of Expand
Mexico: Alleged UFOs in the Skies of Pachuca
2 DAYS AGO - Source: Planeta UFO and 07.17.2019Mexico: Alleged UFOs in the Skies Expand
Watch Suspected Alien Activity Over Rome
2 DAYS AGO - UFO conspiracy theories were unleashed as a clear daylight video showed a yellowish orb spiraling Expand
Catch These Events Celebrating Apollo 11 Moon Landing’s 50th Anniversary
3 DAYS AGO - Get these moon landing celebrations on your calendar for this summer!
UFO expert Bob Lazar’s chilling warning to stay away from Area 51
3 DAYS AGO - “We would discourage anyone from trying to come into the area where we train American armed Expand
Shocking Video of People Acting Inexplicably With Endangered Giant Turtle
4 DAYS AGO - In Indonesia, on a beach, a group of heartless people torments a leatherback turtle. The reptile Expand
‘Artificial snow’ could save stricken Antarctic ice sheet – study
17 HRS AGO - Governments could stop the West Antarctic Ice Sheet from sliding into the ocean and submerging Expand
Fossils reveal special relationship between humans, monkeys 12,000 years ago
1 DAY AGO - In an evening lecture titled 'Humans and Monkeys in Java 12,000 Years Ago' hosted by the French Expand
UFO hunters photograph Area 51 in unprecedented detail as millions join alien hunt
1 DAY AGO - Over a million people have signed up to ‘storm Area 51’ next month despite a warning from the US Expand
Key Takeaways from Elon Musk’s Neuralink Presentation: Solving Brain Diseases and Mitigating AI Threat
2 DAYS AGO - Elon Musk said Neuralink will need time, and expertise, to fulfill its potential, but the company Expand
Massive Human-Sized Jellyfish Caught on Camera off the English Coast
2 DAYS AGO - A diver encountered the gigantic jellyfish off of Cornwall's coast, in the south-west of England.
When Planets Attack
3 DAYS AGO - When Planets AttackBy Scott Corrales© 2019Five years ago, astronomers in Hawaii made an impressive Expand
UFO expert warns against trying to contact ET
3 DAYS AGO - Former CIA operative Darrel Sims maintains that attempting to contact intelligent aliens is a very Expand
India’s space agency cancels mission to moon just one hour before launch
4 DAYS AGO - Officials say ‘technical snag’ observed in launch system with countdown already well under way

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