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Dr. David Clarke
Earth Mystery News
Rogue Planet
Ufology PRSS
Weekly World News
Possible Site of Atlantis Found Using Satellite Imagery
51 MINS AGO - Thanks to Plato’s account of the lost city and Google Earth, new visual and arithmetic clues Expand
Experts: Mayan altar hints at ancient intrigue
12 HRS AGO - An altar found at Guatemala’s La Corona site suggests the Mayan dynasty of Kaanul, known as the Expand
Al Borealis Created a Podcast That Dives Deep Into Topics That Matter |389|
21 HRS AGO - Forum Borealis is a podcast unafraid to tackle the big picture questions of life, consciousness Expand
New means to fight ‘un-killable’ bacteria in healthcare settings
1 DAY AGO - Canadian scientists identify new cellular target to weaken P. aeruginosa -- a severe threat to Expand
Bigfoot spotted crossing rural New York highway
1 DAY AGO - A man said he witnessed a 6-foot tall creature hopping over a guardrail on Route 4 in Whitehall, Expand
UAP Sighted over Toronto on Sep 15 and 16
2 DAYS AGO - This is my second and third attempts at filming a UAP, I sighted from my backyard in broad Expand
Strange Binary Asteroid Shows Solar System Upheaval Happened Early
4 DAYS AGO - A strange pair of space rocks twirling around each other as they orbit the sun has helped Expand
Cassini’s final view of Titan’s northern lakes and seas
5 DAYS AGO - During NASA's Cassini mission's final distant encounter with Saturn's giant moon Titan, the Expand
Texas teacher shares photo of ‘UFO’ sighting near Laredo
5 DAYS AGO - An elementary school teacher is coming forward years later with a photo of an unusual sighting Expand
‘Optical rocket’ created with intense laser light
3 HRS AGO - Force of light boosts electrons close to speed of light
Elizabeth April Interview
15 HRS AGO - Elizabeth April tells her story
Hubble Detects Unusual Infrared Emission from Nearby Neutron Star
1 DAY AGO - An unusual infrared emission from the neutron star RX J0806.4-4123 detected by the NASA/ESA Hubble Expand
Archaeologists Discover Ancient Sphinx in Egypt
1 DAY AGO - Egypt says archaeologists have discovered a statue of a lion's body and a human head in the Expand
NASA, SpaceX and Mars probes SABOTAGED: Bombshell claims missions ‘hijacked by UFOs’
2 DAYS AGO - UFOs have deliberately sabotaged three major space missions, according to wild claims online.
Mission to Slam Spacecraft Into Asteroid Has Begun Final Design and Construction
4 DAYS AGO - A mission to deflect asteroids that might threaten Earth has begun its final design and assembly Expand
When Dozens of Korean War GIs Claimed a UFO Made Them Sick
4 DAYS AGO - Theories range from high-tech Soviet death rays to extraterrestrials studying human combat to Expand
Amazon eyes Chilean skies as it seeks to datamine the stars
5 DAYS AGO - is in talks with Chile to house and mine massive amounts of data generated by the Expand
Juno Captures Elusive 'Brown Barge
6 DAYS AGO - A long, brown oval known as a "brown barge" in Jupiter's South Equatorial Belt is captured in this Expand
Lunar Swirls May Be Produced by Strongly Magnetized Lava
6 HRS AGO - Planetary researchers from Rutgers University and the University of California, Berkeley may have Expand
Magellanic Clouds duo may have been a trio
18 HRS AGO - Two of the closest galaxies to the Milky Way -- the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds -- may have Expand
Astronaut Serena Auñón-Chancellor Examines Her Eyes
1 DAY AGO - Astronaut Serena Auñón-Chancellor examines her eye with a Funduscope.
UFO conspiracy theorists embrace shaky video taken at NC’s Lake Norman
1 DAY AGO - A video gaining traction on social media is suggesting a “huge” UFO was recently spotted over Expand
ICESat-2 Lifts Off to Study Earth's Changing Ice
2 DAYS AGO - A Delta II rocket launches with NASA's ICESat-2 onboard, Saturday, Sept. 15, 2018, from Vandenberg Expand
5 Hazards of Human Spaceflight
4 DAYS AGO - A human journey to Mars, at first glance, offers an inexhaustible amount of complexities.
Physicists’ search for rare Higgs boson pairs could yield new physics
5 DAYS AGO - The giant CMS detector at the Large Hadron Collider will search for double-Higgs events.

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