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Twin NASA Satellites Will Ride SpaceX Falcon Heavy to Study Earth’s Ionosphere
4 HRS AGO - NASA will be launching two identical miniature satellites next week as part of a project designed Expand
Alien-like Monster Fish Caught in The Jungle of Amazon (video)
12 HRS AGO - Researchers of Amazonian Jungle made public a video of what seems to be a fish they caught that, Expand
This Time Traveller From 2179 Explains How the Time Machine Brought Him Back to Our Days
17 HRS AGO - According to this man, he traveled back in time in order to gather information between the years Expand
Archaeologists From Adelaide Unearth a 17 Feet Tall Human Giant Skeleton in Australia
19 HRS AGO - The biggest human skeleton that has ever been discovered was recently discovered by a group of Expand
The Pattern Revealed – Recapping Episode 3 of ‘Unidentified’
1 DAY AGO - [EPISODE SUMMARY] On this episode of the UFO podcast UNKNOWN, Jason McClellan recaps episode 3 of Expand
Lunar Waves Filmed by Three Researchers – But What’s the Cause?
1 DAY AGO - I would like to know what do you think of all of these because I am at a loss to figure what is Expand
Australia Has Its Own Stonehenge – Piece of Lost History
1 DAY AGO - Australia has its own unique history, and a rather old one, it seems. It has been very difficult Expand
Three UFO Sightings Recorded in the Netherlands
2 DAYS AGO - We got three videos of three different cases of UFO sighting that took place in the Netherlands. Expand
Aztec Screaming Whistle – Scariest Sounds You’ll Ever Hear (video)
2 DAYS AGO - This Aztec whistle is probably one of the scariest sounds you will be able to hear. Let’s take a Expand
Donald Trump Confirms He Was Briefed on UFO Sightings
10 HRS AGO - President Donald Trump confirmed he was briefed on UFOs, as a growing number of pilots report Expand
Giza’s Basalt Floor – Ancient Perfect Cutting Marks – Evidence of Advanced Technology
13 HRS AGO - Many of the ancient sites and structures found all over the world have no possible explanation Expand
Impossible Artifacts From Other Worlds – 200 Million-year-old Ring of Unknown Material Found in Geode
18 HRS AGO - Many strange and mysterious artifacts and objects are found in several ancients sediments such as Expand
UFOlogist Records UFO 5 Times Bigger Than Earth Shooting Out of Sun Few Days Ago
20 HRS AGO - Apparently, a big number of extra-terrestrial drones are circulating around our planet, taking Expand
Spanish Police Record UFO Floating Over Their Vehicle
1 DAY AGO - A strange UFO is floating over a police car in Spain recently and the officers took several Expand
Russian KGB Found an Alien Mummy on Giza Plateau – Filmed And Kept Secret Many Years
1 DAY AGO - Conspiracy theorists strongly believe that the builders of the Cheops Pyramid and other buildings Expand
Researchers Discover Anunnaki Gens in Aboriginals
1 DAY AGO - A group of scientists discovered that people from Melanesia may be packing some strange genes in Expand
Scientists Conclude That Your Drunk Self May Actually Be The Real You
2 DAYS AGO - The way people behave under the influence of alcohol is a totally different version and also an Expand
The Russian Physicists Re-Build the Tesla Tower To Offer Free Energy On Earth
2 DAYS AGO - Two brave Russian physicists are trying to build the legendary Wardenclyffe Tower, created at the Expand
Texas Military Re-Build The Tesla Tower – Possible Purpose: Weaponized and Mind-control Applications
12 HRS AGO - A military industrial complex company in Texas has built a Tesla tower which might provide with Expand
Boss-Mark Discovered Within the Great Pyramid Points Out to a Very Advanced Ancient Civilization
16 HRS AGO - If one wishes to understand how technologically advanced our ancestors were, it is worth taking a Expand
Scientist Invents a Device to See Multidimensional Beings
18 HRS AGO - Daniel Nemes is a scientist and inventor who was always passionate about things such as science Expand
Revelations of the third kind - The Bigelow/Mitchell 1996 letter emerges
1 DAY AGO - BackgroundRecently, on 15 June 2019, on his Facebook page, Canadian researcher Grant Cameron, Expand
Reptilian Reporter Caught Shifting Her Shape Live On Tv (video)
1 DAY AGO - A Fox News reporter was caught altering the shape of her eyes during a live newscast. As you can Expand
An Ancient Advanced Civilization Existed Million of Years Ago – And I Can Prove It
1 DAY AGO - Earth has been here for quite a long time, it is 4.543 billion years old. During that time Expand
New Study Conclude that The Pyramids and Sphinx Were Submerged in Ancient and Predates the Egyptian Civilization
1 DAY AGO - Most probably, the Egyptian pyramids as well as the Sphinx, from the Giza plateau, are much older Expand
Vettuvan Koil Temple is MODEL of Kailasa Temple – Carved from Single Stone
2 DAYS AGO - Have a look at this astonishing structure called Vettuvan Koil, in India. The peculiarity of this Expand

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