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Space Station Lunar Transit
1 DAY AGO - The International Space Station, with a crew of six onboard, is seen in silhouette as it transits Expand
UFO video witnesses can’t identify lights over Philippines
3 DAYS AGO - Multiple witnesses reported strange lights they could not identify in the skies over Pampanga, Expand
Similar UFOs Appear Over Japanese, U.S. Cities
3 DAYS AGO - Two separate cases of unusual-looking lights -- over cities on different continents -- were Expand
Lee Speigel - Latest Posts
Shared by The Huffington Post
Arizona sightings tour spots two triangle UFOs
4 DAYS AGO - Seven witnesses on a UFO sightings tour in Sedona, AZ, reported watching two amber-colored, Expand
Frosty Gullies on the Northern Plains of Mars
4 DAYS AGO - Seasonal frost commonly forms at middle and high latitudes on Mars, much like winter snow on Expand
Africa and Europe from a Million Miles Away
5 DAYS AGO - Africa is front and center in this image of Earth taken by a NASA camera on the Deep Space Climate Expand
Documentary on top secret antigravity vehicle released
6 DAYS AGO - A documentary on the alleged true story of a man who believes he gained inside knowledge about a Expand
Tennessee witnesses track two triangle UFOs
7 DAYS AGO - A Tennessee witness at Murfreesboro reported watching two silent, triangle-shaped UFOs crossing Expand
UFO News with Martin Willis – July 27, 2015
7 DAYS AGO - Open Minds UFO Radio: It is another UFO news roundup, but this time with our new UFO news buddy, Expand
Blue Moon Over Washington
2 DAYS AGO - A second full moon for the month of July is seen next to the dome of the U.S. Capitol on Friday, Expand
Witness sketches 1966 Cape Cod UFO encounter
3 DAYS AGO - A Massachusetts witness at Dennis, Cape Cod, recalls an incident from 1966 after his family Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 7/31/2015
3 DAYS AGO - Giant UFO spotted by multiple witnesses 'could be best proof of aliens yet' claim conspiracy Expand
Video shows 10 white lights over Osaka, Japan
4 DAYS AGO - Residents of Osaka, Japan, are speculating on 10 lights videotaped over the city recently. Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 7/29/2015
5 DAYS AGO - Flashing UFOs spotted above Manchester could be 'start of alien invasion' - Mirror Online Special Expand
Can your dreams predict death? New evidence, surprising result.
6 DAYS AGO - Dreaming of someone death is scary enough, but finding […] The post Can your dreams predict Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 7/28/2015
6 DAYS AGO - REVEALED: Special Branch tailed UFO cult leader for FIVE YEARS over fears he was communist - Daily Expand
UPDATE: Alien Shooter Story is Credible Believe Ufologists
7 DAYS AGO - Argentina: Rosario Ufologist Says Hunter's Story is "Credible"By Inexplicata7-12-15  Expand
Hollywood-style film studio ‘crashing’ at Roswell
7 DAYS AGO - Look for future UFO related films to be shot in a new studio at Roswell, New Mexico, home to the Expand
Declassified files show UFO activists were monitored by Scotland Yard
3 DAYS AGO - UK newspapers claim that recently declassified files document Scotland Yard's monitoring of UFO Expand
Documentary on Top Secret Anti-Gravity Released! – Open Minds UFO Report
3 DAYS AGO - Stories in this week's show: Documentary on top secret antigravity vehicle released, Colorado Expand
NEEMO Undersea Crew Tests Tools and Techniques For Future Spacewalks
3 DAYS AGO - This photograph of NASA astronaut Serena Aunon (@AstroSerena) moving tools and equipment Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 7/30/2015
4 DAYS AGO - The M-Files shine light on unusual lights and more in Northern Manitoba - Thompson Expand
Special Branch and Mars Sector 6
5 DAYS AGO - ‘Special branch operatives tailed a UFO cult leader who said he was in telepathic contact Expand
Multiple UFOs reported from Pennsylvania lookout area
6 DAYS AGO - A Pennsylvania witness at Loganton reported watching multiple UFOs from a lookout area along Mt. Expand
Round of Testing Completed on Webb Telescope Flight Mirrors
6 DAYS AGO - This July 11, 2015 photograph captures one of the final, if not the final, James Webb Space Expand
Strange Craft Chased in North Carolina Skies | UFO CHRONICLE – 1949
7 DAYS AGO - By The Gastonia Gazette12-29-1949 See Also:Police Chase UFO Through Two Counties | UFO CHRONICLE Expand

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