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Dr. David Clarke
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‘Man-Like’ Flying Humanoid – Gorki, USSR 1978
13 MINS AGO - I recently received the following intriguing account from my friend and humanoid researcher Albert Expand
Witness To UFO Dropping Orbs Posts Original Videos
2 HRS AGO -      We are the couple that filmed the object in the sky above Mesa. We put together a compilation Expand
Very Real Paranormal And Spooky Incidents On Friday The 13th
4 HRS AGO - Most of us are aware of the long-standing idea that Friday 13th in an unlucky day, and perhaps a Expand
Moon landing hoax? Here are six NASA lunar landing sites visible in plain sight on Moon
5 HRS AGO - NASA’S six Moon landings between 1969 and 1972 have been at the heart of hoax claims and Expand
Mysterious ‘Particle X17’ Could Carry a Newfound Fifth Force of Nature, But Most Experts Are Skeptical
6 HRS AGO - Our universe is governed by four fundamental forces. At least that’s what Expand
UFO Filmed Dropping Other UFOs Over Arizona
10 HRS AGO - In 1997, some strange lights were filmed over Phoenix and to this day, they haven't been explained.
Ripley’s power loader from ‘Aliens’ is now real
16 HRS AGO - The Guardian XO is a fully working powered exosuit that enables the wearer to lift and move heavy Expand
Has anyone here ever been to the UFO watchtower in Colorados San Luis Valley?
18 HRS AGO - submitted by /u/examinexistence [link] [comments] from The UFO reddit Expand
NASA’s Parker probe has spotted the Geminid meteor showers’ source
22 HRS AGO - Data from space could help pinpoint the origins of one of Earth’s most famous falling stars
Las Bombillas de Dendera: ¿electricidad en el antiguo Egipto? (Video)
37 MINS AGO - Las lámparas de Dendera forman parte de un grabado en bajorrelieve en un templo dedicado a la Expand
Witnessed a UFO sighting in Texas Dec 13, 2019
2 HRS AGO - On December 13th, 2019 at 6 am CST time, I looked up to the sky to a slightly waxing full …
From Big Bang to Present: Snapshots of Our Universe Through Time
4 HRS AGO - (Image credit: Science Photo Library/Getty) In the beginning, there was nothing. Then, around 13.7 Expand
La primera misión para limpiar basura espacial ya tiene fecha (Video)
6 HRS AGO - La limpieza del espacio ya es un hecho y se ha determinado una fecha de inicio: 2025. Ese año, Expand
NASA’s MAVEN probe shows how wind circulates in Mars’ upper atmosphere
7 HRS AGO - High above the surface of Mars, winds circulate from dayside to night, and the air undulates as it Expand
Facts behind ‘The Miracle of the Sun’ indicate that it was a UFO that came out of the clouds
15 HRS AGO - The Miracle of the Sun, also known as the Miracle of Fátima, is reported to have occurred on 13 Expand
If nothing can move faster than light..
16 HRS AGO - ..but gravity from a black hole is strong enough that light cannot escape, does that mean that Expand
I think I saw a UFO and I want your thoughts on this
18 HRS AGO - It was summer of 2014,I was staying at my grandparents' house in a small village on a greek Expand
Odd incongruities in the USS Nimitz 2004 UFO encounter story.
23 HRS AGO - "12-03-19 Chris Lambright, Mysteries of the US Navy and UFOs." Live streamed on Martin Willis Expand
Stan Gordon: Small Sphere On the Ground Blocks Motorist – November 8, 2019 – Fayette County, PA
1 HR AGO - The following account was forwarded to me by my friend and colleague PA UFO / anomalies researcher Expand
Retired Air Force Lieutenant Makes the Case for a U.S. Space Force
4 HRS AGO - The retired lieutenant warned in a speech that China will dominate if left unchecked.
New Documents on the Japanese Airlines JAL 1628 UFO Encounter, November 17, 1986
4 HRS AGO - submitted by /u/quantumcipher [link] [comments] from The UFO reddit Expand
UFO over Westbound Mass Turnpike, November 9, 2019
6 HRS AGO - Case File Status: Information Case Only; No Formal Investigation Background The following case was Expand
A Private UFO Enthusiast Donated Thousands of Government UFO Reports to the General Public
9 HRS AGO - A collection of 30,000 documents was donated to the University of Manitoba in Canada by a private Expand
Sighting at Washington Redskins Stadium
15 HRS AGO - This happened to me about 8 years ago, I was maybe 11 or 12. not sure of the exact date …
Why can’t I post this message?
18 HRS AGO - ​ Expand
Curse of Oak Island and Red Water
20 HRS AGO - As those of you who visit here know, I have about given up on Curse of Oak Island. They had …

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