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Unknown Country
A New Orleans Ghost – Campfire 316
3 HRS AGO - A woman experiences a ghostly encounter in The Big Easy, a strange dream, camping ghosts and much Expand
Mysterious Small Bipedal Creature Found in Azerbaijan
11 HRS AGO - “In the Caucasus caught a creature similar to a brownie … Unusual video excited the network. Expand
‘Alien’ Actor Claims to Have Seen Aliens and UFOs
16 HRS AGO - “Getting into character” as a method actor has an extra level of challenge when the plot of your Expand
Paranormal Pterodactyls In The U.K.?
21 HRS AGO - Imagine driving, late at night, across the foggy moors of England and coming across what looks Expand
Three-Fingered Alien Mummies Update: Eggs!
1 DAY AGO - Can a day go by without an update on the three-fingered allegedly alien mummies of Peru? As the Expand
“Food for the Marvelous” and Bigfoot Whistles
1 DAY AGO - “Food For The Marvelous” was the title of an 1830s-era newspaper article that Expand
News Briefs 26-07-2017
1 DAY AGO - Please keep your elves under control... Chinese museum offers big money to whomever can decode Expand
Otherworlds: A New Book Exploring the Links Between Psi and Psychedelics
2 DAYS AGO - Our good friend (and Darklore contributor) Dr David Luke has a new book available covering the Expand
A quantum anomaly (that has nothing to do with UFOs?)
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
Forbidden Science: Take an Inside Look at the World of Ufology via the Journals of Jacques Vallee
4 HRS AGO - Daily Grail Publishing has been privileged to publish reprints of two seminal books on UFOs by the Expand
My Blog Readers: My Blog Commenters
11 HRS AGO - As you can see, I get a few readers, many of whom don't think my postings are worthy of comment, Expand
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
Yaphet Kotto tells of lifelong alien contact
17 HRS AGO - American actor Yaphet KottoThe actor Yaphet Kotto is 77 years old. He portrayed the main villain Expand
News Briefs 27-07-2017
1 DAY AGO - Still waiting, you a-holes… Powerful cosmic explosion may hint at how black holes form. Space Expand
The Return of the Stoned Ape Theory of Evolution
1 DAY AGO - “I present this to you because I want to bring back the concept of the Stoned Ape Hypothesis. What Expand
Mystery Woman Terrorizes English Town By Crying Into Mail Slots
1 DAY AGO - Residents of one English down have a rather Lovecraftian mystery after one mysterious Expand
When A Monster May Not Be A Monster
1 DAY AGO - Of the many strange and varied mysteries of the U.K., there are few stranger than that of the Big Expand
The Road To Strange – Paranormal Podcast 493
2 DAYS AGO - Strange things happen to people when they travel. Author Rosemary Ellen Guiley joins us to talk Expand
Singapore’s Strangest Creature Of All
2 DAYS AGO - In terms of the mysterious man-beasts of our world, their names, and the locations in which they Expand
Mysterious Thing Found in Canada Identified 55 Years Later
9 HRS AGO - Sometimes the quest to find the identity of a mysterious thing is more interesting than the thing Expand
Roswell: Ufology’s Albatross
16 HRS AGO - Copyright 2017, InterAmerica, Inc.So, I read, at the Anomalist, that Greg Bishop did one of Expand
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
The Mystery of the Worldwide Hum
19 HRS AGO - Our world is a noisy place. Everywhere we go there is a veritable cacophony of noise pervading our Expand
Were Meteorites the Original Gods Worshipped by Ancient People, and the Model for the Construction of the Pyramids?
1 DAY AGO - Imagine being an ancient person, minding your own business around your campfire at night, when Expand
The Spider Network – Crime Scene 125
1 DAY AGO - The Wall Street Journal’s David Enrich joins us about a financial genius who pulled off one Expand
Hunt for the Ark of the Covenant Focuses on its Container
1 DAY AGO - When you’re looking for something that’s lost, it sometimes helps to look for the box it came in – Expand
Attack of the Bloodthirsty Giant Rats
1 DAY AGO - There are few creatures on this planet that have evoked and incited as much revulsion, dread and Expand
The Matter-Antimatter ‘Angel Particle’ Has Been Discovered
2 DAYS AGO - If science was a soap opera, the theoretical Angle Particle would make the perfect mysterious ‘is Expand

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