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Kissinger Delivered a Plan for a New World Order to Putin
10 MINS AGO - I found this article to be interesting on many different levels. It has a little bit for Expand
Will Syrian Cease-Fire Coming Soon Affect the Flow of Refugees into Europe?
1 HR AGO - Great news on the proposed ceasefire (if it happens), but will it affect the flow of refugees into Expand
Flint water crisis and EPA negligence
3 HRS AGO - ETA: I put this in skunk works because I cant provide you with documentation or figures. I am Expand
3 top Phoenix city executives get paid leave for Roosevelt Row plan error
5 HRS AGO - Three high-level employees were disciplined over plans for the Roosevelt Row business-improvement Expand
After Crushing Defeat, DNC Quirk Still Gives Hillary More New Hampshire Delegates Than Sanders
7 HRS AGO - Im not a Democrat...but wow, just wow. In the overall delegate count, Clinton holds a Expand
Career and technical education bill becomes political football at Arizona's Capitol
8 HRS AGO - For the second time this week, politics may have stalled legislation to restore career and Expand
Bernie and Hillary Debate Tonight; Lets Do This!
9 HRS AGO - Join us for a special episode on PBS of Antiques The Democrat Debate LIVE from Expand
Severed feet in shoes keep washing ashore in the Pacific North West
9 HRS AGO - Ok so I did find a thread on this from 2008 but it was a very short lived thread. Im bringing Expand
Police: Phoenix mom struck 2 girls with extension cord, belt
9 HRS AGO - School officials called police after one girl showed up for class with a "closed loop" mark on her Expand
Calming the Wave of Chaos
49 MINS AGO - Restricting our attention to Europe for the moment, the task that lies before us, to assist Europe Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
Archangel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel: A New Moon Message About Visions and Revelations
1 HR AGO - Dear Ones, The gifts of Vision and Revelation come to you this month. For many it will be insight Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
Tesla and Harnessing Radiation to Serve the Eugenicist Agenda
3 HRS AGO - The modern age of Electrification is implementing a plan of Eugenics through unhealthy vibrational Expand
Phoenix firefighters keep backyard blaze from home
6 HRS AGO - Fire overtook a storage unit and inoperable vehicle in the backyard of a home Thursday night in Expand
Primary Voting Advice for Beginners - Somewhat TN Specific
7 HRS AGO - Needing advice about voting in a primary...mostly specific to Tennessee, but also some general Expand
Trump Up, Christie Out- what does this say about the state of GOP voters?
9 HRS AGO - Even though its still quite early in the voting, I think these early results say a lot about the Expand
When Two black holes collide
9 HRS AGO - Interesting when people say Einstein was smarter than what we thought he was. Two enormous Expand
Injury crash slows US 60 in Tempe
9 HRS AGO - Westbound traffic was snarled Thursday evening on US 60 in Tempe due to an injury crash, a fire Expand
F-35 deploys for the first time
10 HRS AGO - The 31st Test and Evaluation Squadron has sent 6 F-35As from Edwards AFB to Mountain Home Idaho, Expand
Archangel Gabrielle: Eradicate Indifference
1 HR AGO - Brilliant message from the razor-sharp insight of Archangel Gabrielle, through Linda Dillon, Feb. Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
Syrian cease fire announced.....
3 HRS AGO - This is interesting......if it holds it could be Expand
Powerful Bernie Sanders ad
5 HRS AGO - This wasnt made by the Sanders camp but an outside production company on their own accord. Expand
Supreme Court puts Obama carbon emissions plan on hold
7 HRS AGO - Saw this article on my phone news feed Expand
Sanders campaign raised $6.4 million after New Hampshire
7 HRS AGO - Love him or hate him, but you cant deny the everyday people, a lot of everyday people, love him. Expand
Russia threatens permanent world war if Saudis add ground troops to U.S. coalition
9 HRS AGO - Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev speaking to Germany's Handelsblatt newspaper said the Expand
Fossils May Last Longer in Colder Climates
9 HRS AGO - This isnt totally shocking, but its one of those things that at least I didnt really consider Expand
1 dead, 2 hurt in crash on Salt River Reservation
9 HRS AGO - 2-car crash closes a stretch of McKellips Road near the Mesa Expand

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