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What do we think of this Thracian Pyramid?
23 MINS AGO - Apologies, but I have trouble posting pictures, so I will just post the link. Expand
Once at risk of extinction, iconic Warthog plane lives on
1 HR AGO - The A-10 is off of the chopping block, once again. Once on the brink of forced Expand
Interesting Pro Hillary Flashback Article
3 HRS AGO - Lets take a look at the title for starters. The article was written JUL 14, 2016 Hillary Has No Expand
Trump has Trouble at G7 Meeting about Climate Change
4 HRS AGO - Sounds like Trump was getting Bullied by other G7 Members about that Paris Climate Agreement. Expand
Dumb trump
4 HRS AGO - As requested, ive opened this thread in the mud-pit I thought that Trump was so fierce on Expand
Breaking, Explosion in Malmo.
6 HRS AGO - Nothing but a few things on twitter I am seeing for the moment. One is saying it was a car bomb Expand
Designer viruses may help fight cancer
7 HRS AGO - Very interesting work in immunotherapy. The idea is to design a virus to stimulate the patients Expand
two very similar cases: Greifswald germany 1990 st.petersburg russia 2016
10 HRS AGO - on my daily research on ufos, i found an very interesting anomaly and i am probally the first one Expand
Clinton Overcome by Coughing Fit During Commencement Speech, Needs Water
11 HRS AGO - Bad day for Democrats all around it seems. We have a Republican winning a Congressional seat Expand
ultimate power is in spiritual warfare not psychological warfare or military warfare
1 HR AGO - the small prophets and great prophets of the Mikra knew that, Jesus knew that, Mohammed knew that, Expand
Israeli think tank: Don't destroy ISIS; it's a "useful tool"...
1 HR AGO - Expand
US Plans to Shoot Down ICBM
4 HRS AGO - br /> Preparing for North Korea's growing threat, the Pentagon will try to shoot down an Expand
Washington Post does it Again - More Hidden Sources
4 HRS AGO - The latest from the WP has a wild claim that Trumps Son-in-Law Jared Kushner contacted the Russian Expand
Mike Rowe to College Grads: 'Don't Follow Your Passion
6 HRS AGO - This is what young people need to hear. I think colleges fill their little beans with visions of Expand
Solar Eruption headed towards Earth...Bugout Now
6 HRS AGO - Direct Hit from Solar Eruption headed towards Earth.... Australian Space Forecast Centre Expand
U.S. Announces $329M in Additional Emergency Aid to Help People Facing Famine
7 HRS AGO - One of the tragedies in the world that is receiving little attention in the news, primarily due to Expand
Journalism, PR, and Narrative Creation
10 HRS AGO - My niece just graduated from college with a BA in Journalism. Only problem is, she didnt study Expand
Live LENR reactor test
11 HRS AGO - Looks like Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project guys have got access to a reactor from an Expand
How gravity really works
1 HR AGO - Just wanted to put this out there, and let the chips fall where they may: Expand
3 HRS AGO - Again I am taking advantages of the knowledge that resides in these boards. I am sure I will Expand
Caesars Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus
4 HRS AGO - I found this fascinating book on the Christian religion was created by a particular Roman family Expand
NSA Chief Admits Trump Colluded with Russia!
4 HRS AGO - PC trouble. Anyway, this whole Russia thing is not FAKE NEWS...Your POTUS is LYING TO YOU!!! Expand
Farewell to Orange Petunias
6 HRS AGO - Or otherwise known as why we cant have nice things. Turns out for those who dont know orange isnt Expand
The Medes and the Persians in Old Testament prophecy
7 HRS AGO - When I was at school, we called it the Persian empire. That's how it's labelled on the Expand
The Trump Therapy Thread
10 HRS AGO - The rules are simple. Pro-Trumpers give some examples of what you dont like about Trump or Expand
Christians Massacred in Egypt
11 HRS AGO - And so it begins anew with a resurgence of attacks on the oldest Christians on the planet from the Expand

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