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B61-12 flight testing hardware contract at the Tonopah Test Range
49 MINS AGO - AFLCMC/EBBK, 207 West D. Ave, Bldg 349, Suite 626, Eglin AFB, FL 32542 intends to award a Expand
SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey: September 19, 2014.
1 HR AGO - SaLuSa: Channeled by Mike Quinsey. September 19, 2014. The Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
A Great App I Wanted To Share Called Eidetic
3 HRS AGO - I have an abysmal time trying to remember phone numbers, addresses and the like. It takes me Expand
Vehicle collision in Phoenix leaves 1 dead, 2 critical
3 HRS AGO - It wasn't immediately clear how many vehicles were involved in the collision at 67th Avenue and Expand
Airline passengers wait as suspect sought
4 HRS AGO - Dozens of flights cancelled, passengers Expand
ZMapp, Monsanto and The Connection with the Russian VECTOR
5 HRS AGO - I just finished reading a very informative report that I would like to share, written by Yoichi Expand
Burger joints dotted Phoenix landscape in 1950s, ’60s
5 HRS AGO - Drive-in restaurants served up distinctive architecture in the Valley a half-century Expand
Unsafe times...
6 HRS AGO - At 5:40 listen to what he says. There was a Expand
LIVE: Officials address incident at Sky Harbor airport
7 HRS AGO - Phoenix Sky Harbor' International Airport reopened its busiest terminal three hours after a Expand
Sweden, starts its walk ... towards the demolition of Democracy
49 MINS AGO - Ill start out by stating, that I personally voted for the Communist party ... as far to the left Expand
Water flows from Tempe Town Lake
4 HRS AGO - Water from recent rains flow over the western dam of the Tempe Town Lake. Pat Shannahan/ The Expand
Lockdown lifted, shooting suspect in custody
4 HRS AGO - During the manhunt, Sky Harbor was a scene of confusion, frustration, gridlock and fear for Expand
Bigfoot: An Inter-Dimensional Entity
5 HRS AGO - I hate the way the term dimensional is used. But I know what he means. So yes to a certain extent, Expand
Storms dump Town Lake headaches on Tempe
5 HRS AGO - Construction on the costly steel dam is on hold; foul sludge mars the lake and popular swim/run Expand
Fired Surprise employee could face charges over mishandled funds
6 HRS AGO - A criminal investigation and internal audit are Expand
Democrats Losing Edge with Women Voters?
7 HRS AGO - Looks like some women are losing interest in the constant onslaught of malarkey by Democrats about Expand
Lockdown lifted, suspect arrested at Sky Harbor
7 HRS AGO - Police say they have arrested a third person in connection with a shooting at a Tempe gas station Expand
Stephen Hawking: God particle could wipe out the universe
49 MINS AGO - In a preface to a new book, the famed physicist fears the Higgs Boson becoming unstable and Expand
Flew west, hovered for a bit, lights altered white to red, no sound, bars of light on
2 HRS AGO - Event Date: 2014-09-17 Event Location: Shawnee, KS, US Event Description: ---Quote--- I Expand
Terminal 4 shut down by search for suspects
3 HRS AGO - Police say they have arrested a third person in connection with a shooting at a Tempe gas station Expand
Cancer, Snot and You
5 HRS AGO - Interesting theory, and so far, they havent made peppers illegal or patented them out of reach: Expand
Peoria council candidate investigated
5 HRS AGO - Law firm to investigate a Peoria council candidate's connection to an independent-expenditure Expand
Dog owners lash out at Green Acre Boarding owners, caretakers, in civil suit.
6 HRS AGO - rieving dog owners who lost their pets this summer at Green Acre Dog Boarding struck back Thursday Expand
Musical Tesla Coil
6 HRS AGO - Very Cool, would love to have this at a party Only 35 seconds, check it out
Alien Ship in Astounding Stories 1936 looks like Apollo 20 AlienShip
7 HRS AGO - Well Retired AF** Must of got his Idea from this Pulp Fiction Magazine A Page from Expand
Sky Harbor's Terminal 4 reopened
8 HRS AGO - Authorities say it's safe for passengers to re-enter Terminal Expand

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