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Coded Message Discovered in WW2 Cartridge. Awesome.
4 MINS AGO - This one has it all: A coded message, a clever stash location and a funny story about Italian Expand
Five injured in Phoenix collision
1 HR AGO - The Phoenix Fire Department responded to a two-car collision Sunday afternoon where five people Expand
IRS Phone Scam
2 HRS AGO - I had a disturbing experience this morning. I answered a phone call and heard a recorded womans Expand
Mysteries in the Maritimes.
3 HRS AGO - After lurking around for years as a conspiracy junkie, Ive finally decided to join ATS as a Expand
im new hi everyone.
4 HRS AGO - I have a lot of questions.
Christianities Strange Alliance
4 HRS AGO - There is something I just cant figure out about the alliances with Abrahamic religions. Judaism Expand
New King in Saudi Arabia and Increasing Oil Prices: A Connection?
6 HRS AGO - There is a new king in Saudi Arabia and he is rearranging a few things. Interestingly, the firing Expand
Phoenix police seek 4 men in connection with woman found dead
6 HRS AGO - Phoenix police are seeking the public's help to identify and locate four men, who allegedly were Expand
Autumns End (a poem)
7 HRS AGO - Autumns End So passed the colors of seasons; One by one the leaves fell from their Expand
Raw Video: Raw sewage backed up, sat in puddles at Phoenix Open
31 MINS AGO - There was a waste management problem at the Waste Management Phoenix Expand
Phoenix police searching for shooter in night club slaying
1 HR AGO - Phoenix police detectives are searching for a shooter in an early morning shooting at a Phoenix Expand
decided to join this place is awesome
2 HRS AGO - Love the forum so I decided to join can someone help me find a avatar? New to it so could use the Expand
Strange Cloud, lower than the others circular shape seen while driving
3 HRS AGO - Event Date: 2015-01-26 Event Location: Between Barstow and Las V, CA, US Event Description: Expand
Readers share their photos from Super Bowl events
4 HRS AGO - Hey NFL fans! Send us your photos and we'll share them on Expand
NASA forced to deny UFO claims after UFO spotted orbiting asteroid
5 HRS AGO - NASA forced to deny UFO claims after alien spacecraft is spotted orbiting asteroid January 31, Expand
Putins daughter exposed!
6 HRS AGO - Only in the strange world Russia inhabits can the daughter of the President/Czar remain completely Expand
Altercation at Phoenix 'after hours' club ends in killing
8 HRS AGO - A 27-year-old person was shot and died during an early morning altercation Saturday at an "after Expand
Ghost Photos - Warwick Castle
1 HR AGO - Hey all, I have been a member for nearly 11 years but only post occasionally. Apologies! Expand
Kenji Goto has Been Murdered by I.S
2 HRS AGO - Once again sad but inevitable news is breaking that the barbarous Islamic State have murdered Expand
Whitney Houston and Bobby Browns daughter - Bobbi Kristina Found Unconscious in Bathtub
2 HRS AGO - Not sure if this is posted in the right forum. Mods please move if need be. Heard about this Expand
Body found in Gilbert park across from LDS temple
4 HRS AGO - Gilbert police are investigating the discovery of a body Saturday in a truck in Discovery Expand
Ghosts are killable? I think so.
4 HRS AGO - First of all, sorry for the bad grammar. English is not my main language but whatever. I shall Expand
ConnectX wants to put server farms in space
5 HRS AGO - Interesting idea I see a few hurdles with initial costs as well as data transmission fidelity Expand
Your Voice (Poem)
6 HRS AGO - This has a very strange story behind it, but I thought I would share it! When I Expand
I gave up diet soda for a week
7 HRS AGO - In looking for small ways to improve my health, I decided to do an experiment. I love my diet Expand

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