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Caffeine Conspiracy: The New World Order is POISONING YOU with caffeine. Turning you into a drone.
2 MINS AGO - Thats what I noticed. You drink coffee when you wake up exhausted but have school/work ahead of Expand
Im a Hazmat-Trained Hospital Worker: Heres What No One Is Telling You About Ebola
2 MINS AGO - Note: In response to some comments, I would like to clarify that I am FEMA-trained in level 3 Expand
3 million $$ watch
49 MINS AGO - The most complicated watch ever created by Patek Philippe - the 5175R Grandmaster Chime. Only 7 of Expand
Phoenix police introduce mental-health-crisis reforms
1 HR AGO - The department said it hopes the reforms will decrease police involvement with people in a Expand
Jodi Arias trial jurors: Two days, two gone
2 HRS AGO - Two Arias jurors gone: One left for family reasons, another out for approaching Expand
Extremely stretchable hydrogels may be used in artificial muscles
3 HRS AGO - Looks like this could get us one step closer to artificial humans(androids). Image: Expand
Accidents on State Route 51 back up evening traffic
4 HRS AGO - Officials said all lanes have reopened but drivers should expect delays until about 7 Expand
Iraq War veteran rides again after saddle stolen in Payson
4 HRS AGO - Arizona community steps up with donations to help Matt Littrell complete his mission to raise Expand
Ottawa Terrorism
4 HRS AGO - Wednesday we were brought news that Ottawa fell under attack by an individual that was born in Expand
AIA approves transgender athlete
4 HRS AGO - On Monday, the Arizona Interscholastic Association Executive Board approved the first transgender Expand
Giant Footprint Two Million Years Old
2 MINS AGO - I came across this video and found it quite interesting. Has anyone ever heard of this before?
Pension fund told to cut legal cost after $1.7 mil bill
1 HR AGO - Attorney General orders PSPRS to sharply cut its use of private law firm Kutak Expand
Groups defend delivering ballots to elections office
2 HRS AGO - The organizations are facing an outcry over a video posted last week that shows a volunteer Expand
Pension fund told to cut legal cost after $1.7 mil bill
2 HRS AGO - Attorney General orders PSPRS to sharply cut its use of private law firm Kutak Expand
Thank you America for your support! NHL Penguins/Flyers sing O Canada at hockey game.
3 HRS AGO - This Makes me feel good. Ottawa and Toronto game was cancelled tonight.
Are quality Arizona gigs behind good news job headlines?
4 HRS AGO - Hiring and career fairs making Arizona Expand
Mormon Church addresses sacred undergarments
4 HRS AGO - The church released a 4-minute video on the topic, stating that the undergarments aren't magical Expand
Ebola Tracking App Beta
4 HRS AGO - I have been coding up a way to allow unofficial and crowd-based reporting on the current Ebola Expand
Enterovirus D68 in Arizona
4 HRS AGO - The state health department confirmed the first positive test for Enterovirus D68 in Expand
Dead babies in Winnipeg storage unit tragic beyond belief
2 MINS AGO - The discovery of several dead babies in a Winnipeg storage locker is tragic beyond belief, say Expand
The Hendo Hoverboard - generating the lift which levitates the board off the ground
2 MINS AGO - This is interesting. A new toy like the hoverboard in the popular in the movie, Back to the Expand
SUV hits man, 6-year-old son crossing Phoenix street
1 HR AGO - Two were crossing the street when they were struck by an SUV and transported to the hospital Expand
Fence Jumper Caught Outside White House
2 HRS AGO - Another person breached the White House property. White House was on lockdown. The dogs Expand
Arizona's first case of enterovirus D68 confirmed
2 HRS AGO - State health officials said the child who tested positive for enterovirus D68 is now healthy, but Expand
Empty space has more energy then everything in ththe universe combined
3 HRS AGO - This question is a good one: if there’s an intrinsic energy to space, and it’s expanding (and Expand
silent black triangle moving at the speed of a helicopter - no noise - crazy
4 HRS AGO - Event Date: 2014-10-16 Event Location: cottonwood heights, UT, US Event Description: Expand
Mesa mobile-home fire displaces 3
4 HRS AGO - Gilbert and Mesa fire crews went to a Mesa home after an oven fire extended into the Expand
Man extradited from Kansas in decades-old sexual abuse cases
4 HRS AGO - A grand jury recently indicted Joseph McKinney, 58, on 27 felony Expand
Veteran back on track following saddle theft
5 HRS AGO - He's a man with a cause, and he's determined to carry it through despite an unfortunate Expand

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