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Native Americans Protest - Against Father Serra becoming a Saint - Petition
59 MINS AGO - Pope Francis is coming to Washington, D.C., to canonize Junipero Serra as a Saint. It is Expand
People, pets escape Fountain Hills house fire
2 HRS AGO - People and pets escaped a house fire in Fountain Hills on Friday before firefighters arrived and Expand
Scientists Edit Human Embryos DNA
2 HRS AGO - I have had no doubts this would eventually happen. I have no doubt that it will happen again. The Expand
Police: Stabbing, DUI prompts Phoenix arrest
3 HRS AGO - Police said Mario Raul Martinez stabbed a man in the heart on Wednesday before he was arrested in Expand
Poll Results: The United States Is The Most Significant Threat to Humanity
4 HRS AGO - The full results are in, and when answering the question; When considering all geopolitical, Expand
Worlwide ATS UFO Skywatch Project
4 HRS AGO - I would like to suggest the creation of an Official World Wide ATS Skywatch night or Skywatch Expand
Native Actors Walk off Set of Adam Sandler Movie After Insults to Women, Elders
59 MINS AGO - Approximately a dozen Native actors and actresses, as well as the Native cultural advisor, left Expand
Phoenix delivery truck downs power lines, sparks fire
2 HRS AGO - A delivery truck driver brought down a power line, igniting leaves and foam on an apartment Expand
2 HRS AGO - Hey canadian ATSers, hope you all ok ! Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.1 Expand
Colorado businessman blames stoned workers for move to SC
2 HRS AGO - When workers at his Colorado business went to pot, Mark Brawner said it was enough for him to roll Expand
Mesa man, 20, gets 12 years for child porn
2 HRS AGO - A 20-year-old Mesa man was sentenced to 12 years for posting child pornography taken with a spy Expand
4 injured in wreck at 54th St and Camelback
3 HRS AGO - A three vehicle collision in Phoenix injured four people, sending three to the hospital Friday Expand
CIA Insider Breaks Silence on Global Currency Wars
4 HRS AGO - Is this really now coming to light? are now preparing for WWIII. Just earlier another Expand
NAU researcher uses fungus to target the bark beetle
4 HRS AGO - The new approach is the latest in an ongoing battle against an insect destroying forests in Expand
No MMR-Autism Link in Large Study of Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Kids
59 MINS AGO - In the largest-ever study of its kind, researchers again found that the measles-mumps-rubella Expand
Deputies: Phoenix man bought, sold stolen medical devices
2 HRS AGO - MCSO detectives arrested a man Thursday they believe to be involved in selling stolen medical Expand
It only took a decade, but we made a difference
2 HRS AGO - <br /> Wow! I guess it does take time for changes to happen, a decade is a little slow Expand
How 'bout it?
2 HRS AGO - Does anyone think we are allowed to know more than what we can obtain in a flesh body? Is mankind Expand
Rio Salado teacher ed program offers paid employment
3 HRS AGO - Students can earn an income while completing the certification Expand
Friday rain in Phoenix
3 HRS AGO - Rain falls during the lunch hour in Phoenix on Expand
I Discovered a Conspiracy Involving Guns
4 HRS AGO - With the current debates of gun control, advocates for gun control are increasingly becoming Expand
Apollo 14 magazine 80 the images NASA never uploaded to their website?
4 HRS AGO - Last month a hobby website originally based in the Netherlands uploaded all Apollo 14 magazine 80 Expand

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