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Malasian Airline MH370, Captain America: Winter Soldier Connection
17 MINS AGO - I was going to post this a year ago but never got around to it but now since they might have found Expand
1 HR AGO - At least 30,000 without electricity in Long Beach; 710 Freeway off ramps shut down <br Expand
UFO california it happened yesterday JULY 29TH 2015 new video no LIE
2 HRS AGO - Im new to this forum, I always was interested in ufology but lost faith in it because, I had my Expand
new to sight
2 HRS AGO - HI, my name is richard. in the summer of 1954, i saw a alien, much different then a little tear Expand
Now you have to worry about invisible chemtrails too.......
2 HRS AGO - apparently the powers that be have noticed that people are noticing the long white persistent Expand
Renowned genetics expert claims to have found proof on Adam and Eve existence
2 HRS AGO - Now, i edited the title because these claims are just astronomical and should be taken with the Expand
15 years later, Mexican man arrested in murder case
3 HRS AGO - Police say Ivan Alonzo Samaniego-Valenzuela fatally shot Juan Salazar with a 9 mm handgun on May Expand
Glendale police seek to ID couple in shooting case
4 HRS AGO - Glendale police released images of persons considered investigative leads and are asking the Expand
HUman skeleton with a conehead
4 HRS AGO - Human skeleton with a cone shaped head found near Russia's Stonehenge. A lot of these stories seem Expand
Residents urge Phoenix to address hiking on deadly Echo Canyon Trail
39 MINS AGO - Ryan Wooddy can’t help but notice when rental cars are parked at the Echo Canyon trailhead near Expand
8 Phoenix-area road projects scheduled this weekend
1 HR AGO - There are several closures and significant restrictions included in the scheduled Expand
2 HRS AGO - Im new to this forum, I always was interested in ufology but lost faith in it because, I had my Expand
Fire aboard the USS Cole
2 HRS AGO - As the topic states, there is a fire on the USS Cole. Cole is located in Norfolk, Va. In the Expand
Facebook's Twisted Obsession With Annihilating Your Privacy Slammed As Illegal
2 HRS AGO - Facebook has landed itself in trouble again over it's controversial data policy, which actively Expand
Tempe moves forward on Google Fiber ultra-high-speed Internet
3 HRS AGO - Tempe approved the first agreement with the internet giant to provide ultra-fast internet speed to Expand
Police: 2 victims of Phoenix stabbing in stable condition
3 HRS AGO - Two people were stabbed in Phoenix late Thursday afternoon, officials Expand
Police: 2 victims in Phoenix stabbing
4 HRS AGO - Two people were stabbed in Phoenix late Thursday afternoon, officials Expand
I am fed up and disgusted
4 HRS AGO - with the vitriol going on about President Obama. Im just so pissed off at the horrid, appalling Expand
1 in 5 killed in Arizona police chases are bystanders
44 MINS AGO - Maricopa County led the state in pursuit fatalities, followed by Pima and Pinal counties, Expand
Phoenix police: Armed robber targets day laborers with promise of work
2 HRS AGO - Man is known as “El Gordo” to laborers across the Valley, an overweight man who robs his victims Expand
Former social-service agency Friendly House CEO threatens lawsuit over termination
2 HRS AGO - The board voted 6-5 on June 30 to oust CEO Mark Mazón after changing the venue; one member missed Expand
Cold fusion triggered by sunspots?
2 HRS AGO - I was listening to last nights C2C podcast and the guest was a guy named Bill Doc Harrington. I Expand
Philae makes some organic discoveries on Comet C-G67P
2 HRS AGO - Science Magazine has published a Special Report into the findings of COSACs mass spectrometer on Expand
Hello AU
3 HRS AGO - I'm a student from northern california obsessed with cyberpunk, sci fi movies, ufos, aliens, Expand
ufo flew slowly hovered then took off to unknow speed
3 HRS AGO - Event Date: 2008-07-15 Event Location: wickliffe, OH, US Event Description: ---Quote--- I Expand
Suspect sought in day laborer robberies
4 HRS AGO - Suspect sought in day laborer robberies         

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