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What is Satans deep secret referenced in Revelation?
1 HR AGO - Also referred to as the depths of Satan in other translations. I have a few ideas about this, Expand
Old Area 51 video. Have you watched too?
1 HR AGO - Hi guys, its my first post here, and I come with a little of desperation and anxiety. Well, Expand
The British have the best tanks in the world here is why.
2 HRS AGO - I have got to say I rather like this chap and his channel. Every fighting vessel has Expand
Valley activists protest Dakota Access pipeline
4 HRS AGO - A local, student-led group of environmental activists protested the Dakota access pipeline in Expand
Driver hits police car, is arrested on DUI charge
5 HRS AGO - A drunk driver collided with a Phoenix Police cruiser Friday evening, officials Expand
Whoops :Leaked speech audio from Hillary
6 HRS AGO - Does anyone know about this? This could be big. Trump,Jill Stein and Gary Johnson should jump all Expand
Ive seen an amazing UFO 3 nights in a row.
6 HRS AGO - We have it on camera but its useless. It looks like a star and it seems like were just moving the Expand
Kingman releases video of police shooting
7 HRS AGO - Kingman Police Department released the body camera footage of a fatal shooting in which one man Expand
Vote For Limberbutt McCubbins!
7 HRS AGO - Everyone, please meet Limberbutt McCubbins, and actual candidate for POTUS: Now, hold Expand
Bees Placed on Endangered Species List in US
1 HR AGO - For a long time, we have been hearing about Colony Colapse Disorder in regard to bees. They leave Expand
Terrorist training video exposed!
2 HRS AGO - Terrorist training video exposed! What do you think of this video???
Words, Numbers and Syncronicity
3 HRS AGO - Weve all had it at some point. We hear and oft used phrase or word. In its first iteration, its Expand
Clear skies, average temperatures ahead
4 HRS AGO - Highs will dip into the 90s and lows in the low 70s this coming Expand
Phoenix police: Pedestrian hit and killed
5 HRS AGO - Tatum Road near Thunderbird Road is closed while police investigate a collision involving a Expand
A Challenge for Trump Supporters
6 HRS AGO - Before we get started, let me just say that Im voting for Superman in this election. This is Expand
Motorcyclist dies in Scottsdale crash
6 HRS AGO - The intersection of 94th Street and Cactus Road has been closed due to a traffic collision between Expand
Syrian envoy to the UN: imposed terrorist war on the backed by western countries
7 HRS AGO - "The root cause of this conflict in Syria ravaging the country is due to mainly speaking this Expand
Alabama chief justice ousted over gay marriage defiance
7 HRS AGO - So politics and religion, thought the Pit might be good place to crow. Expand
Hillary The Methodist Devil
1 HR AGO - Hillary The Methodist Devil Common English Bible James 2:19 (CEB) Its good that you Expand
Revisiting Jaques Vallée - Beyond the Control Loop
2 HRS AGO - *disclaimer: written on tablet, excuse the unusual presentation* I am pretty sure most of you Expand
HILLARY CLINTON Lies To The Public -- Tells Big Donors That She Is NOT A PROGRESSIVE.
3 HRS AGO - September 30, 2016 Those of us who are good a reading people can see that Hillary Clinton is Expand
Clinton improves edge over Trump in new national poll
5 HRS AGO - A new national poll taken after Mondays presidential debate shows Hillary Clinton improving her Expand
Names/Labels for things i reject the existence of, pending good enough proof.
6 HRS AGO - Names/Labels for things i reject the existence of, pending good enough proof: Now im gonna Expand
Paul Craig Roberts: There can be no cooperation between the US and Russia over Syria
6 HRS AGO - There can be no cooperation between the US and Russia over Syria, because the two government's Expand
Phoenix, Tolleson firefighters battle brush fire
7 HRS AGO - Fire crews responded with more than a dozen trucks to a fire in the riverbottom near 91st Avenue Expand
Fleeing The Sinking Ship! Healy Baumgardner Exits Trump Campaign
7 HRS AGO - It hasnt been a good couple weeks for the Trump campaign. Plagued with questions about , Expand

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