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Golden Age of Gaia
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There no such thing as matter
19 MINS AGO - Matter just doesnt exist and the universe is just a collection of data points that we call matter Expand
The Operation Inherent Resolve Video That Is Terrifying ISIS
19 MINS AGO - This is a terrific video of naval ops by VFA-31 on the Aircraft Carrier George H. W. Bush. Lots of Expand
1 HR AGO - celebrity B.O.B has started a go fund me to help prove flat earth theory by lunching stellites to Expand
NCAA basketball coaches among 10 charged with fraud and corruption
6 HRS AGO - Federal prosecutors have announced charges of fraud and corruption against 10 people involved in Expand
Dear doubters, B.o.B wants to prove the Earth is flat once and for all
7 HRS AGO - Maybe rap isnt paying well and he needs more cash flow. As for as launching multiple Expand
The Ancient Prophecies Won’t be Happening
11 HRS AGO - Most of us have either read or heard about the end-time prophecies in sources like the Book of Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
Vanuatu Emergency declared as Eruption displaces thousands.....
13 HRS AGO - A state of emergency has been declared on the Vanuatu island of Ambae, as the volcano that towers Expand
Lava tubes: Hidden sites for future human habitats on the Moon and Mars
15 HRS AGO - Lava tubes, underground caves created by volcanic activity, could provide protected habitats large Expand
The need for a new tanker
17 HRS AGO - The KC-46 is said in this article to seriously hamper new stealth platforms. With risks to Expand
Does Ice Really Fall From Aircraft Like This
19 MINS AGO - I came back at about 11 oclock to Expand
The Giza pyramids - Transport of Granite and Limestone solved
19 MINS AGO - So, another mystery solved. One that has plagued academics for quite a long time. There have Expand
Finding The Lost City of Gold, Paititi
4 HRS AGO - I watched The Lost City of Z last night and thought it was a great movie. I got interested in this Expand
Google U.S. News Shunts Aside Humanitarian Crisis on U.S. Shores
6 HRS AGO - As of a few minutes ago, the unfolding crisis in Puerto Rico is headline news in Google News Expand
Patriots charge people $4.50 for tap water
7 HRS AGO - The patriots football game on Sunday was played in the heat. 86 degrees hot. They expected high Expand
The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild: September 23, 2017
12 HRS AGO - Blossom: Hello. Me here! Knowing all is well with you, may I begin by asking you a question about Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
Will Lady Gaga finally expose the satanic Illuminati?
13 HRS AGO - Will Lady Gaga finally help spill the beans about what we have always suspected all along? That Expand
aliens using mind altering frequencies
15 HRS AGO - aliens are using mind altering frequencies on me they might be using it on the whole planet Expand
California preparing for Nuclear War
17 HRS AGO - Last month a bulletin was issued by the Joint Regional Intelligence Center, regarding preparing Expand
Forget the 355 Ship force the USN cant maintain what it has
19 MINS AGO - If personnel readiness wasnt enough A recent GAO report has highlighted a glaring problem the USN Expand
Impossible Antarctic Ruins
1 HR AGO - Well, of course, Antarctica is a nice place to visit, but you sure wouldnt want to build a Expand
Hillary Thinks Trump Speaking Up for the Anthem Is Racist
4 HRS AGO - Hillary on MSNBC with yet another infomercial and lays into Trump about The kneeling and Puerto Expand
Former Tennessee officer arrested near White House with cache of weapons (claims MK Ultra)
6 HRS AGO - First, I was not too sure where to post this. Maybe General Conspiracies would have been better? Expand
Why the universe is infinite and didnt begin as a singularity
8 HRS AGO - Ive written posts on this issue over the years but Ive never created a thread dedicated to this Expand
Cannibal couple eats at least 30 people, admits to killing victims for over a decade
13 HRS AGO - Authorities in Russia arrested a man earlier this month after finding human skulls, skin, and Expand
Irans ballistic missile launch was fake -- Report
14 HRS AGO - :D Iranian state television released video footage Friday claiming to show the launch of a Expand
Vitamin C Saves Man Dying of Viral Pneumonia-Had to Fight with Drs to use Vit C
17 HRS AGO - Allan Smith was sick, real sick, with Swine flu then Pneumonia on breathing equipment and the Drs Expand

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