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Above Top Secret
Golden Age of Gaia
TED: Ideas Worth Spreading
UFO Forums
The history of the second amendment in American culture.
57 MINS AGO - This is a radiolab where they cover the history of the second amendment and how it CHANGED from Expand
Read the arrest report on the Florida shooting suspect
3 HRS AGO - There are links to two formats at the above link -- one a , and one (but very difficult to read.) Expand
What’s Being Said about Gender Equality – Feb. 25, 2018
6 HRS AGO - A collection of extracts on what’s being said about gender equality in our world. Not One Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
The Real Cost of Eliminating Poverty in 2016
6 HRS AGO - From 2016. Thanks to Ed. The real cost of eliminating poverty in 2016 Mark Anielski, Anielski Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
Any electricians here?
12 HRS AGO - I post this question because of a underlying conspiracy I have that I will make another thread on Expand
The Cowan Chronicles
13 HRS AGO - I Have Reason To Believe That The Free And Accepted Masons Have Hoodwinked And Pirated The Expand
New member with a query
15 HRS AGO - Hello all. I have been a liter for a while and have a question for anyone who cares to answer. Expand
Democratic intelligence memo released -- live updates
18 HRS AGO - WASHINGTON -- The 10-page Democratic memo intended to counter the GOP memo related to surveillance Expand
The base reason for our political debacle..
Luis Elizondo Interview for the 2018 International UFO Congress
57 MINS AGO - A new and very relevant interview with Luis Elizondo of To The Stars Acacemy. Good questions Expand
State Library of Queensland Collects Its Own X-Files
6 HRS AGO - by Anna Levy                  February 11, 2018                      ( • In the Expand
Exopolitics Institute News Ser
Shared by ExoNews
What is “Disclosure”? – Part 2/2
6 HRS AGO - (Concluded from Part 1, yesterday.) Again we can see this arrival after WW2 as another wave. Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
Cave paintings and jewelry deemed too old to be made by Homo Sapiens
6 HRS AGO - It seems the more we discover about the Neanderthals the more we find out the were not just a Expand
RATS in the corn
12 HRS AGO - This is not an interesting thread, if the authorship didnt already tip you off.. I placed it Expand
the head changer somewhere in the kagawa province japan, 1974 humanoid encounters
13 HRS AGO - INTRODUCTION some cases odd, some cases are strange and then we have bizzare cases like this Expand
NRA gives Ajit Pai "courage award" and gun for "saving the Internet"
16 HRS AGO - Killing net neutrality helps Pai win award for standing up under pressure. The National Rifle Expand
CPAC exposes its racist underbelly for all to see.
21 HRS AGO - This will come as no surprise for most of us. Bit if there was ever any doubt all one has to do is Expand
Newly invented eyedrops could replace glasses altogether
23 HRS AGO - A revolutionary eyedrop invention from a team of Israeli ophthalmologists has been found to heal Expand
NASAs Sun Simulator caught on video
2 HRS AGO - Anyone heard of this? This guy here in the video shows a Patent from NASA who are apparently Expand
Laying New Track
6 HRS AGO - I continue to marvel at political discussions in which the Right criticizes the Left and the Left Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
A Template for Fair and Impartial Decision-Making
6 HRS AGO - I’ve gathered together materials which collectively describe a fair and impartial process Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
My Speculative Hypothesis In Regards To The Recent DeLonge Bigelow TTSA AATIP Flap
10 HRS AGO - Ive had a hypothesis percolating in the back of my mind for awhile now about this recent flap of Expand
The Nunes Memo Is Fake and the Russia Scandal Is Very Real
13 HRS AGO - Did the Justice Department rely on the Christopher Steele memo in order to surveil Carter Page? Expand
The family of Colton Haab provided doctored emails with CNN to media outlets
13 HRS AGO - A news item worthy of its own thread. Many of you may be aware about the the hufflepuff going Expand
CNN endorses a plan to create and Organize student lobbyist group targeting specific legislations
18 HRS AGO - So heres the play book that CNN is using to organize and weaponize the students of the USA for Expand
The Times They are A Changing
22 HRS AGO - Wow so much has happened! What a week huh, those pretty indictments, another mass murder Expand

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