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debunk this cloud ufo video - recent
1 HR AGO - Saw this being shared on fb, see the guys page for more details. Local news is catching up to it Expand
Google's AI Deep Dream and how it sees us.
1 HR AGO - Google opened up it's Deep Dream AI. It's pretty terrifying and hallucinogenic. Research Blog: Expand
It was 10 years today that i caught on to conspiracy
2 HRS AGO - Yes 10 long years ago folks that i figured out things are not what they seem in the world , while Expand
6-time deportee arrested after wreck, 2 kids hospitalized
2 HRS AGO - A man will be deported for the seventh time after causing an accident that injured two children, Expand
Ufo over Renton WA during the fireworks display.
3 HRS AGO - Event Date: 2013-01-01 Event Location: renton, WA, US Event Description: ---Quote--- This Expand
The future of Greece
3 HRS AGO - Im going to present an idea here so lets see what you think. A new power is forming in Expand
Woman's body found in pond near Salt River
3 HRS AGO - A woman's body was found by Maricopa County Sheriff's Office officials during a routine sweep of Expand
Mysterious UFOs filmed crashing in midair above Vladimir Putins hometown
4 HRS AGO - This footage shows the moment two mysterious UFOs crashed midair above Vladimir Putins hometown. Expand
Diane Douglas recall effort gets off to slow start
5 HRS AGO - Coalition seeking volunteers and money.         
Adam and Eve... The Moral Of The Forbidden Fruit.
1 HR AGO - I hear many times that this is not a Godly proposition... That it sounds more like the Expand
Chicago to tax Netflix and other online movies and music and more
2 HRS AGO - LOL, What can be said except.... expected. I like the shakedown ultimatum given to the Expand
Will a Change in Earths Magnetic Field Bring Back the Giants From Days of Old?
2 HRS AGO - By giants, I just mean giant humans. I dont have any scientific or mathematical figures to Expand
Flood advisory issued for Valley until 9 p.m.
2 HRS AGO - Thunderstorms are moving east through the Valley. Areas including Goodyear and Scottsdale can Expand
Officials address drowning prevention in the Valley
3 HRS AGO - Phoenix officials spoke about the importance of drowning prevention after two children nearly died Expand
Condemned Boston Marathon bomber files motion for new trial
3 HRS AGO - Lawyers for Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev filed a motion for a new trial Monday, less Expand
Arizona crash near Gila Bend injures 3 children
3 HRS AGO - Three were transported to Phoenix hospitals for treatment after rollover on I-10 at State Route Expand
DUI arrests drop 20 percent over holiday weekend
4 HRS AGO - DUI arrests drop 20 percent over holiday weekend         
Dune. 50 years.
6 HRS AGO - Came across this and thought fans of Dune and Herbert might be interested. Dune, 50 years on: how Expand
Flood advisory issued for parts of Phoenix area until 9 p.m.
1 HR AGO - Thunderstorms are moving east through the Valley. Areas including Goodyear and Scottsdale can Expand
Alien Origin Concept
2 HRS AGO - Is it possible that an alien that lives in another dimension, a non-physical one, put all the Expand
Stretch of Grand Avenue near 303 to be closed this weekend
2 HRS AGO - Closure will be from Friday night until Monday morning while crews work on the Loop 303 Expand
My most recent Experience I cannot explain. (WithVidAndAudio)
3 HRS AGO - Whats up ATS! On 12/12/2014 at around 11:40PM I was sitting at my computer playing Expand
Phoenix man drowned in Salt River despite increased patrols
3 HRS AGO - A 33-year-old Phoenix man drowned in the Salt River despite Sheriff Joe Arpaio's efforts to Expand
Last week sometime at the California Sciencentre.
4 HRS AGO - Apparrantly the only A-12B in captivity........ Expand

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