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Is Brexit a con job?
1 MIN AGO - All over Europe large numbers of people are very anti-EU. There are parties similar to UKIP in Expand
Fukushima Accident Rained Glass Particles on Tokyo
3 HRS AGO - Most of the radioactive fallout that descended upon downtown Tokyo in the days after the March Expand
Police: Two Mesa children found
3 HRS AGO - Mesa police said they found two children who were reported missing on Tuesday Expand
Shooter kills 2 at Navajo County court
5 HRS AGO - Navajo County social media accounts Tuesday evening said there had been an active shooter at its Expand
Firefighters deployed shelters at Cedar Fire
5 HRS AGO - A fire crew working to tame a part of the Cedar Fire that has yet to be contained had to Expand
Turkey Attack Likely A CIA...NATO...Turkey Black Operation
6 HRS AGO - Just listening to the CIA Network, CNN and their commentators, an EX CIA official and one of Expand
Donald Trump Slams Globalism in Trade Speech
6 HRS AGO - Trump is bashing the global crowd now. And he has presented a 7 point jobs plan for America. Expand
Officials: Shooter kills 2 at Navajo County Complex; 1 in custody
6 HRS AGO - Navajo County social media accounts Tuesday evening said there had been an active shooter at its Expand
Clinton tech plan reads like Silicon Valley wish list
8 HRS AGO - Expand
Steemit Intro!
1 MIN AGO - Here is a link to my Steemit Intro. Expand
What were the Church of Satans most important teachings?
3 HRS AGO - Seeing as how the mods have let this part of ATS once again become a religious soapbox I thought Expand
Good chance for rain Wednesday
4 HRS AGO - Increased moisture is moving up into the Valley from the south, bringing with it the chance for Expand
Access to nature may be vital for mental health, and how gardens heal.
5 HRS AGO - As an avid bushwalker and gardener this news does not surprise me at all Expand
Woman accidentally drowns in north Phoenix pool
5 HRS AGO - A woman found floating in the pool of a Phoenix home appears to have accidentally drowned, Expand
Methylene Blue
6 HRS AGO - Twenty-six healthy participants, between the ages of 22 and 62, were enrolled in a double-blinded, Expand
The Egregore Thoughtform
6 HRS AGO - I know some of you have read that site as well, just wondering what your take on it is, right now? Expand
Wildfire burns 1K acres near Cordes Junction
6 HRS AGO - Residents east of Interstate 17 in Cordes Junction were being evacuated because of a fast-moving Expand
Hi Everyone. New guy from UK here
8 HRS AGO - Hi everyone Ive been a long time lurker and reader but there comes a point where I cant not Expand
Releasing the Need to Control Your Life
18 MINS AGO - All that’s required for enlightenment or an easier life is to release resistance and the need to Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
Can anyone educate me on Muslims, Sharia Law?
3 HRS AGO - So, using this as a source It seems a lot of Muslims even within the USA do not Expand
Wildfire near Cordes Junction 50% contained
4 HRS AGO - Residents east of I-17 in Cordes Junction who were evacuated because of a fire Tuesday had been Expand
Fox News Having Highest-Rated Year Ever; Tops Cable Primetime So Far
5 HRS AGO - Fox News is winning the war of the primetime cable wars. Although cable has far less Expand
Dinosaur - Bird - Feather, Found in Amber!
6 HRS AGO - This is a pretty amazing find! Nearly 100-million-year-old wing tip features bones, Expand
What were Jesus most important teachings?
6 HRS AGO - Throughout the 4 Gospels when we had an earthly Jesus he taught many things. Parables, prophecies, Expand
Source for those interested in archeology news.
6 HRS AGO - I was stumbling acrossthe internet the other day and came across this gem of a website - claims it Expand
Police: Two Mesa children missing
7 HRS AGO - Mesa police are asking for the public's assistance in finding two boys who were reported missing Expand

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