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Annomly (to me) in night sky with orange light
39 MINS AGO - It was about 730 or 8pm here where i live in VA. I was outside just star gazing and i noticed a Expand
Horse rescued from Mesa swimming pool
1 HR AGO - Mesa firefighters rescued a horse that fell into its owner's swimming pool. The horse had to first Expand
Boy falls 25 feet, hits head during South Mountain hike, officials say
1 HR AGO - The boy fell about 25 feet but did not lose consciousness, officials Expand
Mesa firefighters rescue horse from swimming pool
2 HRS AGO - Horse was tranquilized, then pulled out of the pool, fire officials Expand
Einsteins Last Thoughts - The Higher Plane of Knowledge and a Portrait He knew
2 HRS AGO - What did Albert Einstein Know? In an interview with Professor William Hermanns, he said: “I Expand
Phoenix Sheraton guests wait to get belongings after smoke evacuation
4 HRS AGO - The source of the smoke and its location were being investigated, but officials suspected it was Expand
Please be kind
5 HRS AGO - For me to introduce myself I must first know who I am. A question who am I can be answered in a Expand
My Problem With Roswell
7 HRS AGO - I find it really hard to believe aliens crashed at Roswell. If they did, then others would have Expand
flowofmysoul - introduction
7 HRS AGO - Hello ATS, I would like to introduce my self. On web, I am known as flowofmysoul. I had Expand
Comments Andros Colt: Chrononauts Trumpets of War
39 MINS AGO - New story I promised Man goes back in time .. Changes have already started It has a long Expand
800 evacuated after fire at downtown Sheraton
1 HR AGO - 800 guests were evacuated after an electrical fire at the downtown Sheraton in Expand
FDA issues emergency authorization for 2 new Ebola tests
1 HR AGO - BioFires tests can detect Ebola in a blood or urine sample in one hour, compared with the 24 to 48 Expand
800 evacuated from Phoenix Sheraton after smoke incident
2 HRS AGO - The source of the smoke and its location were being investigated, but officials suspected it was Expand
Tolleson worker electrocuted while changing lights
3 HRS AGO - Man was in an elevated bucket and changing a light bulb when the bulb came in contact with a power Expand
Solomans Temples
5 HRS AGO - I say that his temples are scattered now all throughout the world in soo many towns now. We all Expand
Vatican Library Digitizes 4,400 Ancient Manuscripts and Gives Them Away for Free
6 HRS AGO - The Vatican Apostolic Libraryis now digitizing its valuable ancient religious manuscripts and Expand
Connecting worlds, dream objects in our waking reality.
7 HRS AGO - Hi, you can read my brief intro I want to talk about possibilities and theories of bringing Expand
Hovering blinking lights over my residential then abrupt and incredibly fast take off
7 HRS AGO - Event Date: 2014-10-20 Event Location: Near Otis Air Force Base, MA, US Event Description: Expand
Andros Colter : Chrononauts Trumpets of War
39 MINS AGO - Tesla Institute For Higher Learning Navarro County, texas January 1992 teachers Lounge Expand
Politics In Washington D.C. : Obama ... Stonewalled by Sharyl Attkisson
1 HR AGO - CBS Sharyl Attkisson gives CBS a black eye! - Protect Obama no matter what. - ...
UTA grad isolated at New Jersey hospital as part of Ebola quarantine
1 HR AGO - Interesting story from a returning nurse who arrived in New Jersey and apparently was quarantined. Expand
Kelowna Airport on standby for possible emergency
4 HRS AGO - This breaking news story will (hopefully) turn into a non-event, but its quite a story for this Expand
India spurns US offer and purchases guided missiles from Israel for $525m
5 HRS AGO - Was just taking a peek to see what our friend Israels been up to and saw this interesting tidbit. Expand
My Cousin is Gone- Ebola/Government
6 HRS AGO - My cousin attends Greenville College in Greenville, IL and recently came back from a mission trip Expand
50 Percent Of American Workers Make Less Than 28,031 Dollars A Year
7 HRS AGO - Something is not right here: The Social Security Administration has just released wage Expand
Starseeds: Do You Believe?
7 HRS AGO - Starseeds are a New Age phenomenon, though perhaps its older and has origins elsewhere. The belief Expand

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