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Pauline Hanson, Australias Trump, maybe its her time?
25 MINS AGO - Australia like all other countries has its own politicians and political agendas. It seems we Expand
Hillarys Political Hit List Hillarys the Real illegitimate Candidate
1 HR AGO - So I was watching the Trump Administrations Press Conference the other day and i noticed that Sean Expand
See prices of 10 cool cars sold at Barrett-Jackson on Sunday
1 HR AGO - More than 100 cars sold on the final day of Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Expand
Interesting patent application (US20120105181 A1)
3 HRS AGO - I spotted this interesting patent application ... The abstract section reads [Note: Expand
The Inauguration of Trump: Pie Reacts
4 HRS AGO - Love him or hate him, Jonathan Pie is back with his take on Inauguration day. From my Expand
MCSO: 6 water rescue calls on Saturday morning
5 HRS AGO - The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office and multiple water rescue teams assisted with six separate Expand
Trump Should Spearhead The #Pizzagate Investigation
5 HRS AGO - Now that the Inauguration is over and done, with no assassination attempts or any wrongdoings its Expand
UK :failed Nuclear missile launch headed towards US
5 HRS AGO - Surprised no-one has posted this before as its kinda old news now.. Apparently the UK Expand
Flash flood watch issued for Phoenix
6 HRS AGO - Problems resulting from Friday night's rain and snow continued throughout the Expand
Trump Is Yet To Sever Ties With His Business, Despite Promises To Do So
25 MINS AGO - No evidence exists so far that President Donald Trump or his elder daughter has taken steps to Expand
All United Airlines Domestic Flights Grounded by Computer Outage
1 HR AGO - All of United Airlines domestic flights were grounded Sunday night because of a computer outage, Expand
Flash flood watch issued for Phoenix; schools closed in Flagstaff
2 HRS AGO - Problems resulting from Friday night's rain and snow continued throughout the Expand
Anti-Trump liberal protester cries and screams Nooooo at the Trump inauguration
3 HRS AGO - Not much I can add to him or her being so upset that Trump is now president. I think perhaps Expand
Russian take on Anartica and German UFO. Interesting pics
4 HRS AGO - If the Germans actually did create flying discs, and Donitz did set up a base in Antarctica, If Expand
Snow in Flagstaff
5 HRS AGO - Plenty of the white stuff hit the ground in Flagstaff on Jan. 22, 2017. Michael Expand
Aziz Ansari calls out racist Donald Trump supporters in SNL monologue
5 HRS AGO - Pretty nice, if you have followed Aziz, he is a talented guy. He has used lots and lots of gay Expand
Pope Francis Says 'Every Country Has the Right to Control its Borders
5 HRS AGO - Looks like Pope Francis is changing his mind about national borders. He now proclaims that Expand
VIDEO: Passengers cheer as woman berating Trump supporter is kicked off plane
25 MINS AGO - Well, this uppity woman takes the cake and I think with as viral as this story is going on FB and Expand
Timeless place
1 HR AGO - Looking outside the bedroom window, he saw the world moving and people dressed like peacocks to Expand
Good Samaritan killed trying to stop robbery. Concealed carry holder wounds assailant.
3 HRS AGO - . This is still an ongoing situation. According to reports, one person is dead and six others Expand
Liberals and the High Ground
4 HRS AGO - Not really much to say other than, Yes that is her husband, that shell of once was a male... Expand
Confidential David Brock Memo: Defeat Trump Through Impeachment
4 HRS AGO - Looks like somebody might have leaked out the Democrat strategy for taking down Trump !! Big Expand
Daisy Mountain firefighter dies after Phoenix nightclub assault
5 HRS AGO - A Daisy Mountain firefighter died after an assault at a nightclub in west Phoenix on Saturday Expand
Trumps nominee to head CIA called for massive expansion of the Surveillance State.
5 HRS AGO - < Congress should pass a law re-establishing collection of all metadata, and Expand
Earth May Have Briefly Supported Complex Life Long Before We Arrived
5 HRS AGO - First off all let me just say that briefly in this report is actually 400 million years! Expand

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