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Why a Revolver for Home Defense
2 HRS AGO - I'm a very experienced firearms instructor with decades of experience in firearms instructing, Expand
Tempe police looking for missing teenager
4 HRS AGO - Cyler Totels, 15 years old, was last seen at approximately 10:55pm on Friday August 28, at his Expand
Earths mineralogy unique in the cosmos
6 HRS AGO - New research predicts that Earth has more than 1,500 undiscovered minerals and that the exact Expand
Random Poems
7 HRS AGO - Untitled I will carry you, if you fall, Walk with you, through it all. Hold you up, when Expand
Who Was the Anti-Christ, Was it Paul?
10 HRS AGO - It was always whispered by people at church that there was an anti-Christ who was not Satan of Expand
dosnt fit anywhere else
10 HRS AGO - Video at 0.27. Jaw drops (further). Members are Expand
Linda Dillon: Come Join Us in the Core Issues/Emergence Webinar, Oct. 15 – Dec. 3, 2015
11 HRS AGO - An important announcement from Linda Dillon about Core Issues / Emergence Dearhearts, Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
Saul via John Smallman: Hearts Were Made to Be Filled with Love
11 HRS AGO - John’s audio reading may be found here. Hearts Were Made to Be Filled with Love. You Are the Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
The real reason there is a war against western heritage
11 HRS AGO - Yes, there is a war against ideas, histories and symbols of western heritage. The whole Expand
After TV Slaying, Reporters Dad Finds Voice on Gun Control
2 HRS AGO - Speaking outside the Roanoke television station where his daughter worked, Parker said hes not Expand
World War Three by F music video: Im the dude on the drums! What do Yall think?
5 HRS AGO - MODS: Please move to appropriate Forum if inappropriate :gomods:, buuuut: So this is the Expand
Gender neutral craze comes to The University of Tennesee
6 HRS AGO - UT has disseminated an alternative set of pronouns for students and faculty to use when addressing Expand
Why are poltergeists such messy people?
10 HRS AGO - Why can't they do something Expand
I have one week to investigate and penetrate Tokyo Freemasonry. Any input/ideas?
10 HRS AGO - < Lets see what we can figure out here together given my limited time and information. Expand
Love Wants In. Love Wants Out
10 HRS AGO - Love does have qualities. It flows. It seems unable to stand still. It wants to flow up from the Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
Suzanne Lie: The Arcturians – Returning to New Earth.
11 HRS AGO - Our Dearest Ascending Ones, We are happy that you have been able to maintain the consciousness of Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
St. Germain via Natalie Glasson: Instigating and Observing Transformation
11 HRS AGO - My love and the vibration of transformation which the Creator delivers and anchors through my Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
One Goal
13 HRS AGO - Sites such as this cater to those with inquisitive, curious, and creative minds. From arm chair Expand
A Question For The Climate Skeptics
3 HRS AGO - Another thread has got me contemplating this, so I thought Id ask out loud: If it was shown Expand
Man killed in Phoenix parking lot shooting
5 HRS AGO - At approximately 11:30 last night, officers responded to a shooting in the area of 2000 E Baseline Expand
Thought it was a satelite, but then it changed direction and disappeared
7 HRS AGO - Event Date: 2015-08-28 Event Location: Kingston, ON, CA Event Description: ---Quote--- At Expand
Russian Aerospace Firm Develops Mach 7.5 SCRAMJET engine
10 HRS AGO - Expand
Nasa starts year long isolation to simulate Mars trip
10 HRS AGO - Its Mars Jim , but not as we know it ... :) Following on from NASAs last experiment which Expand
Who Will Choose Not to Ascend? – Part 1/4
10 HRS AGO - In the wake of SaLuSa mentioning that some people might not ascend, I’ve been asked to Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
Jesus via John Smallman: A Lesson Newly Learnt Brings a Sense of Peace and Contentment.
11 HRS AGO - John’s audio reading is available here. Hello, this is John with Jesus’ message for Saturday Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia
The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild: August 20, 2015
11 HRS AGO - Blossom: Hello my friends. It has been almost 2 months since we were in touch. I am hoping today Expand
Building Nova Earth: A World T
Shared by Golden Age of Gaia

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