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Are You An Empath, Take The Test
1 DAY AGO - What Is An Empath? Are You An Epath?Being an empath is when you are affected by other people’s Expand
New UFO Series To Start On National Geographic Channel
2 DAYS AGO - UFO Alien Invasion Premieres Friday 31st October 9pm on National Geographic ChannelMany UFO Expand
Interest in UFOs and ETs Sets New Guinness World Record
3 DAYS AGO - GuinnessGuinness World Records has released its 2015 edition celebrating over 60 years of finding Expand
"Why ET Contact is now an archetypal battle between the Priest and the Shaman"
4 DAYS AGO - Lecture by David GriffinTwo decades ago you were a fool for suggesting we lived in a universe Expand
Extraterrestrial and UFOs Are About To Descend on Melbourne, Australia
4 DAYS AGO - Alien invasion heads to Melbourne's DocklandsMelbourne will be the setting for an alien invasion. Expand
A Fond Farewell to Skepticblog
5 DAYS AGO - Daniel Loxton shares the news that the Skeptics Society is archiving Skepticblog and preparing for Expand
Worldwide UFO News and Sightings - UFO Planet
5 DAYS AGO - Darin Crapo and Dillan Reece examine some of the most recent UFO Sightings from around the Expand
Sep 10, Interested in criminal profiling? Get all the information you need here
5 DAYS AGO - Criminal profiling is a fascinating, controversial and often misunderstood topic. Find out why.
Life Discovered On International Space Station
1 DAY AGO - There is little doubt in my mind that in a generation or two people will refer to someone in a Expand
Current UFO News Reports And Sightings From Around The World - Spacing Out
2 DAYS AGO - A military combat instructor says he caught footage of a UFO using his night vision equipment. Expand
More People Are Seeing and Reporting UFOs
3 DAYS AGO - UFO Photo taken in the UK Aug 2014Have we been seeing more visits from extraterrestrial visitors, Expand
Did Two Military Jets Escort a Boomerang Shaped UFO Over Arizona?
4 DAYS AGO - Arizona witness says UFO escorted by two military jetsArtist LikenessAn Arizona witness at McNeal, Expand
Sep 10, The Psychopath: Information, Definitions & Research
5 DAYS AGO - The Psychopath: Separating fact from fiction. Quality information and resources. Learn all about Expand
Sep 10, FBI Profiler: So You Want To Be One?
5 DAYS AGO - Want to find out if becoming a FBI profiler is a realistic career goal?
Unexplained UFO Streaks Across California Skies - Video, Photos
1 DAY AGO - Bright light appears in sky over Contra Costa County, CaliforniaThe speculation has been that this Expand
UFO Tracked on Radar Traveling At 2300mph - 1957 Lake Erie
2 DAYS AGO - 1957 UFO – A BRASS COLORED DISC OVER LAKE ERIEA high school student witnesses a brass colored disc Expand
Stunning Daytime UFOs over São Paulo, Brazil - Clear UFO Video
3 DAYS AGO - This very strange series of UFOs/Lights were recently filmed over São Paulo, Brazil. Many people Expand
NSA Official Blows The Whistle on UFOs - Releases UFO Documents
4 DAYS AGO - Highest Ranking NSA Whistle-Blower Of All Time Addresses The UFO Question – See What He Had To Expand
DrKarl: 3D Graphics, Alchemy and Spiders Webs 11 Sept 14
4 DAYS AGO - Dr Karl with the latest science news and your questions on 3D graphics, alchemy, how spiders weave Expand
Family Witnesses Hovering Triangular UFO Next To Road in Maine
5 DAYS AGO - Maine witnesses at Augusta who had just left I-95 north at exit 109 reported watching a hovering Expand
Sep 10, Hugo Munsterberg Forensic Psychology Pioneer
5 DAYS AGO - Hugo Munsterberg: On The Witness Stand: Essays on Psychology and Crime

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