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Curse of Oak Island - Season 6, Episode 1
10 HRS AGO - So, yes, I watched the first episode of the new season of Curse of Oak Island and have to say that Expand
Another 1948 Prediction About to Fulfill?
2 DAYS AGO - Campi Flegrei moves closer to certain massive eruption foreseen in 1948 time travel by Expand
November REALLY Special Offer!
3 DAYS AGO - SAVE $111 WITH THIS FREE OFFER! The headline is really true and this offer is good only through Expand
Don't Call It Obsession
5 DAYS AGO - Left or right... Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Alien Views
UFO News Article: “Mutilations – what’s the answer? - Predators …or UFOs?”
6 DAYS AGO - 2 November 1980(The Greeley Daily Tribune, Colorado)Sources: UFO Newsclipping Service, Seattle, Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Real TV UFOs
1948 Time Traveler’s Predictions CONTINUE to Come True
11/9/2018 - What this means for our future survival Michael Horn Live, EP 38 While we’ve pointed out the many Expand
Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) and Vallee's "Capella" Project
11/8/2018 - IntroductionTwitter user @Jay09784691 keeps coming up with interesting information regarding Expand
UFO News Article: “New Planet or Huge Shooting Star Is Seen in Sky at Santa Fe, N. M.”
11/7/2018 - 13 October 1906(The AlbuquerqueEvening Citizen, New Mexico)Source: theufochronicles.comQuote from Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Real TV UFOs
UFO News Article: “Camioneros dicen haber visto Ovnis en Durazno. Escuchá el audio.” (“Truck drivers claim to have seen UFOs in Durazno. Listen to the audio.”)
11/6/2018 - 31 October 2018(Durazno Digital Diario, Durazno, Uruguay)Two truck drivers experienced UFO Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Real TV UFOs
A catalogue of UAP related "fragments" which have been analysed.
18 HRS AGO - BackgroundIn a blog post dated September 27, 2018, titled "Material of Interest Expand
UFO News Article: “Listen As Multiple Airline Pilots Report Very High-Speed Unidentified Objects Over Ireland (Updated)”
2 DAYS AGO - 12 November 2018(The Drive, U.S.A.)At least three airline crews reported sighting UFOs over or off Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Real TV UFOs
UFO Case Report: “On This Day: August 8”
4 DAYS AGO - (, Drums, Pennsylvania)The whole UFO case report:“1978 - At 9:40 p.m. in Belton, Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Real TV UFOs
Fires: The People Were Warned
5 DAYS AGO - What is yet to come will be equally incomprehensible 223. Enormous firestorms and gigantic Expand
Argentina: A UFO Over Palermo (Buenos Aires)?
7 DAYS AGO - Source: Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO)Date: 11.08.2018Argentina: A UFO Over Palermo Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Inexplicata
Yippie! Now We Can Return to Normal!
11/8/2018 - Post-election blues?  Don't fret -- we can do it all over again in two years.In a way, I'm Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Robert Barrow
UFO Article: “UFOs & NATO: The Mainbrace Affair”
11/8/2018 - By Nick Redfern, 22 April 2014(Mysterious Universe, St. Leonards, Australia)Several UFO incidents Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Real TV UFOs
My Latest Outrage - Bielek, Allende and Several Other Things
11/6/2018 - I’m outraged… outraged, I say. In the last couple of days, I have been bombarded with nonsense in Expand
Compassion's Toxic Dumping Ground
11/5/2018 - That many young people in the United States have never been alive during or never needed to Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Robert Barrow
UFO Audio: Republic of Ireland Air Traffic Control Recording: The 9 November 2018 Ireland Airliners UFO Incident
1 DAY AGO - Source: DublinAviation (YouTube channel)At least three airline pilots reported sighting UFOs over Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Real TV UFOs
Tucker Carlson Knows Nothing about UFOs
3 DAYS AGO - Tucker Carlson might be a wiz at political commentary (or he might not be depending on your point Expand
Bits and Pieces for November 2018
4 DAYS AGO - ABC-TV interviews Michelle Obama:  Why?  Is she running for something?  Is her book Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Robert Barrow
UFO News Articles: Focus On the April-June 1978 St. Charles County/ Lincoln County, Missouri, UFO Incidents and Cattle Mutilations
5 DAYS AGO - Sources: U.F.O. Newsclipping Service, Plumerville, Arkansasand AFU.seMany of the UFO incidents and Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Real TV UFOs
UFO Case Directory (SIGHTINGS FROM AIRCRAFT): “Huge Metallic Disc Paces B-25 Jan. 1, 1955 Nr. Cochise, New Mexico”
11/9/2018 - ( whole UFO case report:“Fran Ridge:Not  very many documents but this is a very Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Real TV UFOs
Socorro Symbol Redux
11/8/2018 - I am sure that most of those who visit here do not wish to descend into another pit of minutia Expand
The Saucer Flap's Map
11/7/2018 - Once upon a time last Century...>Click To Enlarge<Note small legend on right border>Click Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Alien Views
Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas
11/6/2018 - Twitter user @Jay09784691, in a tweet dated today, tweeted that:"Harry Reid Center for Expand

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