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Is It A Dilemma? An Open Letter to New York Magazine
6 HRS AGO - How precious, now it seems they really want to know…but do they? $5 awaits. The dilemma I Expand
Coast to Coast - EM Effects
3 DAYS AGO - As I have mentioned in the past, I’m a fan of multiple chains of evidence and in UFO cases, one of Expand
762nd Contact: A Reality Check
5 DAYS AGO - Will the government discriminate against those who don’t take the questionable vaccines? Expand
Men in Black, Men in Red
7 DAYS AGO -  Of deserts, MIB, and MIR (Men in Red.) Don't know where that last one came from. Anyway, two Expand
Seth Still Speaks, and It's Dumber Than Hell
1/16/2021 -  Back in the 1970s, I and many of my friends and some family members were into Seth. Jane Expand
UFO WITNESS: Jennie Zeidman, Mark O'Connell, CUFOS & the legacy of Allen Hynek
1/15/2021 - I just watched the first two episodes of this series. While it features Ben Hansen as the main Expand
The Bigelow Foundation; NIDS, crop circles and Chad Deetken
1/9/2021 -  I have previously written a number of blog posts about aspects of the Bigelow Foundation, Expand
The Superpower USA Could Come to an End After 2020
1/6/2021 - Each person can decide for themselves if the important things in the country have changed Expand
Lewis Chase and the RB-47
1/4/2021 -  (Note: Back when I was taking a creative writing course in college, the instructor said to Expand
Yeats Wink And Nod...
2 DAYS AGO - .,¸¸,.»§«,¸¸,.·´¯`·.,¸¸,.»§«*¥*»§«,¸¸,.·´¯`·.,¸¸,.»§«·.,¸¸,."If you ever do business with a Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Alien Views
NEW Anti-Viral N95 Respirator Masks Now Available
3 DAYS AGO - New nanotechnology deactivates viruses of all kinds, including Coronavirus, as well as removes air Expand
Arizona Officials & Media: The Deadly Cost of Incompetence
6 DAYS AGO - Arrogant, criminally negligent officials and media in Arizona suppressed life-saving COVID Expand
New Comment Option
7 DAYS AGO - We have added the option of using Disqus in the comment section. You can sign in with a current Expand
Coast to Coast - More UFO Occupants
1/15/2021 - One of my reports on UFO occupants caught the attention of one of the listeners. He, or she, Expand
X-Zone Broadcast Network - William Puckett
1/14/2021 -  Today I spoke with William Puckett of the website about current UFO Expand
Rest in Peace, Angelia Joiner
1/8/2021 -  I am very sad to hear that Angelia Joiner has passed away, due to Covid. Her husband, Expand
CISION Doesn’t Care If You Die from COVID-19
1/5/2021 - It’s because of this lack of concern for the truth, that the American people will continue Expand
At Least 30 Cows Found Dead, near Colorado Springs, Co.
1/4/2021 - On December 22nd, 2020, multiple drivers passing by on Highway 94 near Schriever AFB, noticed Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by UFONUT
R T Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies - BICS
2 DAYS AGO - Robert T. BigelowFrom about a year ago, rumors were circulating that Las Vegas businessman Robert Expand
X-Zone Broadcast Network - James McQuiston and Oak Island
5 DAYS AGO -  This week I moved from UFOs back to Oak Island. James McQuiston was the guest who has worked Expand
"Boring" Orbs -- Not So Fast
7 DAYS AGO - Orange Orb, Enhanced, oil pastel on paper, Regan Lee  Orbs. In the context of UFOs, when Expand
Billy Meier and the Black Sand Dunes of Mars
1/16/2021 - How NASA Scientist, Dr. Jonathan H. Jiang, helped prove Billy Meier visited the Red Planet…in 1986 Expand
UFO WITNESS: Jennie Zeidman, Mark O'Connell, CUFOS & the legacy of Allen Hynek
1/15/2021 - I just watched the first two episodes of this series. While it features Ben Hansen as the main Expand
The TRIAD Research Conference Foundation, and the Bigelow Foundation
1/13/2021 - Is there more information available on the Bigelow Foundation? After publishing my last post, Expand
Coast to Coast - The Alien Artifact in the Solar System
1/7/2021 - Jerome (Jerry) Clark sent me an interesting email that directed me to an entry in his massive UFO Expand
Wuhan Coronavirus Bioweapon Information First Published November 2019
1/5/2021 - First verifiable English translation, May 9, 2020, establishes ironclad accuracy of Coronavirus Expand

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