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UFO Lecture/Paper (Excerpt): “The Kirtland CE/RV Incident Albuquerque, New Mexico November 4, 1957”
10 HRS AGO - ( whole UFO lecture/paper excerpt:“Dr. J. Allen Hynek: We will never know whether UFO Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Real TV UFOs
X-Zone Broadcast Network - Don Schmitt
22 HRS AGO - This week, I spoke with Don Schmitt. My plan since between the two of us we have something like a Expand
2 DAYS AGO - It should because we published the actual facts over a month ago! WHAT? Children Hidden Spreaders Expand
Google Website Searches: Focus On November 1957 UFO News Articles
2 DAYS AGO - Website: (owned by LLC, Lehi, Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Real TV UFOs
U.S. Government UFO Document: “SUBJECT: UNKNOWN SUBJECT(S): Unidentified Flying Object Sighted near Orogrande, New Mexico at Approximately 1310 hours, 4 November 1957 by Mr. [James Stokes], Civilian Employee, Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico”
4 DAYS AGO - 18 November 1957(Project Blue Book, U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C.)Quote from the document (not Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Real TV UFOs
COVID-19 from Experimental Research by Secret Group in China
5 DAYS AGO - More from the most accurate source of COVID-19 and other information I just received the latest Expand
UFO Case Report: “The James Stokes Story Near Orogrande, NM Nov. 4, 1957”
6 DAYS AGO - By Loren Gross, Francis Ridge, Jan Aldrich and Larry Hatch( Stokes sighted a UFO 16 Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Real TV UFOs
UFO TV News Report: “TV Segment on SETI & AATIP with Luis Elizondo” (not the TV report headline)
3/27/2020 - 4 March 2020(France 24, Paris, France)Source: eventimus (YouTube channel)Luis Elizondo ran the Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Real TV UFOs
The US Navy - UAP FOIA requests - a summary
3/26/2020 - "If it was anything other than national security, the DoD would not be involved. The Air Force Expand
Google Website Searches: Focus On 1957 UFO Incidents At (or Near) U.S. Military Bases and Nuclear Bases/Installations/Facilities/Storage Areas
10 HRS AGO - Website: National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Real TV UFOs
Don’t Lose Sleep Over It
1 DAY AGO - Right, let’s take a break from the onslaught of distressing news to take very good care of Expand
Object lesson
2 DAYS AGO -  .,¸¸,.»§«,¸¸,.·´¯`·.,¸¸,.»§«*¥*»§«,¸¸,.·´¯`·.,¸¸,.»§«·.,¸¸,..We're at Mother Nature's Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Alien Views
Prepare for More Stupidity and UNNECESSARY Risk to YOUR Life
3 DAYS AGO - Government decides to assure that COVID-19 will continue to spread As spelled out in Contact Expand
The Bermuda Triangle, Flight 19 and Josh Gates
4 DAYS AGO - In a strange coincidence, I stumbled across the second part of Josh Gates’ episode dealing with Expand
The Bermuda Triangle - The New Programming
5 DAYS AGO - If I remember correctly, I first learned about the Bermuda Triangle in a book by John Godwin Expand
They Wouldn’t Listen – More People Died
6 DAYS AGO - Greed, denial and apathy continue to extract their deadly toll  Does this grim news sound Expand
CDC Documents Prove Billy Meier Right…AGAIN
3/27/2020 - Hospitals will become COVID-19 breeding, spreading grounds if Plejaren protocols not implemented Expand
A Luminous Extraterrestrial Geometric Message on the Surface of Ceres
3/26/2020 - By Bruce Fenton Default scepticism in science is understandable, it is how good science is done, Expand
New, Vital Information about the Corona Virus
20 HRS AGO - Continuation of Contact Report 731 provides additional information from the Plejaren* NOTE: The Expand
NARA Tentatively Confirms 200-Page FBI File on NICAP Organizer
1 DAY AGO - The existence of a 200-page FBI file likely pertaining to NICAP organizer Nicholas de Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by The UFO Trail
TTTSA - the 31 March 2020 report to the SEC
2 DAYS AGO - IntroductionRecently, the To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science (TTSA) filed updated Expand
You May As Well Roll Cigarettes
3 DAYS AGO - If you read this information – please take action – it’s your life on the line We Expand
Stunning New Information About COVID-19 from the Plejaren
5 DAYS AGO - Once again, still unknown information about the true scope of the disease is provided in order to Expand
The Plejaren Message on COVID-19
5 DAYS AGO - Please join us for updated information on this rampantly spreading pandemic! We’ve published Expand
As I Warned on March 11 Watch the FOOD SUPPLY
3/27/2020 - There’s no way of sneakin’ ’round that sticky, stubborn ol’ law of cause Expand
More Meier Info About Longer COVID-19 Incubation CONFIRMED!
3/26/2020 - Painfully slowly, world catching up with February 25 Plejaren information  I just received this Expand

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