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Dr. David Clarke
Earth Mystery News
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Weekly World News
Major BREAKTHROUGH: ‘Moon’ 8,000 light-years away spotted in a FIRST FOR ASTRONOMY
10 HRS AGO - ASTRONOMERS at Columbia University may have discovered the first ever exomoon, which is thought to Expand
At Last, Physicists Understand Where Matter’s Mass Comes From
22 HRS AGO - The answer has nothing at all to do with the Higgs boson.
Sun’s closest solo star may have company
1 DAY AGO - A large planet appears to be orbiting out near the system's snow line.
A Scar That the Woolsey Fire Left Behind
2 DAYS AGO - In the wake of a fire, a burn scar appears which takes a long time to heal. This scar is from the Expand
Ice Age Asteroid Crater Discovered Beneath Greenland Glacier
2 DAYS AGO - It is the first impact crater discovered under one of Earth’s ice sheets, according to the Expand
Galactic Ghosts: Gaia Uncovers Major Event in the Formation of the Milky Way
3 DAYS AGO - ESA’s Gaia mission has made a major breakthrough in unravelling the formation history of the Milky Expand
Astronomers Found a Black Hole Rotating So Fast, It Could Be Spinning Space Itself
3 DAYS AGO - Black holes, while fascinating, are hardly a new discovery - but a black hole spinning at one of Expand
DNA of world’s oldest natural mummy unlocks secrets of Ice Age tribes in the Americas
4 DAYS AGO - A legal battle over a 10,600 year old ancient skeleton -- called the 'Spirit Cave Mummy' -- has Expand
UFOs spotted off Irish coast under investigation
4 DAYS AGO - The Irish Aviation Authority is investigating reports of bright lights and UFOs off the south-west Expand
Antares Seen from Washington D.C. Tidal Basin
13 HRS AGO - ​The Northrop Grumman Antares rocket, with Cygnus resupply spacecraft onboard, is seen above the Expand
Kola Superdeep Borehole
1 DAY AGO - The deepest hole drilled in the name of science, where evidence of Precambrian life was found.
A dark matter hurricane is crashing into Earth
1 DAY AGO - Giving our solar system a "slap in the face."
Antikythera anticlimax: ancient computer excitement a case of over-anticipation
2 DAYS AGO - The 2200-year-old Antikythera Mechanism, one of the most fascinating archaeological finds, has Expand
Physicists measured Earth’s mass using neutrinos for the first time
2 DAYS AGO - The tiny particles provide an independent test of some of the planet’s key properties
Northop Grumman's Antares Rocket on the Pad
3 DAYS AGO - The Northrop Grumman Antares rocket, with Cygnus spacecraft onboard, is seen on Pad-0A, Tuesday, Expand
Confirmed: Comet Dust Tail is Electrically Charged | Space News
3 DAYS AGO - New scientific reports are again confirming the electrical nature of one of the most mysterious Expand
John Brisson, Fix Your Gut Health and Slide-rule Science |394|
4 DAYS AGO - John Brisson on how to regain health by fixing your gut. photo by: Skeptiko Alex Tsakiris: Today Expand
Astronomers Have Detected One of The Oldest Stars in The Entire Universe
4 DAYS AGO - Whenever we hear of stars discovered that formed just after the Big Bang, they're very far away, Expand
Ancient ship graveyard discovered in treacherous waters
19 HRS AGO - Three ancient shipwrecks that carried pottery cargoes and two from later times were discovered Expand
Holy Cow! Astronomers agog at mysterious new supernova
1 DAY AGO - An event known as ‘Cow’ that has rocked astronomy since June likely offers a close look at the Expand
Finding an Elusive Star Behind a Supernova
2 DAYS AGO - Located 65 million light-years away ia a blue supergiant star that once existed inside a cluster Expand
Linda Moulton Howe – Mysterious Outpost Interview
2 DAYS AGO - Linda Moulton Howe being interviewed by Mysterious Outpost at the 2018 Ozark UFO conference Expand
China is about to visit uncharted territory on the moon
3 DAYS AGO - One Chinese mission will bring back the first lunar rock samples in more than four decades
UFO sightings may be falling, but Congress is still paying attention
3 DAYS AGO - Renewed US interest could produce some fascinating hearings, but the focus should be on the Expand
Raging Six-Day-Old Camp Fire Reaches 125,000 Acres in Size
4 DAYS AGO - The six day old Camp Fire has already attained the unfortunate title of California's deadliest Expand

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