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Dr. David Clarke
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Weekly World News
How Much Do You Know About The Wars Between Anunnaki and Pleiadians ? (video)
14 HRS AGO - It is amazing how we are constantly manipulated and misinformed. It seems that world’s elite or Expand
This Banker is Recorded While Blinking With Reptilian Eyes on Live Tv
15 HRS AGO - Someone watched the news on an American channel when he noticed something incredibly strange. One Expand
The Anunnaki Were Here on Earth
18 HRS AGO - Are we alone in the universe? Are there other civilisations out there? Did they come to visit us? Expand
Sedimentary, dear Johnson: Is NASA looking at the wrong rocks for clues to Martian life?
1 DAY AGO - In 2020, NASA and European-Russian missions will look for evidence of past life on Mars. But while Expand
Electric ‘flying taxi’ prototype unveiled by German start-up
1 DAY AGO - Lilium says electric jet-powered five-seater aircraft could be in service by 2025
Astral Projection is Real And I Can Prove It
1 DAY AGO - Astral projection is considered a conscious out-of body experience that takes for granted the Expand
US Navy Captain Release Interview From Prison On The Battle of Dulce and Secret Space Program
1 DAY AGO - We will give you two very special interviews with Captain Mark Richards, released from the Expand
Interview With a Reptilian Female – Lacerta Files
1 DAY AGO - The general idea that we have about Reptilians is that they are evil creatures. However there are Expand
When Top Gun Pilots Tangled With a Baffling Tic-Tac-Shaped UFO
2 DAYS AGO - Fighter pilots and radar operators from the USS Nimitz describe their terrifying—and still Expand
You Never Meet Anyone by Accident – These Are The 6 Types of Cosmic Connections
14 HRS AGO - They say that everything happens for a reason. Everything in life has a meaning, and nothing is Expand
What is The Truth About The 18 Feet Alien Eliminated by Russians With a Nuclear Weapon
16 HRS AGO - The Tsar bomb had been first tested in a region called Mityushikha Bay, a top-secret location in Expand
Wandering Earth: rocket scientist explains how we could move our planet
19 HRS AGO - In the Chinese science fiction film The Wandering Earth, recently released on Netflix, humanity Expand
Updates On The Creepy Humanoid Winged Creature Filmed Sitting On a Tree
1 DAY AGO - Remember the Creepy Winged Creature sitting in a tree that was recorded in Nicaragua? Well, we did Expand
Dash Cam Records Bizarre Video of a Cop Turned Into Ash by a Bright Flash
1 DAY AGO - The following video was posted on January 12 on the YouTube platform and has been found in the Expand
Google Earth Shows Bizarre Triangle in South of Greenland
1 DAY AGO - Conspirators revised some images provided by satellites and discovered a strange anomaly in the Expand
Humanoid Alien Fly and Lands in Spacesuit in U.S – Bizarre video
1 DAY AGO - Ufologists and alien hunters have made an unbelievable claiming after watching a video of a UFO Expand
Oldest Scandinavian human DNA found in ancient chewing gum
1 DAY AGO - The first humans who settled in Scandinavia more than 10,000 years ago left their DNA behind in Expand
Humans Crawled Through a Cave 14,000 Years Ago. We Can Still See Their Perfectly Preserved Footprints.
2 DAYS AGO - About 14,000 years ago, a party of five barefoot people — two adults, one preteen and two children Expand
Tourist Records an Alien Walking on the White House’s Roof (video)
15 HRS AGO - A Chinese tourist visited Washington DC when he suddenly spotted a strange creature on the roof of Expand
Finally Revealed The Secret Behind The Numbers 3-6-9 Tesla Code
17 HRS AGO - Nikola Tesla was carried on a numberless of mysterious experiments. However, the biggest mystery Expand
Natural compound found in broccoli reawakens the function of potent tumor suppressor
22 HRS AGO - Finding offers potential novel approach to cancer treatment and prevention
UFO Researcher Stanton Friedman Dead at 84
1 DAY AGO - Nuclear physicist and famed UFO researcher Stanton Friedman has died at 84, the CBC reports.
Bizarre “Pyramid” Flying Object Recorded in South Africa
1 DAY AGO - The following pictures were taken by a resident of the small town of Clarence, located in the Expand
New Sumerian Anunnaki Archaeological Discoveries
1 DAY AGO - We all know that many discoveries were made on Iraq, such as the cuneiform tablets, which are the Expand
UFOlogists to converge on site of 1967 Falcon Lake enounter
1 DAY AGO - More than 50 years ago, a Manitoba man had an out-of-this-world experience in the woods near Expand
Curtin planetary scientist unravels mystery of Egyptian desert glass
2 DAYS AGO - A Curtin University researcher has solved a nearly 100-year-old riddle by discovering that glass Expand

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