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Temple Mount UFO Visitor Shocks World
Dalai Lama on Greeting Others
Stranger in the Pentagon... Valiant Thor Story
Dr. David Clarke
Intrepid Magazine
Supernatural UFO
The Examiner
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The UFO Chronicles
UFO Reporter, The
Ufology PRSS
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UFO hovers over Melbourne for hours (VIDEO)
5 HRS AGO - Witnesses observed a UFO over Melbourne, Australia on the night of Sunday, August 31. This object Expand
Britain’s X-traordinary Files
1 DAY AGO - Britain’s X-traordinary FilesBy Dr David      My latest book Expand
Scientists Unravel Mystery of Death Valley's Moving Rocks | VIDEO
1 DAY AGO - Tweet!function(d,s,id){var Expand
"Sir Winston Churchill May Have Been Misinformed About The UFO Issue"
2 DAYS AGO - Tweet!function(d,s,id){var Expand
UFOs over North Carolina beaches – Spacing Out! Episode 86
3 DAYS AGO - Multiple witnesses have captured photo and video of strange lights in North Carolina. Plus, Jason Expand
Hubble Looks at Light and Dark in the Universe
3 DAYS AGO - This new NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image shows a variety of intriguing cosmic Expand
Artist Concept: Space Launch System Takes Flight
4 DAYS AGO - Artist concept of NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) 70-metric-ton configuration launching to space. Expand
‘Huge’ UFO reported hovering over small Texas town
4 DAYS AGO - A Texas witness at Fairfield reported watching a “very bright, white light” UFO at close range, Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 8/27/14
5 DAYS AGO - Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge just proved that aliens really exist - FasterLouder Pilot sees 'strange Expand
Police witness UFO in Pennsylvania (Video)
5 DAYS AGO - After responding to a call regarding unusual lights in the sky, police in Lower Paxton Township, Expand
Mystery UFO Caught on Camera, Baffles Police | VIDEO
1 DAY AGO - Mystery UFO Caught on Camera, Baffles Police | UFO NEWS By Kara Expand
‘Huge’ UFO Reported Hovering Over Texas Town
1 DAY AGO - Tweet!function(d,s,id){var Expand
A Silent, Triangle-Shaped UFO Hovers Over Lexington Neighborhood
2 DAYS AGO - Tweet!function(d,s,id){var Expand
UFO Spotted Near Homes in New Jersey
2 DAYS AGO - Tweet!function(d,s,id){var Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 8/29/14
3 DAYS AGO - 1969 UFO – An Orange Cigar Shaped Object - Syracuse New Times Why I believe we’ll find aliens - Expand
New Jersey woman spots UFO in back yard
3 DAYS AGO - A New Jersey witness at Washington Township reported a bright orange, bell-shaped UFO, in her back Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 8/28/14
4 DAYS AGO - International Go Topless Day Was Sponsored by an Alien Worshipping Cult - First to Know Mysterious Expand
Mysterious lights seen during Napa earthquake not UFOs says scientist (Video)
4 DAYS AGO - Several people reported seeing flashes of light after the earthquake that shook Napa Valley on Expand
Testing Composite Cryotank Technology For Future Deep Space Missions
5 DAYS AGO - NASA has completed a complex series of tests on one of the largest composite cryogenic fuel tanks Expand
Song about UFO encounter on new album by Basement Jaxx
6 DAYS AGO - An album released this week by Basement Jaxx includes a song about aliens inspired by a UFO Expand
‘UFO’ Spotted Hovering Over Melbourne | VIDEO
1 DAY AGO - ‘UFO’ Spotted Hovering Over Melbourne | UFO NEWS By Ashley ArgoonHerald Sun 8-31-14      A UFO Expand
Strange 'Spikes' Spotted In Siberia By ISS Astronauts
1 DAY AGO - Tweet!function(d,s,id){var Expand
UFO Photographed at Van Lake in Turkey?
2 DAYS AGO - Tweet!function(d,s,id){var Expand
Hovering triangle UFO moves away ‘instantaneously’
3 DAYS AGO - Two Kentucky witnesses at Lexington reported watching a silent, triangle-shaped UFO hovering Expand
WHFR Journal, 8-29-14, 1-2 PM: HFC President Stan Jensen
3 DAYS AGO - Fall semester has begun at Henry Ford College, and we talk to President Jensen about all that is Expand
UFO photo taken at Van Lake in Turkey
3 DAYS AGO - A man in Turkey believes he may have taken a photo of a UFO near Van Lake, home of the Van Lake Expand
Space City' Houston UFOs Look For An Explanation
4 DAYS AGO - When UFOs fly over a metropolitan area known as "Space City," it's safe to assume explanations for Expand
Lee Speigel - Latest Posts
Shared by The Huffington Post
UFOs caught on video over Skyros Island in Greece
4 DAYS AGO - At least 20 witnesses watched several UFOs from the beach on Skyros Island in Greece. One witness Expand
252. Bernadette Doran on Energy Healing
5 DAYS AGO - Interview with energy healing researcher and practition […]
Solar Dynamics Observatory Captures Images of a Late Summer Flare
6 DAYS AGO - On Aug. 24, 2014, the sun emitted a mid-level solar flare, peaking at 8:16 a.m. EDT. NASA's Solar Expand

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