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Farewell to the ‘mystical astronaut’: Edgar Mitchell 1930-2016
1 DAY AGO - Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon who became a celebrity believer in the UFO myth, Expand
Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Dies At 85
2 DAYS AGO - Edgar Mitchell, one of a handful of heroic individuals to walk on the moon, has died, his family Expand
Lee Speigel - Latest Posts
Shared by The Huffington Post
Hubble Views Merging Galaxies in Eridanus
2 DAYS AGO - This image, taken by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, shows a peculiar galaxy known as NGC Expand
Floating Hills on Pluto's Sputnik Planum
3 DAYS AGO - The nitrogen ice glaciers on Pluto appear to carry an intriguing cargo: numerous, isolated hills Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 2/3/2016
4 DAYS AGO - Warning Space Aliens: Earth's UFO-Hunting Satellite Is Coming For You - The Huffington Expand
Atlanta witness engulfed in light from hovering UFO
5 DAYS AGO - A Georgia witness at Atlanta reported being showered in a light beam that appeared to come from a Expand
Warning Space Aliens: Earth's UFO- Hunting Satellite Is Coming For You
6 DAYS AGO - It seems like every day, a video or image emerges that appears to show a UFO near the Expand
Lee Speigel - Latest Posts
Shared by The Huffington Post
Tennessee witness watches hovering UFO over quarry
1/29/2016 - A Tennessee witness at Nolensville reported watching a triangle-shaped UFO hovering over a nearby Expand
CIA highlights old UFO files prior to new X-Files episodes
1/29/2016 - The CIA chose to take advantage of the fervor created by the new X-Files episodes by posting two Expand
Glowing sphere UFO drops object to ground level
2 DAYS AGO - A Washington witness at Spokane Valley reported watching and videotaping a glowing sphere that Expand
CIA’s UFO X-Files – Open Minds UFO Report
2 DAYS AGO - Stories in this week's show: CIA highlights old UFO files prior to new X-Files episodes, Triangle Expand
UFO moves in and out of Wisconsin clouds
3 DAYS AGO - A Wisconsin witness at Marshfield recalled a UFO incident from 2004 while he and his wife were Expand
NY witness drives by hovering rectangle UFO
4 DAYS AGO - A New York witness at Rome reported watching a UFO hovering at the treetop level that made no Expand
Feb. 3, 1995, Astronaut Eileen Collins at the Pilot's Station on Shuttle Discovery
4 DAYS AGO - In this Feb. 3, 1995, image taken onboard space shuttle Discovery on flight day one of the STS-63 Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 2/2/2016
5 DAYS AGO - DOCUMENT: CIA’s UFO Sighting Needs ‘Immediate Attention’ - Heavy Watch: Mysterious 'UFO' spotted Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 2/1/2016
6 DAYS AGO - 15 years of UFO Shapes over NY - Syracuse New Times N.J.'s own 'X-Files': 1 town's mysterious and Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 1/29/2016
1/29/2016 - Meteors, aliens or foreign aircraft? Sonic boom heard over East Coast - Air Force Times French Expand
Oregon witness says UFO may have landed
1/29/2016 - An Oregon witness at Eugene watched and photographed a series of lights “in perfect alignment” Expand
Georgia witness recalls up-close look at triangle UFO
2 DAYS AGO - A Georgia witness at Dawsonville recalled a UFO encounter from February 2000 involving a Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 2/5/2016
2 DAYS AGO - CIA's X-Files (Features MUFON) - Fox LA Earth scores an unimpressive 82% chance of sustaining Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 2/4/2016
3 DAYS AGO - UFO spotted in skies above Loughborough - Loughborough Echo UFO researcher says Russian flying Expand
How I got duped by crop circle science. Nancy Talbott vs. Matt Williams
4 DAYS AGO - Nancy Talbott claims to have unlocked crop circle science. Matt Williams is a crop circle maker Expand
Triangle UFO videotaped over New Jersey
5 DAYS AGO - A New Jersey witness at Hazlet reported watching and videotaping a silent, triangle UFO with three Expand
Successful Deployment of University Satellites From Space Station
5 DAYS AGO - Expedition 46 flight engineer Tim Peake of ESA captured this photo on Jan. 29, 2016 from the Expand
Super Guppy Ready to Transport the Orion Spacecraft
6 DAYS AGO - NASA's Super Guppy aircraft readies to transport an Orion spacecraft from the Michoud Assembly Expand
Curiosity Self-Portrait at Martian Sand Dune
1/29/2016 - This self-portrait of NASA's Curiosity Mars rover shows the vehicle at "Namib Dune," where the Expand

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