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Dr. David Clarke
Earth Mystery News
Ufology PRSS
Humancé: la historia del “primer híbrido chimpancé y humano” (Video)
1 HR AGO - Humancé es un término usado para referirse a los híbridos entre humano y chimpancé y, Expand
China Successfully Launched its Tianwen-1 Mission to Mars With Rover in Tow
5 HRS AGO - China has officially launched off its spacecraft known as Tianwen-1 to Mars this Thursday as they Expand
El gran hallazgo médico que ha revelado una antigua momia (Video)
7 HRS AGO - Un grupo de científicos griegos hizo un nuevo estudio sobre una momia del Museo de Atenas, datada Expand
The lack of hard evidence is extremely frustrating, but this will change soon. Here’s why.
13 HRS AGO - Don't get too excited. This happens every 10-15 years or so. UFO enthusiasts convince Expand
Científicos del MIT crean un dispositivo para controlar los sueños (Video)
22 HRS AGO - Un equipo de científicos ha desarrollado un “peligroso” dispositivo para controlar los Expand
Anomalies Spotted on The Moon Are ‘Definitive Proof’ Of Alien Life, Claims Ufologist
1 DAY AGO - The fact of the matter is that from the 36 active alien civilizations that have already been Expand
Five UFOs Caught on Video Shooting Across the Sky Over Northeast Pennsylvania (VIDEO)
1 DAY AGO - A new UFO sighting comes to us from Pennsylvania as a random onlooker appears to have come across Expand
The Enigmatic Story of the Pyramidions / Capstones in Ancient Egypt
5 HRS AGO - If you’ve ever heard of how pyramids are thought to have been constructed in ancient times then Expand
An Ancient Papyrus Reveals How the Pyramids Were Constructed
6 HRS AGO - The ancient Egyptians were by far some of the most advanced minds at their time. The things they Expand
Close Encounters Unacknowledged and New Trailer
15 HRS AGO - “Unacknowledged” will focus on the historic files of the Disclosure Project and how UFO secrecy Expand
Elon Musk Claims Aliens Built the Pyramids – Unexpected Response From Top Egyptian Officials (VIDEO)
21 HRS AGO - As far as eccentric rich people go there aren’t that many that can actually rival the man, the Expand
No Subscription Online Adult Dating Sites, Christian Dating Advice For Teenagers, Free Genuine...
1 DAY AGO - ...including bustle, cosmo, the huffington post, the, and entrepreneur! Ufo sightings,ufo news,ufo Expand
UFO Spotted Near Comet NEOWISE Is ‘Absolutely’ Proof It’s Actually An ‘Alien Ship’ According to UFO Hunter
1 DAY AGO - This new discovery comes to us from none other than Scott C. Waring himself as he did the Expand
Mobile Phone Dropped into Nevada’s Devil’s Cauldron Recorded Screaming Voices
5 HRS AGO - One of the most popular tech-related YouTubers out there recently came upon quite a shocking Expand
Extraterrestrials Encoded Messages into Our DNA – History Channel Found Evidence
6 HRS AGO - Have you ever wondered whether we were truly alone in this universe or not? Well so did most of Expand
PENTAGON: 75 Tahun MKUltra PsyOps! Pengungkapan tentang UFO terbaru
10 HRS AGO - Bigelow bukan satu-satunya miliarder yang telah mengalokasikan kekayaan mereka yang besar untuk Expand
The Epistolizer: The New York Times & UFO Disclosure
18 HRS AGO - The New York Times & UFO Disclosure
Richard Dolan : 大衆のゲイに対する見解と同様に、UFO 観が一変する可能性がある。
1 DAY AGO - ...一世代で同性どうしの結婚に関する社会の否定的な見解が肯定へと反転した。UFO に関する見解も一世代で劇的に変化する可能性はある。音声(1:15:56) THE NEW YORK TIMES Expand

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