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Mimas Stares Back
3 HRS AGO - The great eye of Saturn's moon Mimas, a 130-kilometer-wide (80-mile) impact crater called Expand
The Scottish Roswell
1 DAY AGO - The Sunday Express and Metro have today published a preview of a chapter from How UFOs Conquered Expand
UFO video shows strange object over British Columbia
3 DAYS AGO - Witnesses in Canada noticed strange objects flying in the sky near Esquimalt, British Columbia at Expand
UFO Close to Montgomeryshire Border, Claims Astronomer
3 DAYS AGO - By Ben       A KEEN astronomer believes he saw a UFO in Expand
Evaluating NASA’s Futuristic EM Drive
3 DAYS AGO - By José Rodal, Ph.D, Jeremiah Mullikin and Noel Munson - subedited by Chris Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 4/30/15
4 DAYS AGO - MUFON Celebrate the Existence of UFO’s in Memphis with the First Annual World UFO Day Festival! - Expand
Another Promotional Trailer for Roswell Alien Slides & Upcoming Show | VIDEO
4 DAYS AGO - Tweet !function(d,s,id){var Expand
UFO photo captured over San Diego
4 DAYS AGO - Several San Diego residents reported spotting mysterious lights on Tuesday night, and one witness Expand
273. Dr. Henry Bauer, Dogmatic Science Wrong About HIV-AIDS Connection
5 DAYS AGO - Alex Tsakiris of Skeptiko interviews Dr. Henry Bauer, P […] The post 273. Dr. Henry Bauer, Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 5/4/15
4 HRS AGO - 50-year-old UFO riddle solved… and it’s even more sinister than aliens - Metro Looking For Alien Expand
Fast moving UFO reported over Delaware
2 DAYS AGO - A Delaware witness at New Castle reported watching a fast moving object before it turned at a Expand
Ten-Engine Electric Plane Prototype Takes Off
3 DAYS AGO - A team at NASA's Langley Research Center is developing a concept of a battery-powered plane that Expand
Russia Launches Quietest Submarine in the World
3 DAYS AGO - By nationalinterest.org4-29-15      Russia has launched what it claims to be the “quietest Expand
NASA One Step Closer To Warp Drive?
3 DAYS AGO - By Eric Mack www.cnet.com4-29-15NASA is reportedly working on technology that could take us to Expand
Aliens on Ceres? NASA Welcomes Public Speculation
4 DAYS AGO - Tweet !function(d,s,id){var Expand
The Second-Season Premiere of ‘Hangar 1: The UFO Files’
4 DAYS AGO - Tweet !function(d,s,id){var Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 4/29/15
5 DAYS AGO - Space experts baffled as mystery object filmed passing space station - Daily Star Alexander Expand
Mississippi witness reports low flying orange lights
5 DAYS AGO - A Mississippi witness driving south on Natchez Trace about a half-mile past I-20 at Ridgeland Expand
Sliding towards Roswell
9 HRS AGO - The Roswell incident is UFOlogy’s Holy Grail and the industry that has grown up around it never Expand
NBC 7 San Diego releases UFO video
2 DAYS AGO - We recently posted a story about UFO sightings in San Diego that were reported by several Expand
Daily UFO Headlines 5/1/15
3 DAYS AGO - Mysteries at National Parks: Nazi UFOs - Travel Channel Astronomer claims to see UFO close to Expand
Virginia witness describes low flying rectangle UFO
3 DAYS AGO - A Virginia witness reported watching a “large, rectangular object with lights in front and rear Expand
Overview of MESSENGER Spacecraft's Impact Region on Mercury
4 DAYS AGO - On April 30th, this region of Mercury's surface will have a new crater! Traveling at 3.91 Expand
What if the Roswell Slides Saga is a Social Experiment or a Hoax?
4 DAYS AGO - Tweet !function(d,s,id){var Expand
Morgan Freeman: I May Be A Bigot -- And Maybe Everyone Else Is, Too
4 DAYS AGO - "Are we all bigots?" This is a question raised by actor Morgan Freeman in Wednesday night's Expand
Lee Speigel - Latest Posts
Shared by The Huffington Post
April 29, 1990, Shuttle Discovery Lands Following Hubble Deployment Mission
5 DAYS AGO - On April 29, 1990, the Space Shuttle Discovery approaches for landing on a concrete runway at Expand

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