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Earth Mystery News
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Ufology PRSS
Weekly World News
More Accurate World Map Wins Prestigious Design Award
22 HRS AGO - The AuthaGraph map is the most accurate map you'll ever see. You probably won't like it.
NASA’s Insight Lander on Mars Spotted from Space!
1 DAY AGO - NASA's newly arrived Mars lander has been spotted by one its orbiting cousins.
Was Santa Claus a Real Person?
1 DAY AGO - For many children living in the United States, especially those who have behaved well all year, Expand
Jupiter’s skies are peppered with electron streams, ammonia plumes, and massive storms
2 DAYS AGO - Scientists have long known that Jupiter is a stormy place. But since NASA’s Juno probe reached the Expand
NASA’s OSIRIS-REx finds signs of water on the asteroid Bennu
3 DAYS AGO - The craft will spend 2019 scoping out the best spot to grab a handful of space rock dust
Using Gold Nanoparticles to Rapidly Detect Cancer DNA
4 DAYS AGO - Using as little as 1 picogram of purified DNA sample (think 2.5 trillion times lighter than a Expand
Voyager 2 spacecraft enters interstellar space
4 DAYS AGO - It’s the second probe ever to exit the heliosphere
UFO sighting at Cape Willoughby Lighthouse, Kangaroo Island
10 HRS AGO - International visitor Andrew Isaacson inadvertently captured an unidentified flying object while Expand
Scientists Say They Can Recreate Living Dinosaurs Within the Next 5 Years
1 DAY AGO - Dinosaurs could potentially walk among us in real life soon as the paleontologist who inspired the Expand
Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs – Full Documentary
1 DAY AGO - David Serada, a UFO fan, meets the comic Dan Aykroyd who claims he has had encounters with Expand
Stephen Curry says the U.S. never landed on the moon. NASA cries foul.
2 DAYS AGO - Until this precise moment in his nearly decade-long career, Stephen Curry has remained gleefully Expand
Do gut bacteria make a second home in our brains?
2 DAYS AGO - We know the menagerie of microbes in the gut has powerful effects on our health. Could some of Expand
Virgin Galactic to attempt flight to space this week
3 DAYS AGO - VSS Unity, Virgin Galactic's second SpaceShipTwo, near the apogee of its third powered flight July Expand
Beyond Bigfoot: 22 Cryptic Creatures Travelers Still Look Out For Around The World
3 DAYS AGO - What's the creepiest thing you've encountered on your travels? If you're very, very lucky, it Expand
Mark Booth, Secret History Includes Angels and Demons |396|
4 DAYS AGO - Mark Booth’s view of our secret history looks way beyond churchy Christianity. photo by: Expand
Chang’e-4 Lunar probe is on its way to the moon
4 DAYS AGO - Last week we talked about the Chinese Chang’e-4 lunar probe that China was set to launch to study Expand
NASA releases first data from OSIRIS-REx asteroid mission
16 HRS AGO - Take a peek at asteroid Bennu: porous, blue, and with a water-rich parent body.
Giant Black Hole Powers Cosmic Fountain
1 DAY AGO - Before electricity, water fountains worked by relying on gravity to channel water from a higher Expand
Mars lander takes a selfie
1 DAY AGO - After painstakingly swiveling the camera mounted on its robotic arm for a week, NASA’s InSight Expand
Astronauts Anne McClain and Serena Auñón-Chancellor Work Aboard the Station
2 DAYS AGO - NASA astronauts Anne McClain (background) and Serena Auñón-Chancellor are pictured inside the U.S. Expand
China’s Mission to the Farside of the Moon
2 DAYS AGO - China is going where no one has gone before–the farside of the Moon. At 2:23 am on Dec. 8th (local Expand
Evidence for carbon-rich surface on Ceres
3 DAYS AGO - Ceres offers insight into the synthesis, transport of organic matter in the inner solar system
A new way to turn saltwater fresh can kill germs and avoid gunk buildup
3 DAYS AGO - The key to the improvement is keeping device components high and dry
ICESat-2 Reveals Profile of Ice Sheets
4 DAYS AGO - Less than three months into its mission, NASA’s Ice, Cloud and land Elevation Satellite-2, or Expand

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