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ERA COP -Law of Lightworkers is Change
4 HRS AGO - The one constant in the universe is change.Join Thomas Becker, Thomas Sinisi, Diana McClintic, Expand
Granddad's "Paranormal" Bungalow Was Unbearable - Mid Sussex Times
5 HRS AGO - Writer Maz Maric shares his unusual ghostly experiences he had while living in his recently Expand
Texas Woman: ‘Bigfoot Family Lives Around Us And They Just Had A Baby’ - Cryptozoology News
1 DAY AGO - Like almost all intriguing Bigfoot reports, this one is extremely vague and of course provides no Expand
The US Petro-dollar – Collapsing Soon?
1 DAY AGO - Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural! The current political landscape is in direct Expand
Guest Blogger – Richard Shaw!
2 DAYS AGO - This is an article written by the Director and Producer of the Watchers series and the newly Expand
French Nuclear Director Says UFO Was Over His Plant - Mysterious Universe
3 DAYS AGO - Paul Seaburn takes us to France where officials have reported UFOs hovering above nuclear power Expand
Sunday Go to Meeting Bun!
3 DAYS AGO - Sunday Bun by L. A. Marzulli “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, Expand
The Mystery of Ghost Riots - Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog
4 DAYS AGO - We're not talking about a bunch of ghosts getting together to cause a mass uprising, but people Expand
Farmer Says He Has Found The Remains Of Two Mysterious Chupacabra Creatures After Stumbling Across Bizarre Looking Dead ...
5 DAYS AGO - Are these the long-dead carcasses of Chupacabra? It's impossible to tell without a closer look and Expand
Breaking: Very Compelling Footage of Skunkape/Bigfoot From Lettuce Lake Park Florida - Bigfoot Evidence
5 HRS AGO - We are going to start out by saying we are impressed with this footage. We've viewed this video Expand
Holocaust Remembrance Day – The Rise of Antisemitism…
14 HRS AGO - Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural! The current political landscape is in direct Expand
Was It The Work Of A Field Marshal? MI5 Spent Years Trying to Decipher Crop Circles Amid Fears They Were Being Used To G...
1 DAY AGO - Once again, Daily Mail wins the award for longest article title ever, but there's still plenty Expand
Spooky Slender Men Spotted In Cannock - Birmingham Mail
2 DAYS AGO - Not surprisingly to us at all is the fact that "paranormal investigator" Lee Brickley is behind Expand
TJ Morris ET Spirit Psychic Awakening Tarot Readings
3 DAYS AGO - Theresa J Morris, Author, Entrepreneur, Radio Show Host offers her time LIVE ON AIR to welcome Expand
Eggshell World Globe Might be the First to Depict The Americas - Mysterious Universe
3 DAYS AGO - Martin J. Clemens introduces us to an ostrich egg map that may contain the first depiction of the Expand
Alien Contact Org. TJ Morris &Tommy Hawksblood Atlantis & Aliens
4 DAYS AGO - Theresa J Morris, is joined by Tommy Hawksblood, Thomas Becker aka Amad Painter, Bill M Tracer Expand
A Mind-Altering Mysterious Woman - Mysterious Universe
4 DAYS AGO - Referencing John Keel and his book The Mothman Prophesies, Nick Redfern brings us the intriguing Expand
Did NASA Hide UFO With Sticky Tape? Apollo Astronauts Accused Of Cover Up - Mirror
5 DAYS AGO - Well did they? We'll give you one guess which UFO blogger spotted this. However, he might just be Expand
Hate the Time Traveler, Not the Time - Esoterx
5 HRS AGO - The conceit of time travelers tailoring the past, for a better tomorrow, is romantic at heart. Expand
ACO Ascension Center Org w/TJ Morris ET Spirit Guide&Friends-Laws
1 DAY AGO - Theresa J Morris & Friends share ACO. Get ready for the explosion in arts and sciences. We now Expand
Is There A Man On Mars? UFO Conspiracy Theorists Say Yes - Tech Times
1 DAY AGO - No. No, there isn't. This story about the shadow of a "worker" repairing the Rover is recycled Expand
Ghosts Get Around In Creepy Pub Where Patrons Don't Leave - Sunday World
2 DAYS AGO - According to everyone from the chef to waitresses and other patrons, a few ghostly patrons have Expand
ACE Metaphysical Institute Panel Discussion w/Bill, Dianna, Ron, Tommy, TJ
3 DAYS AGO - Theresa J Morris is joined by Bill M Tracer, Tommy Hawksblood, Arlene Kahet, and Rob-Ron Richter Expand
Do You Believe in Reincarnation? Boy Gives Detailed, Verified Information About Past Life - Epoch Times
3 DAYS AGO - Tara MacIsaac brings us the story of a boy named Nazih who has people convinced that he is the Expand
The RAAF's "Contacts Of Interest" - UFOs - Documenting The Evidence
4 DAYS AGO - Paul Dean discusses the importance of knowing the right terminology a particular government agency Expand
Stands Like A Human, Seven Feet Tall, Large Hairy Head, Four Tusks - Weird Australia
4 DAYS AGO - Andrew Nicholson reports that in 1932, people in Australia began having strange encounters with a Expand

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