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ACE Metaphysicians with Theresa J Morris & Team
13 HRS AGO - Metaphysics is a traditional branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the fundamental nature Expand
Is the Obama Administration Anti-Israel?
23 HRS AGO - Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural! The current political landscape is in direct Expand
TJ Morris ET Spirit Tarot Tuesday-Free Readings
2 DAYS AGO - Fostering educational excellence in spiritual fellowship growth, education, and continued research Expand
Officials Are Evacuating the City in Kazakhstan Where Villagers Fall Asleep At Random - Vice
2 DAYS AGO - Between August 2014 and January 2015, 126 people have fallen victim to this mystery illness. Expand
Acceleration TV! Episode #2
3 DAYS AGO -   +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Acceleration TV!  EPISODE #2 Expand
Experts Using Fake Monsters To Test How People Report Encounters With Mythical Creatures - Sunday Post
4 DAYS AGO - The title says it all, though the results have yet to be released. Researchers at the University Expand
ACO Alien Contact Org
4 DAYS AGO - Alien extraterrestrials on earth are not so different than other humanoid beings of the humankind. Expand
Scott Walker – The Peoples Candidate? + Ron Paul & The Death of the Internet!
5 DAYS AGO - Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural! The current political landscape is in direct Expand
Anatomy Of A Fake, Viral Story: The Priest Who Met A Female God In His Near-Death Experience - Digg
5 DAYS AGO - Ever wonder how faked stories are created and gain traction online? This story gives a little Expand
Mitchell Waite Discusses Bigfoot Society - Bigfoot Evidence
15 HRS AGO - Since there is very little evidence in the way of social structure within Bigfoot groups, Expand
Did VA Just Confirm UFO Dangers? - Herald Tribune
1 DAY AGO - It really does seem that way as the lawyer representing John Burroughs quietly issued a press Expand
ACE/ACO Spiritual Paranormal Metaphysicians Consciousness
2 DAYS AGO - ACO Ascension Center Education - American Community Online - Ascension Consciousness Awareness of Expand
A Place for Consciousness Studies in Academia? Professor Helps Pave the Way - Epoch Times
2 DAYS AGO - There is no more important subject, yet consciousness is basically ignored by mainstream science Expand
ACO Alien Contact Org Archivists of Truth for Spock
3 DAYS AGO - ACO is now taking on members as Alien extraterrestrials on earth are not so different than other Expand
Mysterious Deaths and a World-Famous Author - Mysterious Universe
4 DAYS AGO - Nick Redfern has a personal interest in this one and shares his thoughts on a famous case of Expand
Special Report: Bigfoot Sighted In FOX16 News Report? - Fox 16
4 DAYS AGO - The Fouke Monster of Arkansas makes a surprise appearance in the background of an interview on a Expand
Cornell Researchers Find Safest Place To Hide From Zombies - Fox News
5 DAYS AGO - Get out of the big cities like New York and Atlanta and head for the hills, literally. The Expand
Acceleration Radio!
Port Angeles Residents Rattled By Mysterious Booms - CBS Seattle
15 HRS AGO - Ah, spring. That wonderful time of year when the world awakens from winter hibernation and birds Expand
Some Think 2009 Video Shows A Ghost At Disneyland - Denver Channel
1 DAY AGO - This is a ghost video that refuses to die (excuse the pun.) It's resurfaced at least 3 times since Expand
Astrology Could Help Take Pressure Off NHS Doctors, Claims Conserative MP - The Guardian
2 DAYS AGO - If you follow the UK political scene you'll be aware that it's currently fizzing with controversy, Expand
The Many Slides Stories - UFO Conjecture(s)
2 DAYS AGO - The build-up to release of the alleged 'Roswell' slides continues over at UFO Conjecture(s), which Expand
Canadian UFO Crash Hoax Mushrooms on Social Media - Open Minds
4 DAYS AGO - There's a Latin saying which roughly translates as “what people want to believe, they will Expand
Phoenix Conference on UFOs Reveals New Insights - Joint Recon Study Group
4 DAYS AGO - Steve Hammons reports on last week's 24th Annual International UFO Congress held at Scottsdale, Expand
Video: Mississippi Woman Says She Recorded UFO Sighting - Clarion Ledger
4 DAYS AGO - This is a pretty impressive video but since there's no other objects like trees or houses visible Expand
Ghost Adventures Star Investigates Paranormal Activity With Fans - WKBW
5 DAYS AGO - Nick Groff returns to Bobby Mackey's Music World in Wilder, Kentucky for the second time after Expand

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