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ACE Metaphysical Institute - ACE Nonprofit Inc. Universal Life -World Blessings
13 HRS AGO - World Ascension with Ascension Culture Era in tome with Theresa J Morris, Tommy Hawksblood, Bill M Expand
Earth Light In Norfolk - Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog
23 HRS AGO - Another gem from Beach's archives is this account of a man being stalked by an odd light. Guided Expand
Will The Real Ubik Please Stand Up? - EdgeScience
23 HRS AGO - It's that time of the year again. No, not Christmas. The latest issue of EdgeScience is out, and Expand
Let’s Start A New Search for Cuban Ivory-Billed Woodpeckers - Cryptozoo News
23 HRS AGO - With the United States opening up relations with Cuba again, some ornithologists are taking the Expand
Sykes Team Error: Yeti DNA Matches Modern Polar Bear; BBC Compounds Error, Says It Was Himalayan Bear - Cryptozoo News
23 HRS AGO - Turns out the DNA analysis of Yeti hair sample by Bryan Sykes’ team was in error. The “Yeti� Expand
Cows Can Relax as the Beast of Bodmin Moor is Identified - Mysterious Universe
23 HRS AGO - Farmers, residents, and livestock have been living in a state of constant fear of a massive Expand
Alien Contact Org -Cosmology to Metaphysics
2 DAYS AGO - Attitude polarization-Now What? Belief, Belief networks, Christian worldview, Cognitive bias, Expand
Colin Andrews Christmas Message: Signs of a war against or within The Military Industrial Complex
3 DAYS AGO - "Why we find it so hard to love each other as we reach the year 2015. The route of our frustration Expand
ERA Cop - Consciousness, OBE, NDE, Soul Energy,ET
4 DAYS AGO - ERA Cop TJ Morris became Author of Books 2007-2014 include Roswell Encounters, Roswell Connection, Expand
L. A. Marzulli Live on KGRA Radio TONIGHT 6pm (PST)
14 HRS AGO - We are set for 9pm ET for a 60-90 Minute show on The Show Promo post on my Expand
Searching For Messages From ET In Life’s Genetic Code - Genetic Literacy Project
23 HRS AGO - Could the so-called, 'junk' DNA of Earth's life be cleverly coded with a message from Expand
Two Sphere UFOs Described Over Colorado Springs - OpenMinds
23 HRS AGO - In a town where most of the population are former USAF, Roger Marsh can be certain witnesses Expand
Rare Microfilms of UFO Documents Now Online - Above Top Secret
23 HRS AGO - Several researchers are now in the process of digitalizing important UFO files, the latest being Expand
Mystical Sleeping Sickness Rampant In Kazakhstan - Ak Zhaik
23 HRS AGO - Doctors and scientists in Kazakhstan are baffled by a mysterious illness that is causing people to Expand
My Strangest UFO Abduction Case - UFO Digest
23 HRS AGO - They're hereee...Here is the strangest abduction case in the files of renowned author Brad Expand
Another Step Closer to Psalm 83….
2 DAYS AGO - Commentary & Analysis by L. A. Marzulli Expand
Acceleration Radio – LIVE!
What is Going on with the Russian Ruble?
4 DAYS AGO - Commentary & Analysis by L. A. Marzulli Russia’s next financial option may be Expand
6 Advanced Ancient Inventions Beyond Modern Understanding - Epoch Times
23 HRS AGO - Folks talk a lot about ancient aliens, laboring under the delusion our ancestors couldn't conceive Expand
Did Giants Exist? Legends And America’s Giant Skeletons - Epoch Times
23 HRS AGO - Nephilim. Annunaki. Titans. Regardless of their name, giants loom large in human myth cycles. From Expand
Consciousness: Magic or Meh? - The North Coast Journal
23 HRS AGO - Upon seeing the name Michael Graziano, the answer is clear. Despite the resounding "meh", Barry Expand
Synchromystic of the Year 2014: Alan Abbadessa-Green - Twilight Language
23 HRS AGO - In giving this award, Loren Coleman explores the emergence of synchromysticism, which is the art Expand
Did Ancient Egyptians Have Airplanes? Mechanical Engineer Thinks So - Epoch Times
23 HRS AGO - Tara MacIsaac examines a 3rd century B.C. figurine of a bird found during an excavation in Egypt. Expand
Sunday Go To Meeting Bun!
1 DAY AGO - Sunday Bun by L. A. Marzulli Isaiah 9:6-7New King James Version (NKJV) For unto us a Child is Expand
TJ Morris Treasure Show -Worldview Attitude
3 DAYS AGO - TJ Morris's Treasure Show shares  we need an affirming sustainable Worldview Attitude Expand
2015 Crop Circle Tours
4 DAYS AGO - Dear Friends, For 2015, I have arranged two exclusive crop circle tours. The first tour is Expand

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