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Un-X News Articles
Days Of Chaos – Standing up Against the Will of 5 People.
4 HRS AGO - Ky. clerk’s office will issue marriage licenses Friday — without the clerk “Her Expand
11 HRS AGO - Hello my name is Ashley Bauter, I am the founder and lead investigator for proof p+sitive Expand
The Case for a Formal Disclosure of Extraterrestrials Engaging the Human Race: Nuclear Tampering - Daily Kos
14 HRS AGO - This is a thoughtful essay on the subject of UFOs showing well-documented interest in our nuclear Expand
UFOs: The Trail Is Stale - Huffington Post
1 DAY AGO - Seth Shostak of SETI joins the growing ranks of those disenchanted with the stagnant evidence pool Expand
Days of Chaos!
2 DAYS AGO - Days of Chaos Pre-Sale (Autographed) Over 400 pages of vital information! Go to> Expand
Dreams Deliver Clues to Better Health - Mountain Express
2 DAYS AGO - Dream studies have been around for a long time and this item looks at the theories of Jungian Expand
Eastern Mountain Lions May Be Extinct, but Locals Still See Them - Wall Street Journal
3 DAYS AGO - The bizarre phenomenon of unsubstantiated big cat sightings is not just an Australian or UK Expand
The UFOs Didn't Come In Peace! Astronaut Sets Record Straight On ET Nuclear War - Huffington Post
4 DAYS AGO - Breathe a sigh of relief, gang. It's not a case of humanity having a small talent for war, but Expand
Marketing The Monster: Coffee And Commodified Time - EsoterX
5 DAYS AGO - Fuelling the 24 hour myth cycle, EsoterX ponders the nature of coffee alongside the corporate Expand
sixpenceee: The Wedding Ghost At a local barn in...
11 HRS AGO - sixpenceee: The Wedding Ghost At a local barn in Hertfordshire, England, wedding photographer Expand
the sound of a little girl ghost calling for her mom
11 HRS AGO - hey there, I have this AudioBurst to share with you from a radio interview with ghost hunter Expand
TJ Morris 's Era Cop Magazine w/Psychic Archaeologist - Dr. L. Shandon
16 HRS AGO - Dr. La'Urie Shandon Ph.D. in Archaeology/Geology, & Psychic Expert's Investigative Reporting (APE) Expand
The Lessons Of Out-of-Body Experiences - Wall Street Journal
1 DAY AGO - This article gives perfectly rational and scientific explanations to explain autoscopic Expand
One Year In, Brooklyn’s Morbid Anatomy Museum Still Celebrates Visitors' Curiosity - Metro
2 DAYS AGO - Unusual museums are all the rage these days. It may have started with The Museum of Jurassic Expand
Days of Chaos – The Forward
2 DAYS AGO - Days of Chaos Pre-Sale (Autographed) Over 400 pages of vital information! Foreword The idea for Expand
Days of Chaos – The New Book by L. A. Marzulli
4 DAYS AGO - Days of Chaos Pre-Sale (Autographed) Over 400 pages of vital information! There are two ways of Expand
Government Agents, ESP, And Hotel Secrets - Mysterious Universe
4 DAYS AGO - "What happens in Arlington, stays in Arlington", said nobody ever. A good thing since Nick Expand
Scientists Are Hopeless At Communicating - The Age
5 DAYS AGO - Ben Wade kicks off his piece with a bit of heresy, declaring "Science is fallible and should be Expand
Am I Psychic? - A scientific mobile app to test psychic ability
11 HRS AGO - NAPA, CA —JULY 18TH, 2015 - - Based on the scientific discipline of parapsychology,  “Am I Expand
Spooky Moment Dad Catches A "Ghost" Inside His Four-Year-Old Daughter's Bedroom Who Is Singing Along With Her - Daily Ma...
14 HRS AGO - This video is alarming and frightening but not because we think it's a ghost. This does not sound Expand
Acceleration Radio! Live! NEPHILIM MOUNDS 3 – Russ Dizdar – Chief Joseph Riverwind – Fritz Zimmerman!
Has This Russian Schoolboy Found Evidence Of A Yeti? - Express
1 DAY AGO - The boy and his father say they ran across this track on the muddy bank of a Siberian river while Expand
PSI, ESP, UFO, A-Z - Magonia
2 DAYS AGO - Peter Rogerson of Magonia casts a critical eye over this attempt at an "encyclopaedia" of the Expand
Michigan Ghost Hunters Chase Upper Pennisula's Unexplained - USA Today
3 DAYS AGO - The geographical oddness of the peninsula seems to attract more than its fair share of ghostly Expand
Disclosure: Heard It All Before - Mysterious Universe
4 DAYS AGO - "Those who fail to learn from UFOlogy are doomed to repeat it", and the idiocy of disclosure Expand
Sunday Bun – The Matrix People!
5 DAYS AGO - Sunday Bun by L. A. Marzulli The New Man 17 This I say, therefore, and testify in the Lord, that Expand

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