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The Faerie Abduction of Anne Jefferies - Dead But Dreaming
6 HRS AGO - Neil Rushton examines the story of Anne Jeffries who, in the mid 1600s, was reputed to have been Expand
"Ancient Aliens" is Everything that's Wrong with America - The Awl
6 HRS AGO - The History Channel's "popularizing" of its television programming has led it far astray of what Expand
Near Death Experiences in Combat Veterans - Daily Grail
1 DAY AGO - It comes as no surprise that combat veterans report having NDEs in the thick of battle. What is Expand
Occult Fashion Show… Are you Kidding Me??!!
1 DAY AGO - Commentary & Analysis by L. A. Marzulli #occult    #occultinyourface Clergy Denounce ‘Satanic’ Expand
UFO DNA Invasion! - High Strangeness
2 DAYS AGO - Caveat emptor is Mark O'Connell's battle cry as he addresses the recent wave of 23 and Me ads Expand
How Did A Bunch Of Mythical Monsters Become Queer Icons? - Buzzfeed
3 DAYS AGO - Nobody ever sees themselves as the bad guy, or gal, but folks at the fringes seek comfort from Expand
September 23? By
3 DAYS AGO - #SEPTEMBER23   #SEPTEMBER23RAPTURE As promised here is the video that I created this morning. Expand
Is the Mystery of the Abominable Snowman Finally Solved? - Big Think
4 DAYS AGO - It is looking more and more likely that the Yeti is in fact a type of bear, most likely an ancient Expand
Spoof Or Truth? Woman Whose Aunt and Uncle were 'Abducted by Aliens' in the 60's Claims to have PROOF of their Ordeal - ...
5 DAYS AGO - Kathleen Marden's attendance at a conference in West Yorkshire, England, furnished the opportunity Expand
The Mantell Analyses - A Different Perspective
6 HRS AGO - Kevin Randle links to two differing, serious evaluations of one of the most iconic, and tragic, Expand
Acceleration Radio! LIVE ON KGRA!
7 HRS AGO - Acceleration Radio! Tonight’s topics…. Occult Fashion Show… (From the BLOG) The Expand
Hoax: The Corrientes Humanoid - Inexplicata
1 DAY AGO - Here's confirmation of our report on September 20 that the "Alleged Alien" in Corrientes, Expand
How An Out-Of-Body VR Experience Changed My Views On Dying - The Next Web
2 DAYS AGO - Some people get over their fear of death with psychedelics. Others, like Camille Charluet, prefer Expand
Kim Jong-Un May Be Planning To Nuke Planet X - Mysterious Universe
2 DAYS AGO - Our planet's chubbiest dictator hasn't been grandastanding for the sake of Washington D.C. Expand
Bodies Found At Haunted House - Coast To Coast
3 DAYS AGO - This isn't a case for CSI: Shetland Islands, since the bodies have been around since the 14th Expand
Psychic Backlash: The Abyss Of Paranormal Research - The Curious Fortean
4 DAYS AGO - As forteans, we find this piece very intriguing. Most paranormal researchers are aware of the Expand
Rendezvous with Vallee: From UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) to UAMs (Unidentified Alchemical Manifestations) - Daily...
4 DAYS AGO - Red Pill Junkie--aka Miguel Romero--confesses to a long-time fondness for Star Trek: The Next Expand
Did UFOs Invade Stoke-on-Trent 50 Years Ago? - The Sentinel
5 DAYS AGO - North Staffordshire, England, was a hotbed of UFO activity 50 years ago, and this post gives the Expand
The Curious Case of the Time Traveling Murderer - Mysterious Universe
6 HRS AGO - As much as we love other worldly mysteries, there is still something very satisfying about solving Expand
Mystic Minds Monday w/Myron & ACE Metaphysicians
22 HRS AGO - Mystic Minds Monday is a co-creation of our ACO Club Members of the ACE MEtaphysical Institute. Expand
Mermaid Monday: Connomara Siren - Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog
1 DAY AGO - Dr. Beach continues his fascination for fishy females and tells of a sighting in 1819 made by a Expand
Medieval Porpoise Burial Puzzles Scientists - National Geographic
2 DAYS AGO - Why would monks bury a porpoise with full honors typically reserved for humans? Philip de Jersey, Expand
Sunday Bun – September 23.. The Aftermath.
2 DAYS AGO - Sunday Bun By L. A. Marzulli #rapture #September23 OK. So nothing happened, we didn’t get Expand
Unexplained ‘Glitch’ Seen In Saturn’s Rings - Mysterious Universe
3 DAYS AGO - Glitch? I say Biaviian mothership. Source is NASA, the messenger is Brett Tingley and he has a Expand
UFO Reported near Augusta, Georgia - Baltimore Post-Examiner
4 DAYS AGO - Reporter Anthony C. Hayes contributes a factual and very fairly written article concerning a Expand
Before Bigfoot and Yeti, There Was the Legendary Wampahoofus of Vermont - Mental Floss
5 DAYS AGO - Wampahoofus of Vermont sounds like a good title for a  children's book. In an amusing twist we Expand

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