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Thriving Sea Plankton on Space Station Surface? German Aerospace Center (DLR) Confirms Discovery Of Microorganism Outsid...
4 HRS AGO - This sea plankton story broke back in August and at the time NASA basically said "No way!" and now Expand
ACO Culture - Ascension Center Education
23 HRS AGO - Theresa J Morris dba TJ Morris Media shares the ACO Culture Club as Ascension Center Education for Expand
What Was That Strange Streak Of Light In The Bay Area Sky Friday Morning? - CBS Local SF
1 DAY AGO - This story is continuing to grow with further witness stories and the strange lack of answers from Expand
UFO Sighted On The Surface of Comet by The Rosetta - Huffington Post UK
2 DAYS AGO - It did not take long for sharp-eyed viewers to find something unusual in the high-res shots of the Expand
Cattle Mutilations: - Inexplicata
2 DAYS AGO - Researcher Alejandro Agostinelli examines the phenomenon of cattle mutilation flaps that have been Expand
ACE Metaphysics-Theresa J Morris & Bill M Tracer- Laws of Cosmos Beings
3 DAYS AGO - Ascension Center Organization (ACO) - Ascension Center Education (ACE), ACE Nonprofit Inc., ACE Expand
The Mysterious Celestial Spheres Of The Ancient Mughal Empire - Daily Grail
3 DAYS AGO - Cartographic globes are nothing new, sorry flat-earthers. In ancient times, these aids were made Expand
Pinning Down A Mystical Experience With Hard Science - Epoch Times
4 DAYS AGO - August's IANDS conference remains a treasure trove of information covering near-death experiences, Expand
Bright Light Appears In Sky Over Contra Costa County - KTVU
5 DAYS AGO - The appearance of a very strange light in the sky around 6 AM this morning in California near Expand
Deep Sea "Mushroom" May Be New Branch Of Life - BBC
5 DAYS AGO - In an occurrence so rare it's only happened 4 times in the last 100 years, not one but two new Expand
Possible Western PA Bigfoot Sighting? - Bigfoot Evidence
4 HRS AGO - Bigfoot hunter Dr Squatch says he's captured not only Bigfoot on video but also proof that Bigfoot Expand
Caught On Camera: Is This A Ghost Floating Across The Entrance To Dover Castle? - Mirror UK
1 DAY AGO - Although this is a fairly interesting bit of footage, especially with the instant verification of Expand
The Failure of Government – Can’t Close the Southern Border…
1 DAY AGO - Commentary & Analysis by L. A. Marzulli U.S. Pushes Back Against Warnings That ISIS Plans to Expand
OMG! Sasquatch Ontario Is Actually Having Real-time Conversations With Bigfoot - Bigfoot Evidence
2 DAYS AGO - Yep, you read that right. And not only is Sasquatch Ontario carrying on chats with Bigfoot, but Expand
World Round Up – The Birth Pains?
2 DAYS AGO - Commentary & Analysis by L. A. Marzulli World Round Up! “For nation will rise against Expand
Dwarf Caught On Camera - Trending News Portal
3 DAYS AGO - Do you believe fairy sightings are quaint stories from Europe with theosophical underpinnings? Expand
ACE Metaphysics-Theresa J Morris & Bill M Tracer, VP
4 DAYS AGO - Ascension Center Organization (ACO) - Ascension Center Education (ACE), ACE Nonprofit Inc., ACE Expand
A Ghost Post - Michael Prescott's Blog
4 DAYS AGO - Changing channels, we turn from NDEs to post-death experiences where the dearly departed return to Expand
Is This The Loch Ness Monster? Creature Photographed In Lake-150 Miles From Home - Mirror UK
5 DAYS AGO - I think the question is more was this faked by Photoshop or was it an actual fake Nessie put into Expand
ACO Consciousness, Metaphysics, Parapsychology, Ufology
6 DAYS AGO - ACO LLC with Theresa J Morris and friends share the ACO Consciousness, Metaphysics, Parapsychology Expand
Signs of the Times…. Where is the Tipping Point?
11 HRS AGO - Commentary & Analysis by L. A. Marzulli “Wars and rumors of wars, famines, pestilence, Expand
70 Scientists From Around The World Focus On Bigfoot Research - Fox News Latino
1 DAY AGO - This article isn't really telling us anything new but we're now certain that Rhettman Mullis' Expand
ACO UFO Club - Conspiracy Theories & Breakaway Culture
2 DAYS AGO - A conspiracy theory is an explanatory proposition that accuses two or more persons, a group, or an Expand
The Search for Extraterrestrial Life Is Like Hunting for Pizza in a Dorm: NASA - Vice
2 DAYS AGO - And they don't mean 3 weeks old and molding under a pile of dirty clothes under the bed, either. Expand
Spirit Guide Tarot Free Readings by Theresa J Morris
3 DAYS AGO - See Theresa J Morris, Founder of original Psychic Network (1990-present)  and Ascension Center Expand
Buy This Scottish Pub That Promises Views Of The Loch Ness Monster - Yahoo! Travel
3 DAYS AGO - One of the best places to knock back a pint along the shores of Loch Ness is up for sale. The Expand
NSA Says It Has Lost Its Non-Redacted UFO Files - OpenMinds
4 DAYS AGO - Right. And the dog ate my homework. After John Greenewald requested a Mandatory Declassification Expand
ACO Intl' Alien Contact Org, w/TJ Morris USA & Richard Lennie UK
4 DAYS AGO - Alien Contact Organization International with Theresa J Thurmond Morris aka TJ Morris of Kentucky, Expand
1957 UFO-A Brass Colored Disc Over Lake Erie - Syracuse New Times
5 DAYS AGO - A high school kid known only as Steven reported seeing a brass disc with rotating lights on top Expand
Mysterious Little Blue Lights Invade Woman's Home - CryptoZoology News
6 DAYS AGO - A Florida woman has captured bizarre, tiny moving dots of light all throughout her house, which Expand

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