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It's Time For Scientists To Stop Explaining So Much - Scientific American
5 HRS AGO - When science popularizers redpill the populace, eyes glaze over and fortify ignorance. Data dumps Expand
Giving Up The Ghost: Spirits Caused Farmer Suicides - Sputnik News
5 HRS AGO - There's a special place in hell for Bhupendra Singh, claiming farmers are being driven to suicide Expand
Melissa McCarthy Reveals That A Real Ghost Once Haunted Her House - Hollywood Life
1 DAY AGO - Our favorite (new) Ghostbuster offers us some insight into her own haunted past. Luckily it wasn't Expand
Walkers Between Worlds - Daily Grail
2 DAYS AGO - We examine the possibilities of using technology to augment our experiences beyond the veil, Expand
Media Continues to Spread Misleading Information about Near-Death Experiences - The Search For Life After Death
3 DAYS AGO - This post takes on multiple reports regarding the phenomena of NDEs and soundly wipes the floor Expand
Could Pokemon Go Finally Help Solve Mystery Of Loch Ness Monster? - The Press and Journal
4 DAYS AGO - As ridiculous as it seems, some feel the new Pokemon Go game might lead to more Nessie sightings. Expand
1901: Strange Monster Killed In Florida - Phantoms & Monsters
5 DAYS AGO - Most people are familiar with the problem Florida is having with invasive species. Burmese Expand
The Mind–Body Problem, Scientific Regress and "Woo" - Scientific American
6 DAYS AGO - Ever the provocateur, John Horgan outlines the evolution of consciousness research and how Expand
Over 100 Strange Unexplained Booms Heard In California Town - Mysterious Universe
6 DAYS AGO - Pity the poor citizens of Alhambra, plagued by mystery booms yet the authorities can't find a Expand
The Coming Destruction Of Minneapolis - Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog
5 HRS AGO - An extensive system of caverns lay 'neath the Twin Cities, perhaps leading to the Hollow Earth Expand
Former Gov’t Officials Discuss Unidentified Aerial Phenomena at Disclosure Hearing - Epoch Times
1 DAY AGO - Less than a month ago a disclosure hearing was held in Brantford, Canada. With numerous former Expand
Mysterious Cases of Creepy Cursed Dolls - Mysterious Universe
2 DAYS AGO - If you ask us, old dolls are just plain creepy from the get go, so the thought of them carrying Expand
Woman Receives Terrifying Phone Message From Ghost That Haunted Her Childhood Home - Week In Weird
2 DAYS AGO - Who among our readers would agree that voicemail is a great invention? Now imagine if you will Expand
The Winged Creature! UPDATE!!!!
3 DAYS AGO - Commentary & Analysis by L. A. Marzulli  It’s going VIRAL! Notice the stinger on the Expand
Shock Picture: 'UFOs' On Trucks On A34 Spark Claims There Is A British Area 51 - Express
4 DAYS AGO - While some are declaring that the British government has been caught transporting super secret UFO Expand
Strange Nocturnal Visitations in County Down - Fortean Ireland
5 DAYS AGO - In 1910, the residents of the Bright Hills in Ireland were "terror-stricken" by strange, Expand
Prophecy Watchers Conference! LIVE STREAMING!
6 DAYS AGO - It’s not to late! Over 70 messages and 90 days to view them! go to>
Sunday Go to Meeting Bun!
6 DAYS AGO - Sunday Bun by L. A. Marzulli Conference update… It is good for the brethren to dwell Expand
UFO Sightings And Job Security - A Different Perspective
5 HRS AGO - People get fired for plenty of reasons. Sexual harassment, insubordination, but for reporting a Expand
The Hinsdale House: Investigating The Most Terrifying Haunted House in New York - Week in Weird
1 DAY AGO - It seems there is a bit of a competition amongst ghost hunters to find the most haunted house out Expand
Mexico: Are UFOs Tampering with Volcanos? - Inexplicata
2 DAYS AGO - As UFO sightings increase, so too does the activity of volcanoes in Mexico, if we are to believe Expand
Woman Receives Terrifying Phone Message From Ghost That Haunted Her Childhood Home - Week In Weird
3 DAYS AGO - Who among our readers would agree that voicemail is a great invention? Now imagine if you will Expand
Another Jihadi Strikes! A Clash of Civilizations.
4 DAYS AGO -             Commentary & Analysis by L. A. Marzulli AUDIO!>  Expand
Fairies are Oh So… Neolithic - Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog
4 DAYS AGO - The good Doctor offers us his take on fairies, as originating from a time when our hunter-gatherer Expand
In the Wake of Nice, Orlando, The Bataclan and San Bernardino…
5 DAYS AGO - Commentary & Analysis by L. A. Marzulli AUDIO VERSION –  We are at war with Radical Expand
UFOs: Death By Murder - The UFO Conjecture(s)
6 DAYS AGO - People die all the time, but why does the Grim Reaper haunt saucer chasers more than civilians? Expand

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