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America’s Stonehenge
8 HRS AGO - Hey Everyone, this is Mr. K here. Just in case you missed it at the end of Acceleration TV #5 Expand
Saucers and Special Branch - World of Whatever
9 HRS AGO - Nick Redfern provides confirmation of his claims (see On The Trail Of The Saucer Spies: UFOs and Expand
Acceleration Radio! LIVE!
Ghost? UFO? Or Dust? Mysterious Orb Spotted At Florida Space Walk Of Fame - Huffington Post
1 DAY AGO - This is the sort of "dust particle" that really makes us rethink the usual tendency to dismiss Expand
The Ethics Of Spirit Communication: Ghost Hunter Allegedly Contacts BB King - Examiner
2 DAYS AGO - Steve Huff of Huff Paranormal is catching some serious flack from other paranormal investigators Expand
10 Most Convincing UFO Stories From May 2015 - What Culture
3 DAYS AGO - With the presence of the faked you-know-what slide on the first page, this article didn't look too Expand
Is This Video Footage Of A Real Dogman? - Bigfoot Evidence
4 DAYS AGO - No. Unless dogman is a statue. It doesn’t move. The woman who took the video claims that bigfoot Expand
Unique Private Visit to Stonehenge
5 DAYS AGO - On the evening of the 30th of July, I will be taking a group on a private entry visit Expand
Poltergeist,' Opening Friday, May Not Be All Make-Believe, North Jersey Researcher Says -
5 DAYS AGO - Some things are scarier than what a director can imagine on the silver screen. Take the Expand
Man Discovers Eerie Photo of a UFO Close Encounter On His Phone, Only He Has No Memory Of Snapping It ... - Week in Weir...
9 HRS AGO - The title pretty much tells you the story, but the pics that accompany it are worth a look. If the Expand
UFO-Shaped Clouds Appear Over Texas - City Lab
15 HRS AGO - The most UFO-looking objects you'll likely ever see aren't even UFOs at all, they're lenticular Expand
Pangboche Finger’s “Human� Verdict Clarified By Bryan Sykes DNA Finding ~ It’s Peter Byrne’s DNA - CryptoZoo N...
1 DAY AGO - Since the finger doesn't actually belong to Bigfoot researcher Peter Byrne, the only conclusion is Expand
The Charlie Charlie Challenge — Contacting the Demonic
1 DAY AGO - Commentary & Analysis by L. A. Marzulli Note: Thanks to the folks who made me aware of this Expand
Interview: Bruce Greyson on Researching Near-Death Experiences at the University of Virginia - Epoch Time
2 DAYS AGO - Tara MacIsaac sat down with Bruce Greyson to discuss his work within the University of Virginia's Expand
Apache Tribe Members Reveal Secret Of Bigfoot On The News - Bigfoot Evidence
3 DAYS AGO - Several eyewitnesses including law officers come forward and talk to a local Arizona news channel Expand
My Barista was a Rosicrucian Necromancer - EsoterX
4 DAYS AGO - Sometimes you just can't please anybody, and by that we mean both the living and the dead. Esoterx Expand
Green Jellyfish UFO Seen Over the Netherlands - Mysterious Universe
5 DAYS AGO - There are several explanations for this bizarre, unidentified aerial phenomenon over Holland. Expand
Camp Hero: America’s Weirdest State Park Is Haunted by Strange Creatures And Psychic Spy Experiments - Week In Weird
5 DAYS AGO - Don't sign up your little anomalists for the summer at Camp Hero, know this's a military base. Expand
The Mysterious Haunted Toilets of Bangladesh - Mysterious Universe
9 HRS AGO - Most of us have probably seen some pretty scary washrooms in our time, but the ones reported here Expand
Punching a Hole in the Clouds: O’Hare Airport UFO 2006 Revisited - Above Top Secret
15 HRS AGO - ATSer Mirageman tackles the subject of that bizarre and as of yet unsolved O'Hare airport sighting Expand
Dr. Alan Hugenot, IANDS and the Future of NDE Research - Skeptiko
1 DAY AGO - Dr Hugenot has a rather, err, spirited and lively discussion with Alex Tsarkis about the direction Expand
The Ethics Of Spirit Communication: Ghost Hunter Allegedly Contacts BB King - Examiner
2 DAYS AGO - Steve Huff of Huff Paranormal is catching some serious flack from other paranormal investigators Expand
Hauntings on Ice: Strange Ghost Photos Capture Dark “Skeleton� Figures at Ice Rink - Week In Weird
2 DAYS AGO - We don't have much to add to this group of very eerie ghost photos except to point out that the Expand
Acceleration TV – Episode #5 – America’s Stone Henge!
4 DAYS AGO - Memorial Day – Thanks to all of those who gave their lives to keep us free. Thanks to all Expand
Sunday Go to Meeting Bun!
5 DAYS AGO - Sunday Go to Meeting Bun by L. A. Marzulli Do not love the world nor the things in the world. If Expand
City, Park Officials Investigate Report Of 'Large Cat Type Creature' Near Reedy Creek - Richmond Times-Dispatch
5 DAYS AGO - Karri Peifer notes there's a long tradition of Virginians mistaking house cats for cougars, but in Expand

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