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Another Christian Massacre… Do We Really Want This In Our Country? Part II
16 HRS AGO - Report: Gunmen Massacre Coptic Christians in Egypt, Killing at Least 24 CAIRO (AP) — Gunmen opened Expand
Mainstream Media Covers North Korean UFO Sighting - Mysterious Universe
23 HRS AGO - We'd looked forward to Paul Seaburn's article as another of the few responsible treatments of UFOs Expand
MUFON Under Fire for PA Director's Absurd Racist Rant - Doubtful News
1 DAY AGO - A short while ago comments appeared on long-time MUFON Pennsylvania State Director John Ventre's Expand
Beverly Gilmour, 100s of NDE and a New Insight About Consciousness - Skeptiko
1 DAY AGO - This newest episode of Skeptiko focuses on a woman afflicted with a medical condition that has Expand
Voices from Beyond: Notes on a - Consciousness Unbound
2 DAYS AGO - This is a troubling piece about a young man who heard "voices clamoring inside his head" for Expand
Do We Want to Live Like This? It’s Coming Here…
2 DAYS AGO -   Theresa May warns a fresh terror attack is feared to be IMMINENT as she raises threat level Expand
All Rats Go To Heaven - Michael Prescott's Blog
3 DAYS AGO - Apparently the brains of dying rats experience a spike in post-mortem electrical activity, which Expand
Terror Strikes Again. Business as Usual?
3 DAYS AGO - Expand
Monsters of Texas – Lakes, Rivers and the Ocean - Mysterious Universe
4 DAYS AGO - We have to say it: everything is bigger in Texas. At least, everything in the bodies of water, if Expand
L. A. Marzulli’s Speaking Schedule!
17 HRS AGO - L. A. Marzulli’s Speaking Schedule – 2017 January 4 & 5 : Living Word Community Expand
The Saga of the Monkey Girl - Malcom's Anomalies
23 HRS AGO - Malcolm Smith takes a long look at the concept of children raised by animals and debunks the myth Expand
The Song of Solitude: A Mysterious 52 Hertz Call From the Deep - Mysterious Universe
1 DAY AGO - frequency call from the deepest, loneliest part of the Pacific Ocean. While it was concluded to be Expand
The Coming Great Deception!
1 DAY AGO - Commentary & Analysis by L. A. Marzulli I am in an undisclosed location on a research Expand
More Monster Hunting on the Isle of Lewis - Loch Ness Mystery
2 DAYS AGO - Glasgow Boy takes the search for monsters away from Loch Ness, exploring some of Scotland's other Expand
Canada Denies Shag Harbour UFO 50th Anniversary Funding - Mysterious Universe
3 DAYS AGO - In 1967 Canada was the site of several UFO cases that have become iconic within the history of Expand
Pair of Large Bat-Like Humanoids - Downtown Chicago - Phantoms & Monsters
3 DAYS AGO - Oh, Chicago--we can't make up our minds whether we want to get on the next plane and come visit, Expand
A Controversial Truth Honestly Revealed / UFOs & Witnesses - Paranormal Now
4 DAYS AGO - In a bombshell interview constituting the first hour of Alan B. Smith's Paranormal Now program, Expand
Nick Redfern Interview - The Paracast
4 DAYS AGO - Nick Redfern has been doing a lot of interviews lately for his new book The Roswell UFO Expand
The Ghostly Bear-Monster of London - Mysterious Universe
17 HRS AGO - We have a double feature of Nick Redfern here. First up is a look into what author Elliott Expand
A Close Shavian - Michael Prescott's Blog
23 HRS AGO - Michael Prescott presents more thoughtful analysis on voice medium Leslie Flint, focusing on voice Expand
UFOs in Andalucia: Lights, Vessels and Humanoids since the Spanish Civil War - Inexplicata
1 DAY AGO - Selections from a new book by Spanish journalist Jose Manuel Garcia Bautista, Ovnis en Andalucia, Expand
Our Common Ancestor With Chimps May Be From Europe, Not Africa - New Scientist
2 DAYS AGO - It seems if you want to throw a group of humans into a tizzy all you need do is suggest their Expand
Ray Bradbury's Orbs from Mars - Blue Blurry Lines
2 DAYS AGO - Curt Collins has delivered a gorgeous article made thus by the lyrical prose of science-fiction Expand
Close Encounter of the Manitoba Kind - Winnipeg Free Press
3 DAYS AGO - Here's another major UFO case that occurred in 1967 in Canada. Even if you're familiar with the Expand
Roswell and Mogul--The Memories of Charles B. Moore (Part 2) - Journal of a UFO Investigator
3 DAYS AGO - David Halperin concludes his two-part post regarding the testimony of physicist Charles Moore, Expand
The Fairy in the Box - Haunted Ohio
4 DAYS AGO - Chris Woodyard takes a look back to Edwardian lady novelist Florence L Barclay whose talents Expand

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