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Un-X News Articles
Mystery Dome Found On Mars - Daily Mail
11 HRS AGO - "Alien hunters say structure was built by ancient civilization on the red planet" but honestly, Expand
The Fall of Europe….?
20 HRS AGO - Welcome to the Brave New World. Days of Chaos? GO  TO > Fear Porn or Expand
Glastonbury Myths 'Made Up By 12th Century Monks' - The Guardian
1 DAY AGO - Just last week we broke the story of Nessie possibly being a gimmick to boost Scotland's tourism. Expand
L. A. Marzulli appears on Prophecy Watchers!
2 DAYS AGO - L. A. appears on the Church Channel with the one and only Gary Stearman!
Michael Persinger Defends The 'God Helmet' - Daily Grail
2 DAYS AGO - Once upon a time, Mike invited Richard Dawkins to give the god helmet a whirl. The gadget tickles Expand
ACO Paranormal Ladie's Night -Karen C Patrick, Diana McClintic, Janet Kira Lessin, Theresa J Morris.
3 DAYS AGO - WE MEET LEON VALVERDE after attending conferences in California with our Member Janet Kira Lessin. Expand
Are Plants Conscious, Intelligent? - Epoch Times
3 DAYS AGO - An excellent collection of some ground-breaking studies over the past century that suggest plants Expand
ET Communication of Blessings for ACO Club of Phenomenology Education Research Association of "US"
4 DAYS AGO - Theresa J Morris, Founder Director of the ACO - ACE Folklife - Education Research Association Expand
9 Montreal UFO Sightings That Can Never Be Explained - MTL Blog
5 DAYS AGO - Montreal boasts a pretty unique collection of unsolved UFO encounters that seem to center around Expand
Tracy Morgan On Coma: "I Went To The Other Side And Spoke To God - CNN
11 HRS AGO - He says that God told him it wasn't time for him yet and that he had to turn around and go back. Expand
The Allagash Abductions – An Documentary - OpenMinds
1 DAY AGO - Alejandro Rojas affirms our fears, canoe trips are nothing but trouble. He sits down with the men Expand
Sunday Go to Meeting Bun!
1 DAY AGO - Sunday Bun by L. A. Marzulli And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy Expand
ACO Alien Cosmos Expos Shares Alien Contact Organization - Exposure Counts!
2 DAYS AGO - Cosmos Radio Organization is and organizationof Radio Hosts. We share syndication as TJ Morris Expand
New Photos May Show Bigfoot's Cloaking Ability - Mysterious Universe
2 DAYS AGO - A series of photographs taken by a game camera in Alabama depict a browsing dear whose head seems Expand
Black Friday – LAWLESSNESS!
3 DAYS AGO - Days of Chaos GO  TO > Fear Porn or Reality?  Wake up Ostrich people! Expand
Not Quite Nessie--Much Worse! - Mysterious Universe
3 DAYS AGO - Various encounters with scaled leviathans throughout the aquatic realms of the United Kingdom Expand
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
4 DAYS AGO - 1 Chronicles 16:34 O give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; For His lovingkindness is Expand
ACO Ascension Psychics Club w/Theresa J Morris & Friends~Various Psychic Tools
6 DAYS AGO - Theresa J Morris, Psychic Life Coach shares in the various skills we all have and how to sharpen Expand
Paranormal Review of the show Ghost Asylum
14 HRS AGO - Tribute Spirits (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Hey there readers, we wanted to weigh in on this show Expand
The Terrifying Case Of The Necklace And The Poltergeist - The Sentinel
1 DAY AGO - With the holidays just 'round the corner, Damon Simms has a cautionary tale of buying gifts at the Expand
ACO Ascension Psychics - Spirituality Club - ACE MEtaphysical Institute
2 DAYS AGO - Life Coaches, ACO Universal Life Spiritual SUnday Group. We meet here with our ACE Metaphysical Expand
Near-Death Experience Is Music To His Ears - WIVB
2 DAYS AGO - Inspiration is often compared to a bolt from the blue, but it's literal for Tony Cicoria. He has Expand
Glowing UFO' Is Seen Parked On The Ground Near Area 51 - Metro
2 DAYS AGO - Humans aren't the only travellers this holiday weekend. Some of our space brothers were caught by Expand
The Beast of Bolton is Back - Mysterious Universe
3 DAYS AGO - We've long had the acronym OOPArt (Out of Place Artifact) so maybe we should now have COOP -- Expand
Rover Finds Mysterious Dome on Mars - Mysterious Universe
3 DAYS AGO - A panoramic photograph taken by the Mars Rover clearly shows a shiny dome projecting from the Expand
Here’s What That ‘UFO’ Spotted From the Space Station Really Is - Time
5 DAYS AGO - Scott Kelly didn't tweet a UFO last week but rather a piece of equipment on the ISS itself, most Expand

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