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Physicists Assure Us That We're Not Living In An Alternate Reality Where Trump Is President - CNBC
1 HR AGO - Well, this was bound to happen. Current events in the world generally and in the US specifically Expand
Haunted Pubs: The George & Pilgrim Glastonbury U.K - The Curious Fortean
1 HR AGO - The Reverend Matt Cook is doing his part to ensure the chunk of history encompassed by the British Expand
Police in UK Respond to UFO Sightings and Alien Abductions - Mysterious Universe
19 HRS AGO - MJ Banias covers several cases in which British police officers responded to UFO reports over the Expand
Greece Displays '7000-Tear-Old Archaeological Enigma' - BBC
19 HRS AGO - The past continues to amaze and baffle we modern humans. The National Archaeological Museum in Expand
Interview with Robert Schroeder - The Paracast
2 DAYS AGO - Physicist Robert Schroeder, interviewed by Gene Steinberg and Goggs Mackay, takes us into the Expand
Spanish Artist Paints Depictions of His Encounter with ETs - Mysterious Universe
3 DAYS AGO - Paul Seaburn profiles Robert Llimos, a noted Spanish artist whose career has lately included a Expand
Trail Camera Shows Fierce Mammal Not Seen In Iowa Since 1800S - KCCI
4 DAYS AGO - Reports are coming in from Iowa of Fisher sightings, something mostly unheard of since the 1800s. Expand
Mystery of the 'Creepy Sound' Heard in Plymouth - Plymouth Herald
5 DAYS AGO - On England's south coast a resident has recorded an odd noise underlying the usual maritime sounds Expand
UFO Researchers Battle over Accuracy of Sightings Analyses - Mysterious Universe
1 HR AGO - Three worthy offerings from Mysterious Universe are up for inspection. First, Paul Seaburn Expand
The 1993 Kelly Cahill "Abduction" Case - UFO Conjecture(s)
1 HR AGO - Rich Reynolds gives us another "baffling" close encounter case, like the one he recently discussed Expand
Did you see the Wollaton Park gnomes? Nottingham's Most Bizarre Phenomenon Under New Investigation - Nottingham Post
19 HRS AGO - Back in 1979, a few kids walking through Wollaton Park claimed to have been entertained by "60 Expand
Acceleration Radio! LIVE – TONIGHT!
1 DAY AGO - Join L. A. Marzulli on Acceleration Radio tonight! Questions for the SHOW? Email L.A. — Expand
The Kentish Baboon - Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog
2 DAYS AGO - The good doctor shares a rather entertaining story of a baboon unleashed on an unsuspecting Expand
This Neuroscientist Wants to Know Why People Who See UFOs Feel So Good - Motherboard
3 DAYS AGO - Daniel Oberhaus presents an interview with Bob Davis, of The Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Expand
Prosecuting a Poltergeist: The Defamation Trial of the Curé of Cideville - EsoterX
3 DAYS AGO - Normandy, France, in the 1850s took their exorcisms rather seriously, so when a young boy Expand
Recurrent Mystery 'Crop Circle' Formations In Top End Northern Territory Town - ABC News
4 DAYS AGO - Looks like a slow news week down under. ABC News has reported a "crop circle" appearing in a field Expand
Are 2% of Ghost Reports Genuinely Paranormal? - Hayley Is A Ghost
5 DAYS AGO - Hayley Stevens presents a sound argument for looking at all evidence as it relates to paranormal Expand
Tully Monster' Mystery Is Far From Solved, Group Argues - Phys Org
1 HR AGO - Here's a piece that will intrigue the forteans among us with a taste for Paleobiology. You may Expand
Hasta la Vista, MUFON! - High Strangeness
19 HRS AGO - Mark O'Connell relates the reasons he's once again resigned as a Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Field Expand
Claims of Demonic Possession From Ouija App in Colombia - Mysterious Universe
2 DAYS AGO - Things recently got very exciting for a school in Columbia when a student playing with a Ouija Expand
The Evolution of Madness in Roswell's Populace, 1947-2017 - UFO Conjecture(s)
2 DAYS AGO - Rich Reynolds has been turning out interesting posts so fast lately that we can't keep up. In this Expand
Supernatural: "Refugees Claim Jesus Appeared to Save Them From Dying at Sea" - Inexplicata
3 DAYS AGO - In a world where most mentions of the word "refugees" are at the beginning of bad news, this Expand
US Forest Service Declassified UFO Files - The Black Vault
4 DAYS AGO - Indefatigable UFO FOIAer John Greenewald, Jr. displays the results of his prodding the US Expand
L. A. Marzulli’s Speaking Engagements!
4 DAYS AGO - L. A. Marzulli’s Speaking Schedule – 2017 January 4 & 5 : Living Word Community Expand

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