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The Anomalist
Michigan Dogman Roof-Stalker - Lindagodfrey's Blog
11 HRS AGO - File this report under creepy. Linda Godfrey proposes that Dogman encounters might be less than Expand
How Mediums Blur Gender Lines in Southeast Asia - CNN
11 HRS AGO - CNN reports on biologically male "gender non-conforming psychics" in Burma and Thailand who dress Expand
Australian Cops Share Eerie Video - Coast to Coast AM
1 DAY AGO - Well, if some bloke with a brush apparently sweeping out his garage is eerie, then the fuzz Expand
Radio Interview with Carl Gallups!
1 DAY AGO - The Canton Conference was really great. Thanks to Coach Dave and his team for creating a flawless Expand
The Illusion Of Time - Nature
2 DAYS AGO - Einsten deconstructed our perceptions of time with relativity. Quantum physics further twisted Expand
Mysterious Boom In Cleveland Followed By Eruptions Of Cleveland Volcano - Mysterious Universe
3 DAYS AGO - Holy synchromysticism! Something weird's happening in the Mistake on the Lake and even Paul Expand
Nazi Coin From the Future Claimed as Proof of a Parallel Universe - Mysterious Universe
4 DAYS AGO - Confession Time: These two excellent pieces from Mysterious Universe made us giggle just a little Expand
The Canton Conference!
4 DAYS AGO - Hope to see you there! Come out and get equipped! (I’ll Expand
Watch: Russian Man Films Bigfoot? - Coast to Coast AM
5 DAYS AGO - Reading up on all things paranormal is a pretty great way to spend one's time, but every so often Expand
Abduction Memory Flooded Back - Phantoms and Monsters
11 HRS AGO - A 35-year-old mid-Michigan abduction is recalled by the witness, and it indeed does tie into other Expand
A Harbinger of Deception!
18 HRS AGO - #Fatima2 Commentary & Analysis by L. A. Marzulli The video below was taken in front of a Expand
Exploring Canadian Monsters: Manitoba - Mysterious Universe
1 DAY AGO - Canadians are a hardy species, Manitoban's doubly so. If you doubt this, go stand on a corner in Expand
Government Accidentally Releases Documents On "Psycho-Electric" Weapons - Popular Mechanics
2 DAYS AGO - Imagine Curtis Waltman's surprise when he issued a FOIA on antifa and white supremacists, only to Expand
Hilarious Hopelessness: The Wisdom Of John Cleese - Consciousness Unbound
3 DAYS AGO - Why is it a nation, whose primary industry concerns killing people, doesn't have any change in Expand
"Mass Possession" Grips School In Colombia - Coast To Coast
3 DAYS AGO - In America, students must face the possibility of facing off with a crazed shooter. Elsewhere on Expand
Strange 'Metal-Melting' Stone Found in Myanmar - Coast to Coast AM
4 DAYS AGO - We watched this video and thought it felt a little bit like watching an apple turn brown, but we Expand
The Ongoing Search for UFOs by the U.S. Military - UFO Conjectures
5 DAYS AGO - The first in a series of Rich Reynolds-dominated links begins with Rich ruminating about why the Expand
Newly Discovered Ancient Culture May be Evidence of 'Distinct Human Species' - Mysterious Universe
5 DAYS AGO - Today's fields of archaeology, anthropology, and "hoaxology" are remarkably vibrant and Expand
Video: UFOs & Strange Purple Beams over AZ - Coast to Coast AM
11 HRS AGO - Checking several online sources for a video or story often provides helpful viewpoints and Expand
UFOs are the Paranormal "Stars" - UFO Conjectures
1 DAY AGO - Rich Reynolds continues trying to distinguish ufology from Bigfoot, MIB, ghost, and other study Expand
Ufological Seppuku: Why We Shouldn't Disembowel MUFON Just Yet - Terra Obscura
1 DAY AGO - In the wake of another high-ranking member severing ties with the Mutual UFO Network, MJ Banias Expand
Mysterious Sloth Monster In Patagonia - Dr. Beachcombings Bizarre History Blog
2 DAYS AGO - Did giant sloths survive the (literal) slings and arrows of humanity? Or are sightings of these Expand
The Stone Book - Haunted Ohio Books
3 DAYS AGO - Many odd, stone artifacts were recovered from Indian mounds by George U.S. Hovey through his Expand
The Threat of UFO Invasion - Inexplicata
4 DAYS AGO - Well, Scott Corrales may have the Star Wars movie numbered incorrectly--"Attack of the Clones" Expand
The Serpo and the Apple - Mysterious Universe
4 DAYS AGO - Miguel ("Red Pill Junkie") Romero speculates that there's more to the "Project Serpo" story than Expand
Poltergeists and PhDs: An Interview with Dr. Christopher Laursen - Mysterious Universe
5 DAYS AGO - Robbie Graham plies his interview skills in this conversation with the "world’s foremost scholar Expand

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