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Un-X News Articles
The Ghost In The Machine - Narrative
8 HRS AGO - This Narrative article profiles Daniel Roberge, creator of the well-known SpiritVox app--an EVP Expand
Monday Morning Musings with Marzulli!
21 HRS AGO - Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural! The current political landscape is in direct Expand
UFOs: Microwaved To Death? - Mysterious Universe
1 DAY AGO - April marks the golden anniversary of the Scoriton mystery, and Nick Redfern commemorates Arthur Expand
Sunday Bun
1 DAY AGO - Sunday Bun by L. A. Marzulli 23This is the LORD’S doing; It is marvelous in our eyes. 24This Expand
Archaeologists Find A Hidden Message In A Mysterious 18,700-Year-Old Tomb - The Week
2 DAYS AGO - One of the oldest-known burial sites from the ice age is revealing its secrets since last year's Expand
Real-Life Vampires Exist, and Researchers Are Studying Them - Discover
3 DAYS AGO - Discover Magazine has discovered vampires--the real-life versions who claim they feed on psychic Expand
Reporter, Deputy, Family Play Key Roles In "Minerva Monster" A Look Back At 1978 Sightings - Akron Beacon Journal
4 DAYS AGO - The subject of a new documentary, this gigantic, very smelly, hairy bipedal creature tormented the Expand
Acceleration Radio!
Alert: Cryptid Roaming Denver Suburbs - Phantoms & Monsters
5 DAYS AGO - At least according to one guy who had a terrifying close encounter while walking a dog late at Expand
Ambrose Bierce And The Disappearance Of David Lang - Daily Grail
8 HRS AGO - Every well-read Fortean will have at least a passing knowledge of Ambrose Bierce's story The Expand
Ghost Girl Captured In Snapchat Selfie -
1 DAY AGO - OMG, girlfriend! This totes reminds me of the Solway-Firth spaceman! Like, Bethany Harvey did a Expand
Top 10: Big Cat Sightings In Kent - Kent News
1 DAY AGO - Ahoy, ailurophiles! Just last year there were 122 big cats spotted in the UK, and goodness knows Expand
Love at First Fort? Kreskin's Supernatural Dating Service - Daily Grail
2 DAYS AGO - Is romance elusive as Bigfoot? Sick of waiting by the phone for your grey lover to "phone home"? Expand
Dr. Michael Shermer, Skeptical Science Reporting - Skeptiko
2 DAYS AGO - "Agree to disagree" is a motif in the latest Skeptiko, as Alex Tsakiris welcomes Mike Shermer on Expand
Purported Sighting Of UFO Near Nevada's Area 51 - National Sun Times
3 DAYS AGO - Is this an actual UFO being hauled around on a flatbed truck exposed for all the world to see? Of Expand
Bigfoot Sighted Near Silverton? - Durango Herald
4 DAYS AGO - Does this photo taken in 2008 show a Bigfoot loping alongside a railroad track in Silverton, Expand
Newsletter ~ March 2015
4 DAYS AGO - Dear Friends, I have just returned from a fantastic holiday in Sydney courtesy of my elder son Expand
UFO Close Encounter Of The Eerie Kind As Gorkan Family Sees Hovering Sphere Of Light - Daily Telegraph
5 DAYS AGO - We aren't exactly seeing an object that's "bright, swerving and dipping at an incredibly high Expand
Carol Morley: "Mass Hysteria Is A Powerful Group Activity" - The Guardian
8 HRS AGO - From accusing innocent neighbors of witchcraft in 17th century Salem, MA to blackouts to Expand
The Poear Dear And The Wicked Woman: A Suffolk Witch Story - Haunted Ohio Books
1 DAY AGO - Revenge is never acceptable, moreso when witchcraft's involved. Presented, for your approval, is a Expand
Immediate Press Release: Colin Andrews intensive care with rare condition.
1 DAY AGO - Immediate Release:On Wednesday 25th, March, Author-Researcher, Colin Andrews was taken by Expand
2011 Red Rain Caused By European Species Of Algae - The Hindu
2 DAYS AGO - The bigger question here is, "How did algae get up in the atmosphere?" With the contentious Expand
Acceleration Radio Now Archived
3 DAYS AGO - This weeks program is now archived! Just as a Expand
WWIII – It’s Happening!
3 DAYS AGO - Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural! The current political landscape is in direct Expand
UCO Professor "Solves" NE Oklahoma "Spooklight" Mystery; Makes Documentary - Tahlequah Daily Press
4 DAYS AGO - Professor Allen Rice claims he and a group of his friends who call themselves The Boomers have Expand
Is This The Mysterious Voice Caught On Audio From The Site Of The Utah Car Crash? - Reddit
5 DAYS AGO - Over the last few days, Redditors on r/paranormal have managed to isolate and amplify a female Expand

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