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Colin Andrews
L.A. Marzulli's Blog
Michael Glickman
The Anomalist
Weird Wednesday, Tommy Hawksblood and Tony R Elliott
14 HRS AGO - TONY R ELLIOTT, ACO Club, OF TEXAS an Author Reporter Returns to share as a Co-Host for our Expand
Alpha: The Myths of Creation--A Challenge to the ETH - UFO Conjectures
21 HRS AGO - Rich Reynolds ponders the preponderance of creation myths that, if interpreted a certain way, Expand
Black-Eyed Kids: Omens of Death? - Mysterious Universe
1 DAY AGO - It seems that tales of the BEKs just get creepier with each new addition. Nick Redfern reports on Expand
UFO Above Prime Minister's Residence Causes Security Panic - Mysterious Universe
2 DAYS AGO - Brett Tingley relates an incident that may become all too prevalent, even (perhaps especially) if Expand
Ghost Watches Boy on Bike? - Coast to Coast AM
2 DAYS AGO - No, it's just an old lady watching a child riding his bike. Seriously folks, just because someone Expand
Guest Blogger – Ben Thornsberry
3 DAYS AGO - This is not an actual vision of mine but just a story I came up with. I try to put some humor into Expand
Ecstasy And Future Humans - Consciousness Unbound
4 DAYS AGO - Continuing his theme of humanity's great potential, Michael Grosso considers what the future may Expand
Missing Air Force Officer Found After More Than 30 Years (And Its Indirect Link With The UFO-Bennewitz Affair) - Daily G...
5 DAYS AGO - Miguel ("Red Pill Junkie") Romero is intrigued by the story of an AWOL soldier located 35 years Expand
Alien Hunters Org-Derrel W Sims, Theresa J Morris, Tommy Hawksblood-S1Ep3
6 DAYS AGO - Alien Hunters Organization, was founded to support the fact that Alien Civilizations Exist and we Expand
Who’s Crapping On Canada? - The Fortean
21 HRS AGO - Can you say Pathetic Fallacy? It seems the recent storm from the G6-or-7 summit has found its way Expand
L. A. Marzulli Talks UFOs, Nephilim, and Satan's Plan to Corrupt Human DNA - Jason Colavito
21 HRS AGO - Jason Colavito lets the three characters in an Acceleration Radio podcast basically discredit Expand
A Potential Solution to the Mystery of the "Alien Metal" Promoted by "To The Stars" - Jason Colavito Blog
1 DAY AGO - Jason Colavito steps out of his wheelhouse to take a speculative swipe at the Pentagon UFO study Expand
Watch: Face of Bigfoot Filmed? - Coast to Coast AM
2 DAYS AGO - We're always eager to see the newest recordings when it comes to Bigfoot encounters, but this Expand
Theresa J Morris Ministries Spiritual Community Online
3 DAYS AGO - Theresa j Morris has begun a ministry as a Universal Life Metaphysical Non-Denominational Path as Expand
Bizarre Lunar Anomaly Suggests Humans May Have Warmed The Moon - The Next Web
4 DAYS AGO - Global warming on Earth is bad enough, but the idea of clever, hairless apes importing their Expand
L. A. Marzulli’s Speaking Schedule!
4 DAYS AGO - 2018 Conference Schedule Sign up now! USE PROMO CODE MARZULLI20 TO GET $20 OFF THE CONFERENCE Expand
The Science of the Unscientific - Philippine Daily Inquirer
5 DAYS AGO - The author of this piece initially makes a good run at defending parapsychology as a bona fide Expand
Mystery Object Photographed In Sky Over Puget Sound - Across Washington Patch
6 DAYS AGO - On Monday Neal McNamara described an apparent "missile launch" captured around 4am last Sunday Expand
China's Nessie Caught on Film? - Coast to Coast AM
21 HRS AGO - The recent uptick in water monster sightings in China either means Nessie got tired of the Expand
Jeremy Corbell Interviews Radar Operator of the 2004 Tic Tac UFO Event - Daily Grail
1 DAY AGO - Miguel ("Red Pill Junkie") Romero presents an interview filmmaker Jeremy Corbell conducted with a Expand
Acceleration Radio – Live Tonight!
1 DAY AGO - Acceleration Radio Talking Points. Kathy Griffin’s Foul Mouth Hereditary – The Movie. Expand
A New Roswell Solution? - A Different Perspective
2 DAYS AGO - Well, Kevin Randle thinks the answer to his headline question is "No," but he's willing to suspend Expand
A Look At A Recent Nessie Video - Loch Ness Mystery
3 DAYS AGO - Yet another unidentified submersible object's been spotted in Loch Ness, and Glasgow Boy sums Expand
Woman Says She Was Told Telepathically 3 People Would Cause A Shooting At DOJ, Police Say - WJLA
4 DAYS AGO - If you see something, say something, as the posters say in the New York City subways. The advice Expand
Torah , Amish Girl in New York joins Theresa J Morris, Janet K Lessin
5 DAYS AGO - Torah Bontrager has written a book and will tell her story about leavin  the world of Amish Expand
Ben Moss and Tony Angiola with Don Ecker - The Paracast
5 DAYS AGO - Gene Steinberg and co-host Don Ecker chat with Virginia MUFON's Ben Moss and Tony Angiola, largely Expand

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