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Colin Andrews
L.A. Marzulli's Blog
Lua Astrology
Michael Glickman
The Anomalist
Aries Horoscope 20 Oct 2018
10 HRS AGO -, A wonderful day to do things that would make you feel good about yourself. Wise Expand
Cancer Horoscope 20 Oct 2018
10 HRS AGO -, Cataract patients should avoid visiting a polluted environment as smoking could Expand
Libra Horoscope 20 Oct 2018
10 HRS AGO -, Your childlike nature will surface and you will be in a playful mood. Not a very Expand
Capricorn Horoscope 20 Oct 2018
10 HRS AGO -, Today you will have ample of the time to do things to improve your health and Expand
60% of Americans Have Seen a Ghost, According to Survey - Mysterious Universe
10 HRS AGO - This survey, while taken from a small sample of 2000 participants, has left us scratching our Expand
Churchill's Secret War - Folklore and Journalism
10 HRS AGO - It's well known that Adolf Hitler and many of his ilk were fascinated by occult topics. But fewer Expand
Numbers -a danger to creating a real world
1 DAY AGO - Numbers are the dangers of life. They determine everything. How old we are to do something. How Expand
Sagittarius Horoscope 19 Oct 2018
1 DAY AGO -, Sort out your tension for mental peace. Investment in antiques and jewelry will Expand
Pisces Horoscope 19 Oct 2018
1 DAY AGO -, Playing with kids would give you a wonderful healing experience. Unexpected rise Expand
Taurus Horoscope 20 Oct 2018
10 HRS AGO -, Your hope will bloom like a rich delicate fragrant and dazzling flower. Expand
Leo Horoscope 20 Oct 2018
10 HRS AGO -, You might find it difficult to control your emotions-Your unusual behaviour will Expand
Scorpio Horoscope 20 Oct 2018
10 HRS AGO -, Maintain your mental health-which is prerequisite for spiritual life. Mind is the Expand
Aquarius Horoscope 20 Oct 2018
10 HRS AGO -, Cultivate a harmonious nature to kill your hatred because it is more powerful than Expand
George Knapp Hunt for the Skinwalker Interview Transcript - Open Minds
10 HRS AGO - There are many sides to the current ufological sensation that was presaged last October and took Expand
Full Moon in Taurus October 2018 – Surprise
13 HRS AGO - The Full Moon occurs at 17:45 (BST) on October 24, 2018 at 01°Ta13′. Often, when we think of Expand
Lua Astrology Blog
Shared by Lua Astrology
Capricorn Horoscope 19 Oct 2018
1 DAY AGO -, Blood pressure patients could take the help of red wine to lower their blood Expand
Aries Horoscope 19 Oct 2018
1 DAY AGO -, Avoid conflict as it may worsen your illness. You could find yourself in an Expand
Gemini Horoscope 20 Oct 2018
10 HRS AGO -, Participating in sports and other outdoor activities will help you gather your Expand
Virgo Horoscope 20 Oct 2018
10 HRS AGO -, Involve yourself in paying some sport as it is the secret of perpetual youth. Expand
Sagittarius Horoscope 20 Oct 2018
10 HRS AGO -, Refuse to worry about your health. It is a powerful vaccination against illness. Expand
Pisces Horoscope 20 Oct 2018
10 HRS AGO -, Do not waste your time in criticizing others as it may affect your health. You Expand
Oregon Hunters' Frightening Bigfoot Incident - Phantoms and Monsters
10 HRS AGO - We start this hairy trio with a report from Lebanon, Oregon, where a hunter was confronted with a Expand
Every Kind of Family? New “Alien” Trailer…
14 HRS AGO - Max’s Restaurant Published on Oct 13, 2018 OVER 2 million views Commentary & Analysis by Expand
Scorpio Horoscope 19 Oct 2018
1 DAY AGO -, Few tensions and difference of opinion could leave you irritated and uneasy. You Expand
Aquarius Horoscope 19 Oct 2018
1 DAY AGO -, Your energy level will be high. Finances improve later in the day. Your domestic Expand

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