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Theresa J Morris on ACO Culture Club -Curious Minds Want to Know!
2 HRS AGO - Theresa J Morris has begun the ACO Culture Club for those interested in mysteries and secrets in Expand
Witches And Watery Graves Feature In The World's Top 10 Creepy Travel Destinations - Daily Telegraph
6 HRS AGO - The Daily Telegraph is getting a headstart on the usual early Halloween related news by sharing a Expand
Ascension Center Org w/Janet Kira Lessin and Theresa J Morris aka ACO LLC Int'l.
1 DAY AGO - The Spiritual Evolution of our Species Ancient Wisdom and New Thought Teachings with TJ Morris Expand
Analyzing 25 Years Of UFOs In Canda - Open Minds
1 DAY AGO - Contrary to popular belief, stuff does happen in Canada...sometimes. For instance, there's been Expand
NASA Mum On ISS UFO! - Herald Tribune
2 DAYS AGO - Billy Cox attempted to contact ISS ground-support for a response about that now very famous ISS Expand
Gary Stearman Leaves PITN
2 DAYS AGO - I call Gary Stearman Elder Brother.  He is one of the most erudite men I have ever met and I Expand
Was A Neanderthal Shot By A Time Traveller? - Shields Gazette
3 DAYS AGO - Either Ray Bradbury's Sound Of Thunder was sheer speculation, or this is a rare instance where Expand
The Spectral Moose Of Maine - Mysterious Universe
3 DAYS AGO - No one may be surprised there's a moose in Maine, but a ghostly white specimen standing 10-15 feet Expand
Ascension Universal Life Theresa J Morris, Bill M Tracer-Meet Craig Jackson
3 DAYS AGO - Ascension Center Organization - Universal Life Ministries share Spiritual Sunday. Tonight we share Expand
The Bermuda Triangle Of The East - Soren Dreier
4 DAYS AGO - While Canada may be too exotic for some, many intrepid anomalists hope to expore and investigate Expand
Did You See It? Huge Meteor Spotted Across Southern BC - CTV News
6 HRS AGO - Apparently, this thing was so huge and bright that if you were in the area and outside, there was Expand
Nephilim Mounds II – 10 Hours of Riveting Information on the NEPHILIM!
14 HRS AGO - GIANTS: Revealing the Agenda of the Fallen Cherub   GIANTS: Revealing the Agenda of the Expand
Most Haunted: Still The Market Leader In Ectoplasmic Claptrap - The Guardian
1 DAY AGO - The most hated upon paranormal investigator show has been revived and The Guardian isn't Expand
Possible Game Changer?
1 DAY AGO - Commentary & Analysis by L. A. Marzulli The risk of an eruption at Iceland’s Bardarbunga Expand
New Photograph of Nessie - Loch Ness Mystery
2 DAYS AGO - Or is it a bird? Or a tree branch? It's great to have another possible bit of evidence to ponder, Expand
The Coming Great Deception!
2 DAYS AGO - Commentary & Analysis by L. A. Marzulli From Watcher Pierre Charles Montreal. Another attack Expand
Mantis Man And Insectoid Updates - Phantoms & Monsters
3 DAYS AGO - Lon Strickler isn't tripping on DMT here, gang. P&M, as the cool kids call it, remains a valuable Expand
People In Parapsychology: XIII. Russell Targ - Parapsychology
3 DAYS AGO - We can only imagine the big ol' grin on Carlos Alvarado's face as he interviewed Russell Targ, Expand
Sunday Go To Meeting Bun!
3 DAYS AGO - Sunday Bun by L. A. Marzulli The Rider on the White Horse Revelation 19: 11-19 11 Then I saw Expand
Fairyland, My Fairyland - The Magonia Blog
4 DAYS AGO - Nobody's perfect, but Marjorie T. Johnson comes pretty darned close based upon Janet Bord's review Expand
Shedding Some Light ON the Houston UFO - Daily Grail
6 HRS AGO - It appears that the Houston UFO sighting that everyone's buzzing about has an extremely simple Expand
081414 Acceleration Radio: L.A Returns
Paranormal Corner: VIdeo Captured At Elks Lodge In Penns Grove Shows Strange Shadow Figure -
1 DAY AGO - While this video captured during an investigation by JUMP (Jersey Unique Minds Paranormal Society) Expand
Conspiracy Theory & Politics W/Tony R Elliott & TJ Morris
2 DAYS AGO - A conspiracy theory is an explanatory proposition that accuses two or more persons, a group, or an Expand
The Beast of Gévaudan: A Real Life Werewolf? - Paranormal People Online
2 DAYS AGO - Something terrorized Gevaudan, France, for 6 years up until 1769 and was described as a sort of Expand
The Spirit Guide Theresa J Morris - Tarot Free Readings
3 DAYS AGO - ACE Metaphysical Institute explores ET spirit journey. ACO Esoterics -Theresa J Morris & Friends Expand
The Roswell Slides Are Photos Of A White Sands Rocket Test Accident? - The UFO Iconoclast(s)
3 DAYS AGO - Since the slides aren't going to see daylight anytime soon, we're stuck with speculation. The most Expand
Lake Tahoe Skater Captures ‘Bigfoot’ on Video - Cryptozoology News
3 DAYS AGO - It's time for another round of "Bigfoot or Tree Stump"! This time it looks like a Tree Stump is Expand
Ascension Universal Life Collective Conscious w/Bill M Tracer & Theresa J Morris
4 DAYS AGO - Soul Essence Origin, Memories, Intelligent Design, Collective Conscious, Unconscious, and Critical Expand
Metaphysical Monotony: Against Boredom Even the Gods Contend In Vain - EsoterX
4 DAYS AGO - Cosmic indifference is terrifying enough, but in this age of selfies, Facebook, and other symptoms Expand

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