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Tony Topping
2 HRS AGO - Biography: Media interest in Broadcaster Tony Topping began due to his high strange Expand
Mike Clelland
17 HRS AGO - Biography: Born in 1962 in the suburbs of Detroit, Mike became a keen illustrator in his Expand
Support Group For Alien Contactees To Be Held in UK
1 DAY AGO - A support group for people who claim to have been in contact with beings from other worlds is Expand
Are There UFOs At Area 51? Video
1 DAY AGO - Posters CommentsWhen people talk about Area 51, they all have the same question: Are there or are Expand
Hangar 1: UFO Files - The Shadow Government
2 DAYS AGO - Hangar 1 files suggest that when it comes to UFOs, there is a shadow government that operates Expand
“Global warming has paused”—NOT!
2 DAYS AGO - Climate deniers claim that "global warming has paused since 1998". Is this true?
A Skeptical Pilot Snaps Incredible UFO Photo, It Changed His Mind
3 DAYS AGO - Seasoned Pilot Changes His Mind On UFOs Photo of a UFO taken over the Caloundra/Pelican Expand
NASA Discovers Kepler 186 f, An Earth Size Planet in Habitable Zone
3 DAYS AGO - Astronomers announced the discovery of Kepler-186f, the first truly Earth-size alien planet ever Expand
Videographers Film 3 UFO incidents Over 5 Days - Canada
1 DAY AGO - UFOs over British Columbia, Canada, have been documented photographically since as early as the Expand
News Report on UFO Sighting Over Jefferson County
2 DAYS AGO - Colorful balls of light racing across the night sky are caught on video by a Jefferson County Expand
Fleet of UFOs Over Thailand - Under "Intelligent Control"
3 DAYS AGO - Posters CommentLocation: ThailandDate:19/04/2014A man records white lights moving across the sky Expand
UFO Filmed in Mexico Just Before Earthquake
3 DAYS AGO - UFO Filmed Just Prior to Magnitude 7.2 Earthquake In Southern Expand
Hangar 1...The UFO Files - Unfriendly Skies
4 DAYS AGO - Hangar 1: The UFO Files - Unfriendly SkiesCommercial airline pilots and flight crew spend more Expand
DrKarl: 24 Apr 14
9 HRS AGO - Dr Karl takes your calls on batteries and spiders
Strange Cylinder UFO Hovers Over Wales - Photo
1 DAY AGO - A PRESTATYN resident had his own close encounter with an unidentified flying object this week. Expand
A Very Articulate and Intriguing Interview on UFOs and ET - Joan Bird
2 DAYS AGO - Joan Bird- UFO’s: Part 1 & Part 2Shortly after the Second World War, the U.S. reported a Expand
UFO Shoots Beams Of Light Over New Jersey - MUFON Investigates
2 DAYS AGO - Witness Watches UFO Beam Lights From CraftComputer Graphic ImageSource ufophotosandnews.orgAPRIL Expand
Spectacular Video of A New Meteor Over Russia
2 DAYS AGO - Residents of the Kola Peninsula witnessed the fall of a celestial body similar to the famous Expand
UFO Or Meteor Over Japan Puts On A Show
3 DAYS AGO - It is hard to tell if this is a Meteor entering the atmospher or some type of intelligently Expand
The Facts Behind Alien Implants
4 DAYS AGO - Alien Implants: A Closer Look Into One Aspect of Alien AbductionImplant removed from alien Expand
Startling HD video of UFO up close becomes available
4 DAYS AGO - Close up video of a UFO shot in HD was today released by Third Phase of Moon, a popular Youtube Expand

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