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Stunning Photo Of Transparent UFO Craft Over Vienna Austria
4 DAYS AGO - Witness Photographs Incredible Transparent Geodesic Shaped UFO Over Austria  Link to actual Expand
Low Altitude Fast Moving Triangular UFO - California
5 DAYS AGO - Fast moving UFO passes over Costa Mesa, CA A California witness at Costa Mesa reported Expand
Naked Scientist: Life On Mars 20 Dec 14
1 DAY AGO - Signs of life on Mars, young thinkers live longer, deadly cartoons and mass extinctions.
Shape Shifting UFO Filmed Over Sydney Australia
4 DAYS AGO - Posters Comments This object was traveled from Liverpool N.S.W. towards to Wollongong. The camera Expand
Another UFO Filmed Over Volcano in Mexico - Video
5 DAYS AGO - UFO Sightings 2014: Another Spotted at Mexico Volcano The alleged UFO sighting near Mexico's Expand
Classified Military Film of Fighters Engaging a Suspected UFO
6 DAYS AGO - Phoenix Lights UFO: Watch incredible classified footage of US fighter jets 'engaging unknown Expand
World Wide UFO Sighting and Reports - Tom DeLonge New UFO Website
7 DAYS AGO - Tom DeLonge teases UFO project – Spacing Out! Episode 100 Tom DeLonge recently went on Coast Expand
DrKarl: 5 live Science 18 Dec 14
3 DAYS AGO - Dr Karl answers listeners' questions about the weird and wonderful world of science -- including Expand
NASA reverses itself on methane and possible life on Mars
4 DAYS AGO - Yesterday was a good day for those proposing that extraterrestrial life currently exists on Mars. Expand
Researcher Claims That A UFO Disguised As An Angel Saved Soldiers in WWI
5 DAYS AGO - A new book claims that an ‘Angel’ which is said to have appeared above one of the first battles in Expand
Four UFOs in UK Baffle Experts
6 DAYS AGO - Sky watcher Sam Green thought he’d struck gold when he captured this incredible image of what Expand
Ten Children Recounting Their Past Lives And Reincarnation
6 DAYS AGO - 10 AMAZING THINGS KIDS HAVE SAID ABOUT PAST LIVESMany parents report that their children say Expand

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