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DrKarl: Ebola and Nasa 23 Oct 14
1 HR AGO - Dr Karl, and virologist Dr Grant, answer questions on Ebola, cats eyes, and Nasa's best sounds.
A Major Historic UFO Sighting Over New Haven Connecticut In 1647
1 DAY AGO - New Haven UFO, 1647 Reverend Cotton Mather, in his Magnalia Christi Americana, recorded what Expand
Six Important UFO Documents From The CIA
2 DAYS AGO - Six of the CIA's strangest UFO Files As It turns out, the FBI, Department of Defense, Air Expand
"Track Two Galactic Diplomacy: The Role of Citizen Diplomacy with Extraterrestrial Civilizations" by Michael Salla
2 DAYS AGO - "Is it possible that memories that we are so sure of, that are so real, that actually help to Expand
A Mountain Size Comet Passes Mars Today - You Can Watch Live
3 DAYS AGO - This March 27, 2014 image provided by NASA, ESA, and J.-Y. Li shows comet C/2013 A1, also known as Expand
All Star Panel Discusses UFOs and Extraterrestrial Engagement
3 DAYS AGO - The all star panel was comprised of Daniel Sheehan, Grant Cameron, Stephen Bassett, Expand
Star Trek Celeb Sees UFO - UFO News Reports From Around The World
5 DAYS AGO - Jason and Maureen meet up with actor Garrett Wang, best known for his role as Ensign Harry Kim on Expand
Two cigar shaped UFOs appear near the International Space Station
17 HRS AGO - Newly released video from the International Space Station’s (ISS) Live Stream shows what Expand
Ten Witnesses Watch 3 Football Field Size UFOs - West Virginia
1 DAY AGO - West Virginia UFOs: 3 Football Field Sized Crafts Cruise Over Coal Mining Operation, Followed By A Expand
Is that an elongated human skull on Mars?
2 DAYS AGO - A photograph taken by the Mars Curiosity Rover shows what appears to be an elongated skull on the Expand
Are We Seeing the Same UFO In Canada, Peru and India Just Days Apart
3 DAYS AGO - This terrifying, greenish UFO appeared hovering over Montréal last week, right in the middle of an Expand
Current Worldwide UFO News Reports
3 DAYS AGO - Darin Crapo examines UFO Sightings from the ISS, the United Kingdom, Australia, East Los Angeles, Expand
Weather Radar Picks Up Debris Field After Big Boom - News Report
4 DAYS AGO - SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) -The National Weather Service in Shreveport says they picked up a debris Expand
The Daily Grail: Disclosure is Dead
5 DAYS AGO - This is probably the best thing you'll read this week, or perhaps this entire year: A rather Expand
A Nice Compilation of UFO News Reports From 2014
1 DAY AGO - Posters Comments A tremendous surge in activity the last few weeks has enabled me to post this Expand
The First Recorded UFO Sighting in The USA - 1639 Boston
3 DAYS AGO - Artist impression of UFO Over Boston in 1639 In 1639, America's first UFO was sighted over the Expand
Have the Chinese Cracked The Code For Quantum Teleportation?
3 DAYS AGO - Scientists Report Teleportation of Physical Objects From One Location To Another The concept of Expand
UFO or Meteor Lights Up The Sky Like It Is Daytime, Brazil - Video
4 DAYS AGO - Watch the moment UFO turns day to night in an instant A mysterious flash of light lit up the Expand
5Live Science : 18th October 2014
5 DAYS AGO - Chris Smith and the team bring you the latest discoveries from the scientific and technological Expand
Do Ancient South African Spheres Prove That Ancient Aliens Are Real?
5 DAYS AGO - 2.8-Billion-Year-Old Spheres Found In South Africa: How Were They Made? Spheres found in the Expand

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