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All About Forensic Psychology
Bad UFOs
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5 live Science: Valentines: 13 Feb 16
11 HRS AGO - Georgia Mills and Khalil Thirlaway look at the science of romance and love.
Feb 11, Interview with Forensic Psychologist Steve Porter
2 DAYS AGO - Fascinating interview with forensic psychologist Steve Porter, Ph.D.
Dr Karl
2 DAYS AGO - What are gravitational waves and would their discovery be the biggest of the decade in Physics? Expand
Feb 9, David Canter Investigative Psychology
4 DAYS AGO - Learn all about Investigative Psychology, the systematic methodology that developed out of Expand
2016 Articles by Alfred Lambremont Webre 2016
5 DAYS AGO - 157. Open letter to Washington State Governor Jay Inslee and the Democratic Leadership concerning Expand
Feb 4, The Psychopath: Information, Definitions & Research
2/4/2016 - The Psychopath: Separating fact from fiction. Quality information and resources. Learn all about Expand
Feb 4, Eyewitness Memory
2/4/2016 - Learn about the psychology of eyewitness memory and testimony
Two UFOs Hover Over Texas - Daytime Video
2/3/2016 - Witness Statement As i was Scanning the Sky I Notice these two glowing objects high in Expand
Why Does't Time Move Backward? It only Goes Forward?
2/2/2016 - Scientists May Have Just Figured Out Why Time Moves Forward, Not Backwards | by Alfredo Expand
Feb 12, Eyewitness Testimony and Memory Biases
1 DAY AGO - Excellent article on eyewitness testimony and memory biases By Cara Laney and Elizabeth F. Loftus.
Feb 11, Kent Kiehl Interview
2 DAYS AGO - Fascinating interview with psychopathy expert Kent Kiehl, Ph.D.
Feb 10, Forensic Psychology Careers
3 DAYS AGO - Get detailed forensic psychology careers advice and information.
Feb 8, Not All Psychopaths Are Criminals
5 DAYS AGO - Not all psychopaths are criminals: Fascinating article by Scott O. Lilienfeld, Professor of Expand
Feb 7, So You Want To Be A FBI Profiler?
6 DAYS AGO - Explore whether becoming a FBI profiler is a realistic career aspiration.
Feb 4, History of Forensic Psychology Part One: Historical Influences
2/4/2016 - A fascinating exploration of the moral, social and political attitudes that shaped the identity of Expand
Feb 4, Criminal Profiling
2/4/2016 - A fascinating look at the first widely documented use of criminal profiling within a criminal Expand
Myths Like Atlantis That Turned Out To Be True
2/3/2016 - Atlantis Style Myths That Turned Out To Be True Local legends often tell of cities or islands Expand
Feb 11, The Study and Practice of Forensic Psychology: A Comprehensive Review
1 DAY AGO - Learn all about the study and practice of forensic psychology
Feb 11, All About Forensic Psychology
2 DAYS AGO - A forensic psychology website designed to help anybody looking for detailed information and Expand
Feb 9, False Confessions Information and Resources
4 DAYS AGO - Learn all about the psychology of false confessions.
Feb 8, Why it’s time to rediscover dignity in prisons
5 DAYS AGO - Thought-provoking article on the need to rediscover the notion of dignity within the prison system.
Feb 4, What is Forensic Psychology
2/4/2016 - What is forensic psychology? Get the expert answer here.
Feb 4, History of Forensic Psychology: Key Historical Figures
2/4/2016 - Showcasing the work of key figures in the history of forensic psychology
Dr Karl
2/4/2016 - Does snow evaporate even at freezing temperatures? Could the black hole at the centre of our Expand
Fireball Filmed From A Go-Pro Wing Camera on Commercial Plane, Visible in 12 States
2/2/2016 - Airplane pilot Mike Grossman captures a very rare sight from a GoPro external wing camera of his Expand

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