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UFO News Article: “Deltonan, Deputies Report UFO Sighting”
5 HRS AGO - 4 March 1976(Daytona Beach Morning Journal, Florida)The whole article:“An unidentified flying Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Real TV UFOs
The Era of American Primacy Is Far from Over
8 HRS AGO - Hal Brands Security, Global Governance, United States Washington is still the global top dog—but Expand
How to Stop the Taliban in Afghanistan's Most Crucial Province
8 HRS AGO - Ahmad Murid Partaw Security, Asia Winning Helmand is essential to long-term Afghan Expand
The US Navy Is Preparing to Take On an Old Foe: Stealthy Enemy Submarines
10 HRS AGO - Dave Majumdar Security, Europe, Asia Think Russia and China.  While a resurgent Russian and Expand
3 Reasons Russia's Bombers in Iran Were a Big Deal
15 HRS AGO - Daniel R. DePetris Security, Iran, Russia, Syria They may be gone, but their presence Expand
The Great Not Roswell Slides Coding Fiasco
17 HRS AGO - Given our discussion about the date code on the Not Roswell Slides (which I sort of initiated), I Expand
Electronic Warfare Comes to the South China Sea (and Why it Matters)
23 HRS AGO - Brendan Thomas-Noone Security, Asia What you need to know.  “An information technology-based Expand
What Kurdistan's Anti-ISIS Foreign Fighters Think of All the Attention
1 DAY AGO - Seth J. Frantzman Security, Middle East After two years, they’ve made their mark. “BREAKING, Expand
Exactly 500 Years Ago, This Battle Changed the Middle East Forever
1 DAY AGO - Akhilesh Pillalamarri Politics, Middle East Forget Sykes-Picot: the Battle of Marj Dabiq is what Expand
Baltimore police confirms aerial surveillance of city residents
7 HRS AGO - No conspiracy to hide privately funded program in which cameras took continuous photographs since Expand
South Korean Nukes: Less Risky to America than Extended Deterrence
8 HRS AGO - Doug Bandow Security, Asia The danger of ambiguity and entanglement is greater. Looking to its Expand
Realists Should Expect America and Turkey to Stick Together
8 HRS AGO - Eric Lob Politics, Middle East Ideological differences don’t beat mutual interests. Since the Expand
US Navy's F-35C Stealth Fighter: Now Armed with 18,000 Pounds of Weapons
11 HRS AGO - Kris Osborn Security, Another big step forward.  The Navy’s carrier-launched stealthy F-35C Expand
Canadians believe
15 HRS AGO - There's a new Angus Reid Poll that looks at "Stranger Things," according to its website. It Expand
Saving Face in Tehran
17 HRS AGO - Paul R. Pillar Iran Russia, Middle East Well, that didn't last long, did it? Barely a week Expand
Living the dream: when film fans get over-attached
1 DAY AGO - At times, we all want to live in a favourite film. But, from the man who lives in an airport to Expand
Can Japan and Korea Overcome Their Dark Past?
1 DAY AGO - J. Berkshire Miller Politics, Asia Tokyo and Seoul need to break their cycle of ups and Expand
How Hamas Allegedly Embezzles Millions in Christian Charity
1 DAY AGO - Benjamin Weinthal Security, Middle East The Palestinian terrorist group has a long history of Expand
The Sources of Russian Conduct
8 HRS AGO - Thomas E. Graham Global Governance, Eurasia Kennan’s Long Telegram needs an update for Putin’s Expand
America Can Exploit Saudi-Egyptian Tensions
8 HRS AGO - Samuel Ramani Politics, Middle East Washington can butt in between Riyadh and Cairo. Since Expand
Nazi Germany's Battleship Bismarck vs. America's Montana Class: Who Wins?
8 HRS AGO - Kyle Mizokami Security, Americas What would have happened if America had built this monster Expand
Team Obama's PR Blunders on the $400 Million for Iran
14 HRS AGO - Daniel R. DePetris Security, Iran, United States By hiding details, the administration has Expand
The Federal Reserve's Anti-Volcker Inflation Revolt
17 HRS AGO - Samuel Rines Economics, United States The Fed has many tools to stop inflation, and few tools to Expand
Universal reportedly outlaws streaming ‘exclusives’ after Frank Ocean release
19 HRS AGO - Music industry newsletter claims Universal Music Group will be first major label to ban practice Expand
Welcome to the Age of Strategic Triage
1 DAY AGO - Marc Genest, James Holmes Security, Americas "The history of great powers is rife with examples Expand
Turkey's Anti-Americanism Isn't New
1 DAY AGO - Burak Kadercan Politics, Middle East Erdoğan isn’t promoting anti-U.S. sentiment—but he’ll Expand

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