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Google Website Searches: Focus On UFO Incidents At Learning Institutions(Schools/Universities/Colleges)
2 HRS AGO - Website: National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Real TV UFOs
Preliminary investigation report - Point Cook, Victoria - 23 August 2015
2 DAYS AGO - Preliminary investigation report by Paul Dean and Keith BasterfieldSeptember Expand
Review of Australian sightings listings
2 DAYS AGO - Hi all,BackgroundDuring my speech at the September 2014 VUFOA conference, I suggested that Expand
UFO News Article & Radio Programme (Spanish): “40 UFO cases reported per year and 3% cannot be explained”
3 DAYS AGO - 16 November 2012 (Radio Uruguay 1050 AM, Montevideo, Uruguay)Radio Uruguay 1050 AM Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Real TV UFOs
The Val Johnson CE2 case of 1979
3 DAYS AGO - I was recently interviewed at length by a reporter about the Val Johnson CE2 case from 1979, which Expand
Missing Time, Missing Memory
4 DAYS AGO - Listened to Mark McCandlish last night on Coast to Coast, who at one point explained the mechanism Expand
Spain: The Mysterious UFOs that Intrigued Robledo de Chavela in the '80s
5 DAYS AGO - Source: ABC (Newspaper) Madrid, SpainDate: 08.26.2015Spain: The Mysterious UFOs that Intrigued Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Inexplicata
UFO Article (Blog): “Department of Defence ‘Unusual Aerial Sightings’ Policy Cancellation? Not So Fast...”
8/27/2015 - By Paul Dean, 15 August 2015(UFOs – Documenting The Evidence, Melbourne, Australia)Paul Dean Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Real TV UFOs
Water Monster' Spotted in Oregon - Cryptozoology News
8/26/2015 - Oregon witness reports seeing strange creature in the waters of Oregon:'Water Monster' Spotted in Expand
Preliminary investigation report - Kairi, Queensland - 2014/2015
20 HRS AGO - Preliminary investigation reportCompiled by Keith Basterfield September Expand
UFO TV News Magazine Report: “UFOs and the Uruguayan Air Force”
2 DAYS AGO - Unknown date (Tercer Milenio, Mexico City, Mexico)Tercer Milenio gives an insight into the Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Real TV UFOs
August 2015 - Australian reports roundup
2 DAYS AGO - August 2015 - monthly national level reports roundupCompiled by Keith Basterfield and Paul Expand
UFO News Article: “UFO theorists gain support abroad, but repression at home”
3 DAYS AGO - By Leslie Kean, 21 May 2000 (The Boston Globe, Massachusetts)Source: Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Real TV UFOs
Tulli's Papyrus
3 DAYS AGO - To Touch Truth On Her Face...Tulli's Papyrus—The Eternal Duel Of Seekers And ShirkersBy Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Alien Views
UFO Documentary Film Excerpts: “Close Encounters”
5 DAYS AGO - (Science, Discovery Communications, Silver Spring, Maryland)Science presents 21 documentary Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Real TV UFOs
Orange Orb
6 DAYS AGO - I know there's a lot of hype about "orange orbs" these days. But I can tell you that after Expand
What are the "Good Questions" in Ufology?
8/26/2015 - Recently, Mark OC (the blogger of announced he was going to be a guest on Expand
A voice from the past
8/26/2015 - Hi all,One of the intriguing Australian cases from the past, is the one which occurred in 1972 Expand
UFO News Article (Blog): “Boeing schmoeing, gimme Aguadilla”
1 DAY AGO - By Billy Cox, 1 September 2015(De Void, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Florida)Billy Cox presents his Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Real TV UFOs
FISH-TAILS. part one
2 DAYS AGO - There are projects that you begin "for no good reason" and this is probably one of them. I'll just Expand
From Jeremy Vaeni: Emma Woods Has Read David Jacobs’ New Book. Uh-Oh. | JayVay
3 DAYS AGO -  New book from David Jacobs. Oy. Advanced copies sent to some, including Emma Woods. Who Expand
The Puppeteers of Medicine
3 DAYS AGO - Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Robert Barrow
UFO News Article: “Whatever happened to the Marshall County cop who hit a UFO?”
4 DAYS AGO - 27 August 2015 (Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Washington)Marshall County (Warren, Minnesota) Deputy Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Real TV UFOs
Mexico: UFOs Reported to the North of Mérida
5 DAYS AGO - Source: SIPSE and Planeta UFODate: 08.27.2015Mexico: UFOs Reported to the North of Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Inexplicata
6 DAYS AGO - 15 April 2014(The Daily Edition, Yahoo 7 (Seven West Media, Perth, Australia))Bill Chalker (UFO Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Real TV UFOs
Kerman Police Officer Adds His Perspective
8/26/2015 - This is one of the reasons I love the Internet. Before it existed we were stuck with expensive Expand

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