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6 HRS AGO - For those of you who thought that this week’s show would feature Brad Steiger, I received an email Expand
Report from Mosul: How the Epic Battle for the ISIS Stronghold Will End
7 HRS AGO - Seth J. Frantzman Security, Middle East Everyone agrees about the need to remove ISIS from Expand
Losing the Philippines Won't Imperil U.S. Interests in Asia
7 HRS AGO - Ted Galen Carpenter Security, Asia America can defend its narrow interests without crawling into Expand
America's Future Navy: Dispersed, Unmanned and Underwater
12 HRS AGO - Dave Majumdar Security, That is the goal. Now comes the time to build consensus.  While the Expand
‘Accepting Risk’ In U.S. National Defense Is No Longer Acceptable
13 HRS AGO - Dan Goure Secuirty, Logically, it is not possible to do more with less, as the current Defense Expand
Taiwan Should Be a Partner in Addressing Climate Change
17 HRS AGO - Stanley Kao Climate Change, Asia Taiwan, as the fifth-largest economy in Asia and the 22nd Expand
The Verdict Is In: The U.S. Navy Needs to Get Bigger (And Needs More Submarines)
1 DAY AGO - Dave Majumdar Security, But where will the money come from?  The U.S. Navy will submit three Expand
Why Russia Should Not Be Feared in the Arctic
1 DAY AGO - Andreas Kuersten Security, Eurasia There's a battle for the Arctic taking place. It just doesn’t Expand
The Risk of a Humanitarian Disaster in Mosul
1 DAY AGO - Jessica Brandt Security, Middle East If we do it wrong, a battlefield win may come to seem like Expand
Coast to Coast This is More Like It, and, How I Don't Make Friends...
6 HRS AGO - Tonight on Coast to Coast Shows: Linda Moultan Howe, and Rich Newman who will talk about his Expand
A New Poll Shows America's Reluctance for New Foreign Adventures
7 HRS AGO - Daniel R. DePetris Security, The American people are becoming increasingly impatient with the Expand
What Does China Actually Want in the South China Sea?
11 HRS AGO - Nick Bisley Security, Asia The South China Sea has a nationalist and identity value above and Expand
Tom Carey's Fourteen Points or The Roswell Slides Revisited
13 HRS AGO - Tom Carey, who seems set on keeping the Roswell Slides controversy alive, contacted Rob McConnell Expand
Classified Science: The Search for 'Truth That Works
17 HRS AGO - In developments surrounding the intelligence community, Science reports the forming of an Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by The UFO Trail
NATO May Not Be Ready to Fight Russia
18 HRS AGO - Ian Brzezinski, Nicholas Varangis Security, Europe If military exercises demonstrate combat Expand
The U.S. Navy's Supersonic SeaRAM Missile System Could be a Game Changer
1 DAY AGO - Kris Osborn Security, The emerging SeaRAM defensive weapon will destroy approaching enemy Expand
Obamacare Is Dying. House Republicans Have the Fix.
1 DAY AGO - Juliana Darrow Politics, Americas There should be no celebration until we see improved access to Expand
The Philippines Are Just a Symptom of America's Asia Pivot Problem
1 DAY AGO - James Clad, Robert A. Manning Security, Asia America’s right on strategy, but needs better Expand
DARPA Flies Plane with Robot Co-Pilot
7 HRS AGO - Kris Osborn Security, The aircraft is able to perform a wide range of functions without every Expand
Is India Losing Russia?
7 HRS AGO - Nabarun Roy Security, Asia The two countries still share values, as well as interests. With the Expand
The Clumsy Case for U.S. Intervention in Syria
11 HRS AGO - John Allen Gay Security, Middle East What crucial U.S. interests are at risk in Syria? Those Expand
China's PLAAF Pilot Training Program Undergoes Major Overhaul
13 HRS AGO - Lyle J. Morris, Eric Heginbotham Security, Asia In our report on PLAAF fighter pilot training, Expand
Exposed: How a Cyberattack Took Down Twitter, Netflix, and The New York Times
17 HRS AGO - Riley Walters, Jacob Jordan Security, All the details.  Dyn, a New Hampshire-based computer Expand
Little snippets from Jacques Vallee's latest book - which I'd like to know more about
1 DAY AGO - Hi all,This post continues my look at aspects of Jacques Vallee's latest book, 'Forbidden Science Expand
Is Pakistan Really Isolated?
1 DAY AGO - Muhammad Daim Fazil Politics, Asia The current Pakistani government has put the country back on Expand
Does America Know What It's Doing in the Middle East?
1 DAY AGO - Christopher A. Preble Security, Middle East More U.S. troops and patience won’t fix what ails Expand

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