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How Secure are America's Nuclear Weapons in Europe?
4 HRS AGO - Lydia Dennett Security, Europe A big question worth asking.  After the recent military coup Expand
Will Brexit Repeat Greece's Tragedy?
13 HRS AGO - Shiping Tang Politics, Europe The world deserves a vote. Former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Expand
Russia's F-15 Killer: Why America (and the World) Fears the Su-27 Flanker
13 HRS AGO - Robert Farley Security, Eurasia It was the USSR’s best plane—and it still packs one heck of a Expand
Why South Korea Needs THAAD
15 HRS AGO - Bruce Klingner Security, Asia North Korean missiles, to be exact.  North Korea provocatively Expand
Trump's GOP Takeover Is Complete
1 DAY AGO - Jacob Heilbrunn Politics, Americas The mogul has reshaped the Republican Party in his own Expand
The Third Offset Must Update Asimov's Laws of Robotics
1 DAY AGO - JG Randall Security, Americas Applying sci-fi ethics to modern warfare. Things tend to happen Expand
Israel and Turkey's Rocky Road Back to Diplomacy
1 DAY AGO - Elad Popovich Politics, Middle East Normalization was anything but straightforward. On July 20, Expand
The 5 Most Powerful Air Forces in 2030
1 DAY AGO - Kyle Mizokami Security, Americas Can America retain its edge in the sky? By 2030 the most Expand
Anti-Trump Hysteria on NATO
1 DAY AGO - Paul J. Saunders Security, Politics, United States Critics like Jeffrey Goldberg ignore that Expand
China's Big South China Sea Dilemma
4 HRS AGO - Security, Asia What does Beijing do now?  China’s reaction to the Permanent Court of Expand
The Real Problem with Killing America's A-10 Warthog
13 HRS AGO - Joel Bier Security, Americas The Air Force’s tank-busting Close Air Support specialists might be Expand
Kaine Is a Solid Choice for Clinton, But What About the Left?
13 HRS AGO - Daniel R. DePetris Politics, United States Hillary's VP choice is a letdown for the Democratic Expand
The Force Is Not With You: New Rules Could Land Star Wars Drone Pilots in Prison
15 HRS AGO - Jason Snead, John-Michael Seibler Government, Really?  What kid hasn’t watched “Star Wars” and Expand
Trump's Speech Signalled the End of an Era for the GOP
1 DAY AGO - Robert W. Merry Politics, United States He broke with Republican doctrines on many key Expand
How Obama Has Eroded America's Domestic Tranquility
1 DAY AGO - J. Christian Adams Politics, Americas Black Lives Matter lost all moral authority on the streets Expand
NATO's Baltic Tripwire Forces Won't Stop Russia
1 DAY AGO - Dianne Pfundstein Chamberlain Security, Europe Cheap force doesn’t show resolve. At the recent Expand
More Proof That America's Drone War Doesn't Work
1 DAY AGO - Paul R. Pillar Security, Americas Doing nothing is better than doing the only thing Expand
The NATO Alliance Is Terminally Ill
1 DAY AGO - Ted Galen Carpenter Security, United States, Turkey, Russia, Germany From Trump to Turkey, Expand
Olympic Showdown Between Russia and the West
13 HRS AGO - Rachel Bauman, Brad William Hummel Politics, Russia, Brazil Moscow comes out looking bad ahead Expand
America's Lethal Iowa-Class Battleship vs. Russia's Battlecruiser: Who Wins?
13 HRS AGO - Kyle Mizokami Security, Americas It would have been a battle for the ages. It’s 1988. World War Expand
UFO Case Directory: “Category 11, Sightings From Aircraft Portuguese Air Force Jets Have 40-Min. Encounter / E-M Sept. 4, 1957 Portugal”
14 HRS AGO - ( whole case report:“Fran Ridge:Sept. 4, 1957; Portugal8:06 p.m. local. A flight of Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Real TV UFOs
The U.S. Air Force's Incoherent Plan to Replace the A-10 Warthog
1 DAY AGO - Loren B. Thompson Air Force, United States  Whoever came up with this bad idea needs a new Expand
The Future of Warfare: Fighters and Bombers with No Pilots?
1 DAY AGO - Andrew Davies, Malcolm Davis Security, Yes, it could happen.  After the Abbott government Expand
America Doesn't Owe China Anything after the Verdict
1 DAY AGO - Michael Mazza Security, Asia Washington has no obligation to help Beijing save face. The Expand
It's Time to Ignore China's Nine-Dash Line
1 DAY AGO - Gary Sands Security, Asia If they ignore the ruling, we can dismiss their claims. The “so Expand
UFO Case Directory (IMCAT): “Category 08, Photographic / Video Images Object Photographed During Operation Mainbrace September 20, 1952 In vicinity of Norway and Denmark”
1 DAY AGO - ( whole case report:“Dan Wilson:Sept. 20, 1952; At sea on USS Franklin D. Roosevelt Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Real TV UFOs

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