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Trump Must Learn from Past Mistakes on Russia
5 HRS AGO - Julie Newton Politics, Eurasia A future administration should avoid provocation and emphasize Expand
Donald Trump Should Embrace the Economic Benefits of Peace
7 HRS AGO - Doug Bandow Security, Americas He should start his presidency by insisting on no more stupid Expand
End Games, Part III: Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson, the Ocean’s Realist
9 HRS AGO - Claude Berube Ssecurity, Diplomacy has reportedly been the favorite game of former Secretary Expand
Will President Trump Renegotiate The NATO Treaty?
10 HRS AGO - Dan Goure Security, Trump's sharpest criticism has been reserved for the North Atlantic Treaty Expand
UFO Radio Interviews: “Robert Powell and Dr. Richard Haines”
21 HRS AGO - 11 November 2016(UFO CLASSIFIED, KCOR Digital Radio Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Real TV UFOs
Why Italy Could Leave the Eurozone
1 DAY AGO - Scott B. MacDonald Politics, Europe Economic and political reform isn't on the menu. The Expand
The New Sectarianism: The Arab Uprisings and the Rebirth of the Shia-Sunni Divide
1 DAY AGO - Geneive Abdo Politics, Middle East An excerpt from Geneive Abdo's new book. Editor’s Note: Expand
This US Navy Super Submarine Made History Thanks to A Very Special Feature That Was Never Duplicated
1 DAY AGO - Steve Weintz Security, USS Triton had two S4G nuclear reactors to drive her twin screws, the Expand
U.S. Army Networks 50-cal Sights to Helmet Display
1 DAY AGO - Kris Osborn Security, Making America's big guns even more powerful.  Using a wireless link, Expand
First, Do No Harm
5 HRS AGO - Thomas Pickering Politics, Eurasia Washington and Moscow must both tone down and tune out the Expand
Will the Trump Administration Start a War with Iran?
7 HRS AGO - Paul R. Pillar Iran, Middle East The direct stakes in whether the Trump administration adheres Expand
The Royal Navy Only Has 26 Combat Vessels (And Is Now Killing-Off Its Only Aircraft Carrier)
9 HRS AGO - Robert Beckhusen Security, HMS ‘Illustrious’ heads for the scrapyard. HMS Illustrious, the Expand
Pearl Harbor: The Big Lessons Today’s Leaders Need to Learn From History
10 HRS AGO - Brian Slattery, Jacob Jordan History, America today may not face the same imminent danger it Expand
21 HRS AGO - (KCOR Digital Radio Network, Henderson, Nevada)The radio show is hosted by Erica Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Real TV UFOs
75 Years after Pearl Harbor, Japan Is a Key Defender of Global Stability
1 DAY AGO - Michael Auslin Security, Asia How Japan became a key force for order, not Expand
The Simple Reasons Why the South China Sea is Headed for Tragic Troubles
1 DAY AGO - Peter Layton Security, Asia What can be done to stop it?  The world has moved on but most South Expand
The 2 Big Reasons Why Russia's Only Aircraft Carrier is Having So Many Problems
1 DAY AGO - Dave Majumdar Security, Europe It is the quality of training and the soundness of its procedures Expand
Will Trump, like Reagan and Bush, Walk Back His Approach to Taiwan?
1 DAY AGO - Raymond Kuo Security, Asia A genuine change in policy requires the long-term, persistent and Expand
Trump's Team Should Ditch the 'Clash of Civilizations
7 HRS AGO - Emma M. Ashford Security, Americas It’s a seductively simple theory that purports to explain a Expand
Trump Needs Iran Deal to Engage Russia and North Korea
9 HRS AGO - Tytti Erästö Security, Russia would not want to see the U.S. renege on the Iran Expand
Nuclear War Is No Longer "Unthinkable" for Russia
9 HRS AGO - Nikolas K. Gvosdev Security, Eurasia Putin is warning the United States to back off. The Expand
Is North Korea's 28 Square Miles of Terror (That Can Hold 27,000 Prisoners) Back Open for Business?
10 HRS AGO - Soo Jin Hwang, Olivia Enos Security, Asia Has North Korea reopened an old prison camp? Recent Expand
Why Japan Failed at Pearl Harbor
1 DAY AGO - James Holmes Security, Asia Tokyo knew it was awakening a “sleeping giant.” So why did it Expand
Cutting Waste Isn't Enough to Curb Pentagon Spending
1 DAY AGO - Benjamin H. Friedman Security, Treating the Defense Department like a profit-making company is Expand
Revealed: The US Military's Electronic War Strategy to Counter Russia
1 DAY AGO - Kris Osborn Security, The Pentagon’s soon-to-be published Electronic Warfare strategy calls for Expand
America Still Hasn't Felt the Weight of the Iraq Disaster
1 DAY AGO - Daniel R. DePetris Security, Middle East The Iraq War should have permanently ruined more Expand

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