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A South China Sea Explosion: Why China Might Go ‘Rogue’ on July 12, 2016
2 HRS AGO - Harry J. Kazianis Security, Asia Mark your calender--it just might be the day China declares an Expand
From The Superplex: "Rh Negative Folkore"
2 HRS AGO - Sue Entity at The Superplex isn't shy about sharing her opinions on the UFO lore regarding Rh Expand
An Olive Branch from Putin?
8 HRS AGO - Simon Saradzhyan Global Governance, Russia Despite containing a litany of customary anti-Western Expand
Beijing's Dream: Becoming a Maritime Superpower
12 HRS AGO - Michael McDevitt People Liberation Army Navy, China In the Chinese context, maritime power Expand
Odd Observation #17
13 HRS AGO - Odd Observation #17by Alfred LehmbergThe skies had been empty since a subsequent report, and it Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Alien Views
How Protectionist Rhetoric Endangers America
1 DAY AGO - Milton Ezrati Economics, Americas Ignore the politicians—free trade is in the U.S. national Expand
America's Security Strategy in Tunisia Is Failing
1 DAY AGO - Peter Kirechu Security, Middle East Without a major change, the terrorists win. As the Expand
The US Army's Paratrooper Master Plan to Dominate the Battlefield
1 DAY AGO - Kris Osborn Security, An Airborne satellite network gives paratroopers combat-relevant details Expand
UFO News Article: “Mysterious ‘Ghost Rockets’ Puzzling to Swedish Army”
1 DAY AGO - 12 August 1946(The Victoria Advocate, Texas)Quote from the article:“Swedish military authorities Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Real TV UFOs
The F-35 Stealth Fighter: Too Good For War Games?
2 HRS AGO - David Axe Security, Don't get too excited just yet.  It’s no secret that we at War Is Boring Expand
How Foreigners Really Regard U.S. Power
6 HRS AGO - Paul R. Pillar Public Opinion, United States Europe Americans in general have mistaken beliefs Expand
The U.S. Army Defeats Itself More Often Than All Its Enemies Combined
8 HRS AGO - Constance Baroudos U.S. Army, United States Unfortunately, the Army has shown itself to be all Expand
America's New Lethal B-21 Stealth Bomber: Just a 'Mini-Me' B-2?
12 HRS AGO - Andrew Davies Security, You decide.  Last year I wrote a series for The Strategist on the US Expand
More Terrorist Attacks Likely in Turkey
13 HRS AGO - Matt A. Mayer Security, Turkey The Istanbul airport attack reflects a new reality: it's easy for Expand
America's Core Middle East Interests Are Already Secure
1 DAY AGO - Jeremy Shapiro, Richard Sokоlsky Security, Middle East More U.S. troops would make things Expand
Afghanistan's Corruption Fight Needs a Better Strategy
1 DAY AGO - Ajmal Shams Politics, Asia The country’s future is at stake. The endemic problem of corruption Expand
Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Arab Peace Initiative
1 DAY AGO - Henry Siegman Security, Israel, palestine Whatever incitement the Palestinian Authority may be Expand
Dive into Shark Week with SciStarter
1 DAY AGO - Dive into Shark Week with SciStarter It's shark week! Celebrate by getting involved in one of Expand
The US Navy and Russia: Heading Towards a Crisis in the Mediterranean?
2 HRS AGO - Dave Majumdar Security, Close encounters mean trouble. The U.S. Navy is unhappy with Russian Expand
The Istanbul Attack Could Bring Turkey and Russia Together
8 HRS AGO - Blake Franko Security, Middle East Ankara must secure Moscow’s support in the fight against Expand
Smashing Due Process on Gun Control Is No Way to Fight Terrorism
10 HRS AGO - Hans A. von Spakovsky Security, United States Secret watchlists aren't the answer. Lost in the Expand
Grasping the Brexit Moment for Free Trade
12 HRS AGO - Howard J. Shatz Economics, Europe "Where there is crisis, there is also opportunity, and the Expand
Trump's Foreign Policy: America First. Hillary's: America Last.
1 DAY AGO - Zane Albayati Politics, Americas Clinton calls the GOP front-runner “dangerously incoherent.” Expand
Is Brexit a Chance to Heal Europe's Wounds?
1 DAY AGO - Sergey Radchenko Politics, Europe Gorbachev saw a united Europe as an aspiration. It’s still Expand
Biggest Threat US Navy and NATO Face: Russian Subs and A2/AD Bastions
1 DAY AGO - Dave Majumdar Security, Europe But don't worry--they have a plan to deal with it.  The most Expand
A White House Infested With Leftist Bullies and Thugs
1 DAY AGO - Oh, poor Robert!  All those years he wrote about nothing except UFOs, so dependable, and now Expand
Researchers Blog
Shared by Robert Barrow

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