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White cigar shape UFO over Waverly, Ohio 23-Oct-2020
6 HRS AGO - This cylindrical UFO was seen and recorded in the sky above Waverly, a city in, and the county Expand
The Milky Way Magnetar is Sending Fast Radio Bursts Again
9 HRS AGO - Fans of “The Late Show with David Letterman” will remember a recurring segment called “Is this Expand
L’impronta gigante di Pingyao: reale o artificiale?
10 HRS AGO - Storie e racconti di esseri giganteschi che abitano la Terra si verificano in quasi tutte le Expand
Lost ‘Resurrection’ Tectonic Plate Has Been Resurrected
1 DAY AGO - How does one lose a tectonic plate – those massive sheets of the Earth’s crust and upper mantle Expand
24-Million-Year-Old Mega-Shark Nursery Discovered in South Carolina
1 DAY AGO - A 24-million-year-old baby shark nursery was found in South Carolina. These sharks were the Expand
Old Not-So-Faithful, Dating Godzilla, Falling Iguanas and More Mysterious News Briefly — October 23, 2020
1 DAY AGO - Mysterious News Briefly — October 23, 2020 The Maya continue to amaze with a new discovery Expand
Miley Cyrus Says She Followed a UFO and Looked an ET in the Eye
1 DAY AGO - “But the best way to describe it is a flying snowplow. It had this big plow in the front of it and Expand
Earth’s Largest Mass Extinction Was Caused by a Gigantic Volcanic Eruption
1 DAY AGO - The largest mass extinction in the history of our planet occurred approximately 252 million years Expand
Demi Lovato Claims Having a UFO and ET Close Encounter in Joshua Tree National Park
2 DAYS AGO - When you’re a big pop star, you can say whatever you want these days and it will make the news. Expand
Nephilim & Dei Sumeri nell’email di Hilary Clinton?
6 HRS AGO - News e scandali della campagna elettorale più controversa di sempre. VEDI ANCHEPolemica su una Expand
An Alternative Way of Trying to Find Monsters: Summoning
9 HRS AGO - Just recently, I highlighted in an article how sonar has played a significant role in the quest to Expand
UFOs flying over Guildford, United Kingdom 23-Oct-2020
12 HRS AGO - Here’s one new UFO video filmed yesterday over Guildford in United Kingdom. Two bright Expand
Battleships, Top-Secret Information, and Psychic Powers
1 DAY AGO - History is full of mysterious people, who for whatever reasons have made their enigmatic marks. Expand
24.17 – MU Podcast – James Fox
1 DAY AGO - Film director James Fox joins us this week to discuss his explosive new documentary that is making Expand
Daytime UFO video: Really fast metal object over Frisco, Texas 22-Oct-2020
1 DAY AGO - This fast metal object or sphere was filmed in the sky above Frisco in Texas on 22nd October 2020. Expand
The Strange Tale of a Bonkers UFO Cult
1 DAY AGO - Of all of the strange things the UFO phenomenon has brought to us, one of the weirdest are the Expand
Bespoke Clothing
1 DAY AGO - CR 536 Billy: …But you are wearing such interesting new clothes. Is this the latest fashion? Expand
When Aliens Dined on Humans: If You Believe the Tale…
2 DAYS AGO - A couple of days ago I wrote an article here at Mysterious Universe on the sensational and over Expand
Extraterrestri stanno usando Sonde Autoreplicanti per esplorare la Terra e tutta la Galassia
8 HRS AGO - Una delle domande che gli scienziati di solito si pongono è dove sono tutti gli alieni in una Expand
Saqqara Update: Dozens More Ancient Egyptian Coffins Have Been Unearthed
10 HRS AGO - A little more than a month ago, I wrote an article on the 13 ancient Egyptian coffins that were Expand
1 DAY AGO - International correspondent clarifies the UFO issue.Media AlertToronto [ZNN] A current wave of Expand
Sonar and the Loch Ness Monsters: The 1950s to Now
1 DAY AGO - You may have seen the recent news about a strange and large “something” caught on Expand
Ricercatore UFO: “la luna di Nettuno ‘Tritone’ potrebbe ospitare una Base Extraterrestre”
1 DAY AGO - Il ricercatore inglese Scott Waring ci sorprende ancora con alcune affermazioni sulla ipotetica Expand
Scoperto “Portale Elettromagnetico” che consente il passaggio di altre Entità Multi-Dimensionali
1 DAY AGO - Secondo diverse teorie della cospirazione, uno dei segreti più oscuri dell’élite mondiale è Expand
Monsters and Mysterious Beasts and the Tracks They Leave Behind Them
1 DAY AGO - Over the decades, numerous people have reported seeing the tracks of the Bigfoot creatures – Expand
TR-3B: la “nave antigravitazionale capace di viaggi interstellari”
1 DAY AGO - Il TR-3B, chiamato UFO terrestre, più che un mito è una realtà ed è stato avvistato più volte in Expand

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