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24.06 – MU Podcast – Cuckamaton
5 HRS AGO - With each step forward in technology we think we are on the cutting edge of history, but is that Expand
When Strange Creatures Appear at Loch Ness, But They’re Not Nessies
6 HRS AGO - Earlier this week, I wrote an article on the controversy surrounding the phenomenon of the Expand
Mysterious News Briefly — August 7, 2020
10 HRS AGO - Mysterious News Briefly – August 7, 2020 A team of Virginia Tech researchers has discovered Expand
The Haunted Penal Colony of Tasmania
13 HRS AGO - Some places seem destined to become haunted locales. Whether it is from their brutal history or Expand
Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation S01 E05
16 HRS AGO - The Atomic Connection28 Jun. 2019 The team follows a trail of evidence connecting UFOs to the most Expand
The U.K.’s “Alien Big Cats”: A Daimonic Phenomenon?
1 DAY AGO - Sightings of large, unidentified black cats across the United Kingdom are not at all uncommon. In Expand
Mysterious News Briefly — August 6, 2020
1 DAY AGO - Mysterious News Briefly – August 6, 2020 NASA is celebrating the eight anniversary of the Expand
The Strange Tale of a Cursed Demonic Game
1 DAY AGO - As the world has opened up via the wonders of the Internet, there have been many strange stories Expand
Centinaia di persone assistono a un’enorme formazione di UFO in Cina
1 DAY AGO - Un enorme avvistamento di UFO ha capovolto la Cina dalla scorsa settimana, quando centinaia di Expand
Nuclear-Powered Drones? The CIA May Have Had Them in the 1970s
6 HRS AGO - “This memorandum pertains to an operation known as AQUILINE. The number of people holding. Expand
Some Humans Today Carry DNA From a Mysterious Ancestor
6 HRS AGO - According to a new study, some people alive today carry genes from an ancient ancestor that has Expand
Mysterious Massive Planet-Spanning Wave Is Crashing Across the Surface of Venus
13 HRS AGO - Some people say that Mars gets all of the attention these days because that’s where some book once Expand
“The Land of the Young” Where “Aging Was None-Existent”
13 HRS AGO - Accounts of magic beasts and dangerous creatures abound in Scotland. Take, for example, the Expand
Blanets? They’re Planets That Form Around Black Holes
1 DAY AGO - Some things about planets are constants. Most of them form around stars and stay in their orbit. Expand
Mars May Have Been Covered In Ice, Not Flowing Rivers
1 DAY AGO - Mars was full of liquid water; Mars never had liquid water. It’s an ever changing theory with no Expand
UFOs in triangular formation over Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 5-Aug-2020
1 DAY AGO - Unknown lights were caught on tape in the sky above Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This happened on Expand
Aliens at Loch Ness? A Controversy-Filled Case
1 DAY AGO - According to Jan-Ove Sundberg, twenty-three at the time (and dead now), on August 14, 1971, and at Expand
Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation S01 E04
1 DAY AGO - UFO Fleet21 Jun. 2019 Evidence continues to mount and patterns emerge, as a group of former U.S. Expand
The Mysterious UFO Moon Cave of Slovakia
6 HRS AGO - In the autumn of the year of 1944, Slovak military commander Antonín Horák was performing military Expand
Il Solar Dynamics Observatory fotografa una strana “anomalia simile a un UFO” vicino al Sole
7 HRS AGO - L’evento insolito è stato catturato dalla sonda Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) della NASA Expand
Stunning video of UFOs over Las Vegas, NV 6-Aug-2020
13 HRS AGO - This footage was shot using a Panasonic fz80 with a 60x zoom. This strange event happened over Las Expand
“Mushball” Storms Are Happening On Jupiter
13 HRS AGO - Thunderstorms on Jupiter are so violent and strong that ammonia-rich hail called “mushballs” could Expand
A Bizarre Monster Story From World War I
1 DAY AGO - There are all manner of odd tales and accounts that have gone around the Internet, and sometimes Expand
STATI UNITI, Consigliere Intelligence Militare dichiara: “Navi Aliene sono in una Missione di Ricognizione e Mappatura della Terra”
1 DAY AGO - Come riferisce il tabloid britannico The Daily STAR, l’ex consigliere Expand
Save the Parasites — Save the World?
1 DAY AGO - Fans of the television series “Heroes” will remember the mantra repeated throughout the show to Expand
Inca Box With Ritual Offering Found At The Bottom Of Lake Titicaca
1 DAY AGO - According to a new study, archaeologists have found for the first time ever an underwater offering Expand

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