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Dr. David Clarke
Earth Mystery News
Ufology PRSS
Miley Cyrus: “tuve un encuentro alien tras ser perseguida por un OVNI”
2 HRS AGO - Recientemente hemos informado sobre la cantante y actriz Demi Lovato, quien compartió con sus Expand
More than 90 anti-trafficking organizations are denouncing QAnon in an open letter
13 HRS AGO - I suspect we are looking at something like the tea party but this also has appeal to lefties Expand
Antigravity Technologies Are Hidden For Decades From The Public
18 HRS AGO - Are there antigravity technologies? Of course, it exists. They have existed since 1900, but have Expand
Updates on the 12,000-years-old Tunnels Connecting Turkey With Scotland
19 HRS AGO - A 12,000-year old underground tunnel network linking Turkey to Scotland was recently discovered by Expand
Native Elders of Arctic Give NASA a Warning – “The Moon, Sun and Earth are Changing”
20 HRS AGO - At the recent global warming summit in Copenhagen, delegates from around the world discussed the Expand
Alien/ufo - Ufo Disclosure Imminent?
1 DAY AGO - Mootsy Norm Smith Medallist Mar 13, 2015 6,411 5,525 AFL Club Essendon Yesterday at 10:13 PM Expand
Restored Republic via a GCR: Special Report as of Oct. 23, 2020 ~ Intel
1 DAY AGO - ...regarding government corruption, crimes against children, JFK Files, 9/11 Truth, UFO Expand
A Cube Shaped Object of Earth Size was Observed Near the Sun
1 DAY AGO - The mysterious cube appears regularly in the lenses of the satellite cameras that observe the Expand
“Alienígenas podrían detectarnos desde mil sistemas planetarios a 300 años luz”
5 HRS AGO - Un nuevo estudio ha profundizado en los exoplanetas que tienen una línea de visión directa de la Expand
It appears this is why the media & Dems/Neocons are obsessed with Qanon. This girl appears to be a...
14 HRS AGO - I suspect we are looking at something like the tea party but this also has appeal to lefties Expand
Kailasa Temple was Carved from a Single Massive Rock – Nobody Knows How ‘The Builders’ Made It
18 HRS AGO - The Kailasa Temple was built in the 8th century AD between 756-773 and is one of the 34 temples Expand
Updates on the 2 Billion-Year-Old Nuclear Reactor Found in Gabon – Africa
19 HRS AGO - An engineer, from a nuclear fuel plant in France, analyzed a uranium sample from Oklo mine in Expand
The wife is in bed, the kids are sleeping, and I have the rest of the night all to myself to enjoy a...
20 HRS AGO - Some new documentary on the ufo phenomenon. That In full disclosure I have not successfully Expand
Demi Lovato afirma contacto con aliens y muestra video como “evidencia”
1 DAY AGO - Demi Lovato cree que si el 1% de las personas usara la meditación para contactar con Expand
Our World is Connected With Other Parallel Realities Through a Portal – Near Dulce – San Luis Valley
1 DAY AGO - San Luis Valley is 50 kilometers from the famous and enigmatic Dulce base of New Mexico. Several Expand
NASA a punto de anunciar un «importante descubrimiento» sobre la luna
8 HRS AGO - De acuerdo a un anticipo que nos ha enviado la agencia espacial NASA, el anuncio tendrá lugar el Expand
QAnon explained - Honest Government Ad
14 HRS AGO - I suspect we are looking at something like the tea party but this also has appeal to lefties Expand
Ukrainian Woman Reveals Herself as Being a Reptilian – Live on TV
19 HRS AGO - The oldest species of animals on Earth are reptiles that had even more time to evolve, which has Expand
NASA Stopped the Live Transmission After Several UFOs Were Captured Near ISS
20 HRS AGO - NASA interrupted a live transmission from the ISS when a camera on board the station filmed a Expand
Mr. Gary Heseltine World Exclusive Interview
22 HRS AGO - ...controversy - State of UK Ufology - Capel Green Outcome - Chinese Disclosure Initiative - Expand
Las huellas gigantes de Ain Dara: ¿La marca de los Anunnaki? (Video)
1 DAY AGO - Cuando se habla de huellas de gigantes, ningunas son más claras como las tres que se encuentran en Expand
1 DAY AGO - International correspondent clarifies the UFO issue.Media AlertToronto [ZNN] A current wave of Expand
Neil deGrasse Tyson: “un asteroide llegará a la Tierra el 2 de noviembre”
1 DAY AGO - Según Neil deGrasse Tyson, la roca espacial se acerca a la Tierra, aunque la NASA ya ha advertido Expand

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