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Dr. David Clarke
Earth Mystery News
Ufology PRSS
DoDs sketchy release of videos
58 MINS AGO - I think it's safe to say that the only reason real videos are being released through people Expand
Orbs being chased by Navy Jets in Virginia Beach Today
2 HRS AGO - Just got a call on my office phone from my skeptic coworker that knows I love the UFO topic. She Expand
I am a 3D modeler and hobby game dev, I want to recreate some famous sightings in a game engine for people to experience themselves.
4 HRS AGO - As the title mentions, I would like to create some popular sightings/experiences as 3D scenes Expand
Why do people believe it is a "Slow Drip" vs an active battle?
6 HRS AGO - Many people are saying that this is a slow drip because humans can't handle it all at once and Expand
“Los OVNIs reportados por militares son del espacio exterior”, afirma congresista de EE.UU.
8 HRS AGO - A poco más de una semana del esperado informe de Inteligencia, otro congresista de EE.UU. se ha Expand
Dundee, Scotland, UK; March 18, 2008
9 HRS AGO - Date of Sighting: 18-Mar-08 19:30 Location of Sighting: Dundee, Tayside Brief Description of Expand
Rainham, Kent, England, UK; March 28, 2008
1 HR AGO - Date of Sighting: 28-Mar-08 20:20 Location of Sighting: Rainham, Kent Brief Description of Expand
Disclosure Letter Template & Contact List
3 HRS AGO - Hello everyone, as promised see below for a suggested template that you can use in contacting your Expand
Contact by Carl Sagan is the greatest UFO/Alien story ever written IMO
4 HRS AGO - submitted by /u/TheUniverseOrNothing [link] [comments]
I wanted to prove to someone this was almost certainly not just "advanced US tech". Put a little muscle into it so I thought I'd post it here too.
4 HRS AGO - (Not all of this is exactly the BEST evidence available of the claims I make. Simply the quickest Expand
Upvote Fast before the Mods see it’s a Meme 😌
5 HRS AGO - submitted by /u/kinger90210 [link] [comments]
North Carolina around 12am yesterday
6 HRS AGO - submitted by /u/WarEconomy7530 [link] [comments]
As time goes on, the more skeptical I get about Luis Elizondo
7 HRS AGO - My UFO politics have been pretty simple. I believe David Fravor, and broadly the Nimitz team. I Expand
I hope I'm wrong.
8 HRS AGO - submitted by /u/ScottSevled [link] [comments]
The Story of Children in Zimbabwe Encountering a UFO
9 HRS AGO - submitted by /u/contentbelowcost [link] [comments]
Doodle - UFO caught on tape (deleted on r/aliens)
3 HRS AGO - submitted by /u/BrightyQuid [link] [comments]
Are We Forgetting the 5 Observables?
4 HRS AGO - Anti-Gravity - The ability to fly without the apparent means of propulsion or lift. This is not Expand
Space X launch today... UFO caught? Left hand video
5 HRS AGO - submitted by /u/That_UFO_Podcast [link] [comments]
Reminder that speculating the origin of the UFOs as interdimensional, is practically the same as to say I don't know what the f*ck are these tic-tacs
6 HRS AGO - The problem with the interdimensional hypothesis is that it is not proven yet as a theory in Expand
Don't get depressed and keep fighting for answers !
6 HRS AGO - As i can read i see that depression plagued ufo-reddit just because the so-awaited report may come Expand
Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, UK; March 23, 2008
7 HRS AGO - Date of Sighting: 23-Mar-08 00:15 & 01:20 Location of Sighting: Leeds, West Yorkshire Brief Expand
Would you buy into a civilian survalence system if it were user friendly and affordable?
8 HRS AGO - I'm aware of the skyhub system and have personally looked into it myself. What I found was Expand

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