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Footage of UFOs
Direct Energy Weapon Harming Over 100 CIA Agents Released
5/20/2021 - Use The Divi BuilderSavingPreviewPublishAdd title BREAKING NEWS: Fox news has just released new Expand
UFO News Article: “Farmer And Safety Patrol Trooper . . . . . Watch UFO’s Near Culbertson - - - What Are They?”
2/1/2021 - 12 March 1970 (The Chadron Record, Chadron, Nebraska) Source:, U.S.A. Expand
Pentagon Under Pressure to Release UFO Documents Within next 6 Months
1/9/2021 - We’ve been working hard to create the best UFO, Alien & Paranormal stories for several Expand
Government Confirms: 5 Million Aliens Alive on Earth
12/30/2020 - Recent studies suggests that up to 6 percent of Americans have been abducted by aliens. Most of Expand
Utah’s Skinwalker Ranch: The Most Haunted Place In The US
12/22/2020 - UFO sightings, cursed land, crop circles, cattle mutilation and a wide array of paranormal Expand
9 Deep Sea Creatures That Could Be Extraterrestrials
12/16/2020 - Wonder why we haven’t explored nearly 80% of the ocean? How can something so relevant and Expand
Israeli Space Security Chief Confirms Aliens are Real
12/8/2020 - Former Israeli Space Security Chief says Aliens exist and Trump helped cover it up. This Expand
Scientists Discover Artificial Structures on the Moon: Hollow Moon Theory
11/29/2020 - Did we really travel to the moon? Are NASA images doctured? Unfortunately, misinformation about Expand
US Presidents & UFO’s: What Did They Report?
11/24/2020 - The US has always treated life beyond earth like a hidden secret. Secret “military” Expand
Sperm & Seeds Proposed To Send To Moon Bank Complex
3/14/2021 - Scientists are on a new path. Sending sperm and seed samples to the moon. An ark like complex Expand
UFO News Article: “Another ‘Flying Saucer’ Seen?”
2/1/2021 - Normal 0 21 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 30 March Expand
Breaking: UFO Falling Into Ocean Sparks 911 Calls in Hawaii
1/6/2021 - The skies over Hawaii are like something you’d read about in a fairytale but those same Expand
Man-made Sun Sets World Record At 100 Million Degrees
12/30/2020 - Researchers in South Korea have been building an artificial sun for years and have just broken a Expand
Back to the Future: 2039 Nazi Coin Found
12/21/2020 - Since the dawn of time, alternate universes have been used in movies or some of the best selling Expand
UFO Case Report (E-mail): “Subject: Skylab III Case, in Orbit, over SW Indian Ocean, Sept. 20, 1973”
12/14/2020 - Normal 0 21 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 By Francis Expand
100 Children in Zimbabwe Spot UFO That Telepathically Communicated With Them
12/5/2020 - in 1997 a man by the name of James Fox, a director of UFO films was on a quest to meet Steven Expand
Monolith Discovered in Utah Has Eerie Similarities To Space Odessy
11/26/2020 - As many have seen, there has been a monolith that was discovered in the Utah desert just a few Expand
UFO Case Report (E-mail): “Subject: Pacific Ocean, 350 miles S. of Valparaiso Port, South America; Oct. 24, 1969”
11/23/2020 - By Carl W. Feindt, 8 September 2010 ( The whole UFO case report: “The following report Expand
Pilot Reports Missile-like Object (UFO?) Flew Over Plane During Flight To Phoenix
2/26/2021 - Sunday, 2-21-21, A pilot flying to Phoenix on an American Airlines flight radioed in that an Expand
Area 52: The True Alien Threat
1/2/2021 - You’ve heard about Area 51 but have you ever researched Area 52? Area 52 is another top Expand
The Annunaki: Alien DNA, Advanced Tech and Extinction
12/28/2020 - When you think of ancient civilizations, what pops into your head? Aztec, Native Americans or even Expand
Do You See These Alien Number Patterns Often? This is What It Means
12/18/2020 - Since the dawn of time, numbers and symbols have been associated with either good or evil. 11:11 Expand
UFO News Article: “Strange Object Maneuvers Near Nuclear Shipbuilding Disturb Navy”
12/14/2020 - Normal 0 21 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 14 November Expand
9 Deaths and Disappearances Linked to Aliens
11/30/2020 - What happens when someone’s death or disappearance is linked to Extraterrestrial activity? Expand
Paranormal Abilities Used By The CIA: Project Stargate
11/25/2020 - From in 1972 to 1990, partners of the CIA and INSCOM created a division within the US government Expand

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