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Footage of UFOs
UFO Video Report: “Blockbuster Conference about UAPs and Nukes (for the 5th time) When will the lies stop?”
13 HRS AGO - Published: 5 November 2021 Chris Lehto (YouTube channel) Lieutenant Colonel Chris Lehto is a Expand
Alien Abduction: Tony Rodrigues Recounts 20 Years as Slave to Secret Space Programs on a Parallel Timeline
5 DAYS AGO - “What happened to me wasn’t that unusual, unfortunately. What was unusual was that I remembered Expand
UFO Article: “Pentagon Utilized UFOs and Nukes Data Collected by R. Hastings”
7 DAYS AGO - By Robert L. Hastings, 30 October 2021 (The UFO Chronicles (U.S.A.), 2 November 2021) Quote from Expand
UFO Article (Blog):
11/23/2021 - “A blueprint for accountability” By Billy Cox, 19 November 2021 (Life in Jonestown (, Expand
Kooky Arrest: Convicted Felon Tells Cops He Was Shooting at The Aliens
11/20/2021 - Samuel Riddell, 55, arrested and charged with several counts of endangerment and criminal Expand
Alien Abduction of U.S. Police Officer Reveals Alien Bases on Earth and Our Planet Being Used as Energy Source – Video
11/16/2021 - It was a cold December evening in 1967, when police officer Herbert Schirmer had his alien Expand
Dark Ominous Alien Figure looms over top Of Set At Astroworld While People Die in Crowd; Tied to Loosh Harvesting
11/9/2021 - As if the Travis Scott‘s Astro World Concert was not eerie enough, there is yet more curious Expand
Breakthrough Vehicle That Never Needs Charging
11/5/2021 - Presently you can travel for great many miles, and you don’t need to re-energize your Expand
Tesla’s Secret Inventions That Were Lost, Censored or Stolen
10/20/2021 - Victor Hugo was quoted as saying “One cannot resist an idea who’s time has Expand
UFO Video Report & TV Interview: “Dutch KLM Pilot Shares His UFO/UAP Encounter”
4 DAYS AGO - Published: 14 June 2021 Source: Lions Ground (YouTube channel) This is a (the Expand
One Of The Coolest Longboards We’ve Ever Seen
6 DAYS AGO - There’s nothing like getting outside at night and riding around town. We love longboarding Expand
UFO News Article:
7 DAYS AGO -  “UFOs buzzing US warships may be aliens: Top spy chief” 11 November 2021 (New York Post, New Expand
UFO News Article:
11/21/2021 - “— I looked straight into two large metal ships shaped like eggs” 10 September 2012(NRK (Norway’s Expand
New Discovery of Remarkable UFO Spotted Lurking in the Dark Shadows of Lunar Crater
11/18/2021 - Scot Waring, the self-proclaimed UFO connoisseur has claimed to have discovered irrefutable Expand
Is Cryonics the New Aged Mummy or Bonafide Medicine?
11/11/2021 - Cryonicists believe that modern innovation will one day resurrect them from the dead. However, Expand
Satanic Symbolism Found At Travis Scott Concert: Twitter Questions Were Fans Sacrificed ON PURPOSE?
11/7/2021 - Twitter is buzzing about the deadly Travis Scott concert at the Astro World Festival. Such a Expand
Now Even Tucker Carlson is Saying ‘We Need To Take UFO’s Seriously’
10/21/2021 - Many prominent figures in world media and politics have spoken on UFO’s in this past year. Expand
Out Of The Box Russian Politician Abducted By Aliens Raises Big Political Questions
10/19/2021 - We’ve shared a lot of alien abduction stories here over the years but none involving high Expand
UFO Video: On 21 January 2021, White, Unknown Objects Were Filmed From the International Space Station (ISS)
4 DAYS AGO - Source: Mundo Esotérico y Paranormal (YouTube channel) The unknown objects clearly affect the Expand
U.S. Government UAP (UFO) Press Release:
7 DAYS AGO - “DoD Announces the Establishment of the Airborne Object Identification and Management Expand
UFO Press Conference:
11/21/2021 - “Former USAF Officers to Present Evidence of UFO’s Tampering with Nuclear Weapons — Nuclear Expand
America’s Top Spy Chief Says US UFOs bustling Warships Possibly Made Contact with Aliens at “Our Future in Space” Forum
11/17/2021 - America’s top spy chief has made a shocking admission that U.S. pilots are reporting that UFO’s Expand
8 U.S. Military Vanish While Excavating 5000 Year Old Flying Machine From Afghan Cave
11/9/2021 - A vimana has been found in a cavern in Afghanistan. It has drawn in the consideration of world Expand
Operation Northwoods: The Banned Government-Led Covert Operation Aimed to Mislead You
11/6/2021 - Operation Northwoods was the covert name for a series of 1962 Joint Chiefs of Staff suggestions Expand
The Government Exchanged Humans For Alien Technology With This Hidden Treaty
10/21/2021 - The US military may have contacted an alien race and formed an agreement to kidnap and experiement Expand

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