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A Lizard With Three Tails and Other Tail Tales
11 HRS AGO - One of the most amazing and envied feats of nature is the ability of some species to regenerate Expand
Shakespeare and Roswell
1 DAY AGO - Now what would Shakespeare have to do with the Roswell incident?Shakespeare provides in his works, Expand
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
News Briefs 02-10-2015
1 DAY AGO - ”I have attempted to show that the geological record is extremely imperfect.” Looking at the Expand
Alien Seed: Outland
2 DAYS AGO - Any biography of Alien that fails to mention its antecedents It! The Terror Beyond Space and Expand
This Must Be the Place: Reflections About Life and Death from an Old Mariner
2 DAYS AGO - In our present culture, growing old is viewed as an hourglass tragically running out of sand. For Expand
Nick Redfern on "Rosemary's Baby" -- No, it's not his...
2 DAYS AGO - Expand
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
A Strange Story of Rosemary’s Baby, Pt. 2
2 DAYS AGO - Part-1 of this article introduced you to a man named Peter Beckman. An actor and voice-over Expand
The Strange Case of Ermine de Reims
3 DAYS AGO - For those who are enthralled by the UFO abductee (experiencer) Expand
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
False Flags Ahoy! The X-Files Official Trailer Will Ramp Up your Conspiranoia
3 DAYS AGO - If you didn't feel your conspiracy senses tingling all over after that smorgasbord of NWO imagery, Expand
Crows Fear Death
1 DAY AGO - In what may be the creepiest science experiment ever, researchers donned latex masks to find out Expand
Mystery Howls Prompt Bigfoot Investigation
1 DAY AGO - The residents of a community on the north end of Vancouver Island in Canada are being haunted by Expand
14.14 – MU Podcast
1 DAY AGO - This week we reveal the interplay between Hollywood’s UFO movies and the UFO phenomenon Expand
Support High-Quality UFO Research and Receive a Deluxe Collector's Edition of 'Wonders in the Sky', by Jacques Vallee and Chris Aubeck
2 DAYS AGO - The scientific investigation of the UFO phenomenon is a relatively new endeavour, with less than Expand
Russian Scientist Hopes Bacteria Will Help Him Live Forever
2 DAYS AGO - If you found a bacteria that has survived in Siberian permafrost for 3.5 million years, what’s the Expand
The 'X' Zone Radio Show (Sep 30, 2015): Stanton Friedman and Michael Horn discuss the Billy Meier UFO case
2 DAYS AGO - About Michael Horn:Michael Horn is the Authorized American Media Representative for the Billy Expand
A Strange Story of Rosemary’s Baby, Pt. 1
3 DAYS AGO - Peter Beckman is, to put it mildly, a notable character. Having grown up in northern California, Expand
24 Hours After Putin Promises to 'Deconflict' in Syria, Russia Strikes US Backed Rebels
3 DAYS AGO - Ignoring the threat of ISIS, Russia has launched air strikes against US backed rebels Expand
Hitachi Says It Can Predict Crime Before It Happens
3 DAYS AGO - Hitachi Data Systems Corporation has announced that they have developed computer software that can Expand
All that Water on Mars is Off Limits
1 DAY AGO - With the discovery of flowing water on the surface of Mars, it's fair to say it's been quite a Expand
Mysterious Japanese UFO Museum Investigated by FBI
1 DAY AGO - A report has been circulating about an FBI investigation into a mysterious UFO Museum in Japan Expand
New Perspective On Pompeii's Plebians
1 DAY AGO - A little plaster and science give a new perspective on life in ancient Rome. Expand
Private Rocketeers Fundraise to Send Tiny Payload to Moon
2 DAYS AGO - How much do you think it would cost to send a paperclip to the surface of the Moon? Do you think a Expand
Joaquin Could Become a Superstorm
2 DAYS AGO - Hurricane Joaquin's rapid increase in intensity overnight, from a category 1 hurricane to a Expand
News Briefs 01-10-15
2 DAYS AGO - I wish I were in Minnie… 4 rituals that will make you happy, according to Neuroscience. Why the Expand
World’s Ugliest Shark Caught Off the Coast of Scotland
3 DAYS AGO - Sharks are considered to be the deadliest creatures in the sea and their looks strike fear in the Expand
The New York Times writes about a UFO experiencer without any derision
3 DAYS AGO - Astronomy 2 Galaxies and Reverse1997 oil on canvasThis from a recet obituary in the NYTimes:Ionel Expand

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