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Ostrich Egg Holds Oldest DNA
6 HRS AGO - One of the world’s oldest species may provide the oldest genetic data ever recorded. A recent Expand
Hurricane Matthew Suddenly Becomes Rare Category 5 Storm
16 HRS AGO - Hurricane Matthew has strengthened from a tropical depression into a Category 5 storm in a matter Expand
I Bought A Haunted House – Campfire 280
1 DAY AGO - Weirdness ensues in this edition of the Campfire, including a young man who with his wife buys a Expand
Arctic Shipwreck Confirmed As Doomed Cannibal Explorers
1 DAY AGO - The story of the ill-fated Franklin Expedition remains one of the most mysterious in the history Expand
The Feral Phantom Nose-Biter of the Carolinas – Micah Hanks Reports
1 DAY AGO - The modern world, despite what is afforded us by science and discovery, is still very much a place Expand
16.12 – MU Podcast
1 DAY AGO - After unpacking Space X’s incredible new Mars strategy we look at ‘Animal Expand
A Strange Tale of a Monster of the Deep
1 DAY AGO - A fascinating and harrowing encounter with a monster of the oceans occurred in the early summer of Expand
NASA Announces Evidence of Water Plumes Erupting from Europa -- Will This Make for Easier Access to the Solar System's Largest Ocean?
2 DAYS AGO - NASA has announced that it has found evidence of water plumes erupting from the surface of Expand
A Healthy Spouse is a Happy Spouse
2 DAYS AGO - For better or for worse is more than part of the marriage vow, it may determine a spouse’s health Expand
Paranormal Activity Blamed For Mysterious Scratches
8 HRS AGO - Residents at a center in Colorado for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities Expand
17 HRS AGO -  Fonte:       La misteriosa formazione Expand
Trump Appoints Climate Change Denier Myron Ebell as Head of his EPA Transition Team
1 DAY AGO - Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has appointed long-time climate change denier Myron Expand
Horses Can Communicate with Humans
1 DAY AGO - In the film “Doctor Doolittle,” the main character talked to the animals. A recent study conducted Expand
Meerkats Are The World’s Most Murderous Mammals
1 DAY AGO - If you listen to the political discourse currently going on in the U.S., you would think that the Expand
Indiana Jones and the Animated Adventures?
1 DAY AGO - Back in 2011, talented character designer and animator Patrick Schoenmaker started a project Expand
Whoppers! A Brief History of the Most Raucus American Hoaxes
2 DAYS AGO - On the morning of June 25, 1889, Americans in the Denver area woke up to quite an odd headline in Expand
World’s First Private Orbital Launch Pad Open in New Zealand
2 DAYS AGO - How does a private space company that is ready to launch payloads into Earth orbit get a break Expand
Mysterious Stonehenge and Pyramids Found in Poland
2 DAYS AGO - It seems like the new definition of cool among the world’s nations is having pointed mounds that Expand
Huge Australian Meteorite Shows How Unsafe Earth Really Is
13 HRS AGO - Climate change is cited endlessly as the most dire threat our planet faces, all the while fiery Expand
Win a copy of Tool's Ænima, signed by Danny Carey
21 HRS AGO - The CD edition of Tool’s epic album Ænima was released 20 years ago today (man, where does time Expand
News Briefs 30-09-2016
1 DAY AGO - ”We don't have to save the world. The world is big enough to look after itself…” Rewritable Expand
Ufology needs something
1 DAY AGO - Obviously, the “Roswell slides” matter is kaput, and MUFON, even with a seemingly hefty Expand
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
Archaeologists Unearth Intact Forgotten Pub Under Manchester
1 DAY AGO - Historians in England got a rare treat this week when a completely unexpected archaeological site Expand
Biblical Stone Toilet Used for Humiliation Found in Israel
1 DAY AGO - The Hebrew Bible contains an interesting story in II Kings about a particular way of humiliating Expand
9/20 May Become the 4/20 of Magic Mushrooms
2 DAYS AGO - You can’t look at the date “4/20” or even a clock showing “4:20” anymore without thinking of Expand
European Earthquake Accompanied By Unexplained Noises
2 DAYS AGO - Earthquakes, despite being a fairly common natural occurrence, still contain some element of the Expand

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