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Hidden Experience
Mysterious Universe
The Barron Blog
UFO Iconoclasts, The
UFO Prophet
Mysterious Yellow Substance Removed From Hole in Space Station
9 HRS AGO - When David Letterman hosted “The Late Show,” he liked to play a couple of games called “Is This Expand
Supernatural Invaders in the Dead of Night
10 HRS AGO - In his book, Strange Intruders, David Weatherly says that the Incubus and the Succubus “live in a Expand
Suzies Sudden Saucer
1 DAY AGO - For several years I have been trying to obtain an rather unusual contactee book, Suzies Sudden Expand
Ghost of the Extremely Hungry Kind
1 DAY AGO - Imagine waking up with a start in the early hours of the morning and being confronted by one of Expand
Centuries-Old Japanese Document Reveals Ninjas’ Secret Oath
2 DAYS AGO - Is there anything as cartoonishly misunderstood as the ninja? Ninjas have been a staple of pop Expand
An “Underground Base” That Probably Doesn’t Exist
2 DAYS AGO - Occasionally, I’m asked for my thoughts on the claims that there’s a huge “alien Expand
Another Breatharian Tries to Peddle the All-Air Diet
2 DAYS AGO - The quest for the secret to losing weight and keeping it off ultimately leads to reducing caloric Expand
Taking a Look at the Djinn
2 DAYS AGO - Of all the entities of the supernatural variety, none are more feared and revered – in equal Expand
It May Not Be So Easy For Humans To Procreate On Mars
9 HRS AGO - It has already been discussed by experts that humans may eventually colonize to Mars, but the idea Expand
We need some UFO notables….badly
1 DAY AGO - Copyright 2018, InterAmerica, Inc.W here are ufology’s biggies?In the good ol’ days we had E T Expand
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
The CIA Secretly Created Mind-Controlled Dogs
1 DAY AGO - “He followed me home. Can I keep him?” Who can resist that plea from a child that has befriended Expand
Psychic and Paranormal Investigators Help Find Long Lost Murder Victim
1 DAY AGO - It’s the time of the year when psychics both living and Nostradamus are wheeled out to make their Expand
20.24 – MU Podcast
1 DAY AGO - Spearheaded by Nazi scientists during the second world war, the development of anti-gravity Expand
Giant Hidden World of Intraterrestrials is Living Underneath Our Feet
2 DAYS AGO - I feel the earth move under my feet I feel the sky tumbling down I feel my heart start to Expand
The Mysterious Australian House of Miracles
2 DAYS AGO - It’s the holiday season, and in this world that at times seems to be imploding upon itself it is a Expand
Cattle Mutilations: Getting Past the Sacred Cows
2 DAYS AGO - Among the many contentious sub-fields of phenomena associated with UFO research, perhaps none is Expand
Let’s say (for the sake of argument) that UFOs are ET craft
3 DAYS AGO - Copyright 2018, InterAmerica, Inc.What does a bona fide or government disclosure report that says Expand
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
Russia’s ‘Most Advanced Robot’ Revealed to Be Man in a Robot Suit
9 HRS AGO - Oh, Russia, don’t ever change. While China, Japan, and the U.S. continue to make great strides in Expand
1 DAY AGO - UFO. ADAMO ERA UNO SCHIAVO DEGLI ANUNNAKI? La bibbia fa riferimento all’uomo appena creato Expand
Santa Claus Stranded? Reindeer Are Mysteriously Vanishing from the North Pole
1 DAY AGO - Santa Claus may have to find alternative transportation this year. Flying car maybe? A squadron of Expand
Things That Go Boom in the Night: Earthquakes and Earth Lights
1 DAY AGO - As winter 2018 ensues here in America, the seasonal appearance of one of my favorite unusual Expand
Water Discovered On The Asteroid Bennu
2 DAYS AGO - Within the first week of the OSIRIS-REx probe arriving at Bennu, it has already detected water on Expand
Althea Provost, owls, and the transformative experience
2 DAYS AGO - recommended interviewI say yes to a lot of interviews. After so many I can get into a rhythm of Expand
The Superficiality and/or Self-Defeating Behavior of UFO Enthusiasts
2 DAYS AGO - Copyright 2018, InterAmerica, Inc.Yes, I’m embarrassed to disclose to my media followers and Expand
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
A Radar Anomaly and Unusual Air Force Activity Reported in Indiana
2 DAYS AGO - Residents of the Illinois–Indiana–Kentucky tri-state area were treated to a genuine airborne Expand

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