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Pterosaurs of the Ghostly Kind
7 HRS AGO - Imagine crossing the moors and hills of England and encountering what looks like nothing less than Expand
Edison Worked on a Spirit Phone to Record Voices of the Dead
12 HRS AGO - A long-lost chapter of the memoir of Thomas Edison has been found and published in France and it Expand
Billy Meier UFO Research (BMUFOR): Analysis of Prophecies and Predictions in Contact Reports 101-196
17 HRS AGO -  Visit this BMUFOR link to check out the analysis of the prophecies, predictions and Expand
Ridley Scott and James Cameron’s Alien 5
1 DAY AGO - “Ridley Scott and I have talked about doing one more where we go back to the original planet Expand
Cyborg Roaches Are Coming For You
1 DAY AGO - You walk into a dark kitchen and turn on the light. On the floor in front of you is a roach. A Expand
The Amazing Rise and Fall of a Rodent Utopia
2 DAYS AGO - Human beings seem to have a tendency to take our society for granted. We expect that rules will be Expand
Airplane Passenger Snaps UFO from Phoenix Bound Plane
2 DAYS AGO - Airplane Passenger Snaps UFO from Phoenix Bound Plane
UFO Appears on News Channel Broadcast in Argentina
2 DAYS AGO - Repeat after me: “How can newscasters who get paid to report the news not see the UFO flying Expand
News Briefs 03-03-2015
2 DAYS AGO - Learn to swim... Welcome to Los Atlantis: Maps imagine the modern world, post-flood. Buzz Aldrin Expand
MU in Japan Plus+ Special
8 HRS AGO - We continue our adventures in Tokyo with more tales of travel blunders, snow monkeys, robots, and Expand
UFO Over Loch Lomond
13 HRS AGO - What was this UFO captured on video in Scotland? Jim Harold and Micah Hanks explore the Expand
What is Wrong With Our Culture?
23 HRS AGO - Alan Watts wonders what is wrong with our culture, starting with TV... You know, for the vast Expand
Disclosure and owls
1 DAY AGO - Whitley Strieber writes about Disclosure, and mentions owls. This essay is posted as a journal Expand
News Briefs 04-03-2015
1 DAY AGO - Time for the news, I believe. 'Garish' fairies lower tone of neighbourhood. Childhood home of Expand
Scientists Document UFO Footage from Norway
2 DAYS AGO - Scientists Document UFO Footage from Norway
Woman Shoots Video of UFO near Olive Branch - Second Mississippi Video
2 DAYS AGO - Woman Shoots Video of UFO near Olive Branch - Second Mississippi Video
Time Travel is Possible, Say Scientists
2 DAYS AGO - The subject of time travel has intrigued both scientists and science-fiction writers alike for Expand
Morag: Nessie’s Lesser-Known Cousin
3 DAYS AGO - Make mention of Scottish lake monsters to most people and doing so will inevitably conjure up Expand
The Roswell Slides: Adios
10 HRS AGO - The controversy surrounding what have become known as the “Roswell Slides” has been Expand
Human Beings – 2.0
13 HRS AGO - Many people believe that an evolutionary upgrade in human cognitive abilities is evident in many Expand
News Briefs 05-03-2015
1 DAY AGO - In light of our recent incidence of collective missing time --how else to explain we're already in Expand
Sphere in S. Carolina, Orbs Over England, Triangle in Miss.
1 DAY AGO - UFOs come in all shapes and sizes and recently there have been sightings of three different ones. Expand
The Men in Black – On Audio
2 DAYS AGO - Well, for fans of the Men in Black mystery, here’s something that may appeal. In fact, Expand
Two UFOs Hover Above Home in Barwell, Leicestershire
2 DAYS AGO - Two UFOs Hover Above Home in Barwell, Leicestershire
Video from Mission, Texas Shows Triangle UFO
2 DAYS AGO - Video from Mission, Texas Shows Triangle UFO
Cat's Out of the Box: First Ever Photo of Light's Dual Nature
2 DAYS AGO - Probably the closest thing we'll ever have to Schrödinger's cat shown both alive and death: A Expand

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