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A UFO firing a laser at the Interrnational Space Station?
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
A Walk in the Clouds... of the Underworld
20 HRS AGO - Frozen clouds' is not something that can only be found in Sci-Fi films like Interstellar --Oops! Expand
A Million Mummies and One is a Giant
1 DAY AGO - We are fairly certain we have over a million burials within this cemetery. It’s large, and Expand
Are Our Oceans Hiding Mysterious Sea Monsters?
1 DAY AGO - Ancient legends of sea monsters attacking ships abound, but to date these tales remain fixed Expand
Nightmarish Invaders of our Dreams
2 DAYS AGO - Just a few days ago, here at Mysterious Universe, I wrote a review of Heidi Hollis’ Expand
Smaug Gets the Colbert Bump
2 DAYS AGO - Sure, President Obama might have been a nice landmark in his career, but this month Stephen Expand
A Chinese Dam is Stealing Time!
2 DAYS AGO - This may sound to you like the plot of the next Austin Powers movie, whereby Dr. Evil seeks to Expand
Space Review: The MIB Are Back
3 DAYS AGO - Back in the early 1950s, a new aspect was added to the growing UFO phenomenon: the Men in Black. Expand
Carnivorous Plants Are Going Vegetarian
15 HRS AGO - Just when humans are switching to diets heavy on red meat, pork, chicken and seafood and light on Expand
Weekender: Can Plants Think And Feel?
22 HRS AGO - Plants are generally considered to be more basic forms of life than animals. They cannot speak, or Expand
New Analysis Shows Yeti is Not a Hybrid Polar Bear
1 DAY AGO - Despite what TV cop shows would like you to believe, DNA evidence can be wrong. This is good news Expand
12.24 – MU Podcast
2 DAYS AGO - For our penultimate show of the year we ditch the usual “Top 5 stories of 2014″ format Expand
Strange Contrails Appear Over Russian Town
2 DAYS AGO - Multiple eyewitnesses, including one who was quick with her camera, spotted strange squiggly Expand
The Air Force Teleportation Physics Study [2004]
2 DAYS AGO - Click HERE for a PDF of a United States Air Force study of and about teleportation.RR
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
Have NASA scientists finally found evidence of life on Mars?
2 DAYS AGO - Mars has been hitting the headlines lately as scientists reveal more and more about the Red Expand
Die Wochenzeitung (Nr. 38, 18.09.2014) - Im All zählt man mit!
3 DAYS AGO - FIGU member sitting infront of Semjase-Silver-Star-Center (SSSC)"The haunting of the term Expand
The Ape – Beastly Bizarre!
3 DAYS AGO - Quite possibly, The Ape, a 1940 movie starring horror legend, Boris Karloff, is the most bizarre Expand
World’s Deepest Fish Deals With a Lot of Pressure
16 HRS AGO - The sport of fishing requires patience. The sport of avoiding sports fishermen (and women) Expand
Remarkable Stories of Humans Who Hibernated
1 DAY AGO - In the winter of 1981, teenager Jean Hilliard was on her way home at around midnight when the Expand
UFOs: An Intersection of Realities
1 DAY AGO - UFO reports are an expository of an experience and can be fictional or non-fictional.Tom McCarthy, Expand
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
News Briefs 18-12-2014
2 DAYS AGO - It's beginning to look a lot like...something. Enigmatic symbols and carvings in man-made cave in Expand
Mystery Illness Puts Kazakhstan Villagers to Sleep for Days
2 DAYS AGO - Imagine living in a town where one out of six people sitting in a restaurant or theater suddenly Expand
The Fairy Faith
2 DAYS AGO - This is a glorious documentary. It is calm and thoughtful, with long takes where people are Expand
A Holiday Gift for you!
3 DAYS AGO - Courtesy of the ‘Enchanted Hollow’ website  Merry Christmas, Expand
Artificial Intelligence: The Worms are Rising Up!
3 DAYS AGO - Our pursuit of AI (Artificial Intelligence) has recently taken a giant leap forward, with the help Expand

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