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Gli Alieni gli dicono di costruire un Ufoporto, ma uno svizzero in Argentina finisce nei guai
2 HRS AGO - Sostiene di essere stato ispirato dagli Alieni, per via telepatica. E ha dato corso, come racconta Expand
Microwaves and Russian Weirdness…and the MJ12 Documents
5 HRS AGO - Jack Brewer has an interesting new article at his “UFO Trail” blog titled “Cold Expand
Cratere Patomskiy: cosa ha causato questa strana formazione?
9 HRS AGO - Il cratere Patomskiy è una strana formazione geologica, un grande tumulo di roccia di forma conica Expand
Area 51: My Thoughts and Observations
11 HRS AGO - As someone who has written quite a bit on the controversy surrounding Area 51, I thought that Expand
The Man In The High Castle: The Crossing
15 HRS AGO - It's not very often that I binge-watch 40 hours of a TV series in two weeks, but I did that Expand
One of those “ancient” Japanese UFO encounter tales
1 DAY AGO - Copyright 2019, InterAmerica, Inc.Our pal Bill Murphy offered this link at The AnomalistThursday Expand
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
The Mystery of the Shag Harbour Incident
1 DAY AGO - The landscape of UFOlogy is littered with an array of stories of the strange and outlandish. This Expand
UFO-Like Mysterious Light Appears in the Bradford Skies
1 DAY AGO - A video of a UFO in the skies over Bradford has made the rounds online recently. The footage was Expand
The Time an Alien Welcome Party was Held at a Glacier in Iceland
1 DAY AGO - Located in the wilds of western Iceland is the magnificent glacier-capped stratovolcano called Expand
LUNA, spettacolare video di APOLLO 8 mostra un “oggetto cilindrico che espelle uno sbuffo di fumo”
3 HRS AGO - Hanno suscitato enorme interesse le immagini presentate nel numero di agosto 2003 di Electric Expand
The Mysterious Elves of Iceland and the World’s Only Elf School
5 HRS AGO - Iceland has long been a place permeated with magic, myth, and a certain sense of otherworldly Expand
A Private UFO Enthusiast Donated Thousands of Government UFO Reports to the General Public
10 HRS AGO - A collection of 30,000 documents was donated to the University of Manitoba in Canada by a private Expand
The Strange Tale of the Mad Tyrant of Clipperton Island
12 HRS AGO - Most of us, especially any of those of you with an Internet connection to even be reading this, Expand
Science Fiction predictions that came true
22 HRS AGO -
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
Mysterious ‘Particle X17’ May Be The Fifth Force of Nature
1 DAY AGO - Every high school physics student knows that the universe is governed by four forces of nature – Expand
“Expedition Bigfoot” Researchers Capture Possible Bigfoot On Video
1 DAY AGO - Expedition Bigfoot is a new Travel Channel series that follows a group of Sasquatch experts during Expand
Reports of Stone-Throwing Poltergeists Made by a Large Family in Bhutan
1 DAY AGO - Poltergeist: a noisy usually mischievous ghost held to be responsible for unexplained noises (such Expand
Ex dirigente di Facebook fugge in un nascondiglio remoto e avverte: ” ci sarà un collasso sociale”
1 DAY AGO - L’ascesa di robot e intelligenza artificiale ha costretto un eminente ex dirigente di Expand
Hundreds of Birds Die Mysteriously in Rural Area of Wales
5 HRS AGO - Things mysteriously falling from the sky is one of the classic Fortean phenomena. Birds dying from Expand
22.24 – MU Podcast
6 HRS AGO - The mystery of crop circles goes far deeper than crops simply being mowed down in field. From Expand
Mysterious Ancient Egyptian Coneheads Discovered
11 HRS AGO - One of the many places known for elongated skulls is Egypt. While few ancient remains or mummies Expand
12,500-Year-Old Site Unearthed While Digging For A Bridge In Connecticut
12 HRS AGO - While workers were preparing to reconstruct a bridge over Farmington River near Old Farms Road in Expand
Space Force: La forza spaziale Americana diventa realtà. Approvato il progetto
23 HRS AGO - Ora L’America ha il suo esercito spaziale La Space Force di Donald Trump, di cui ve ne aveva Expand
UFOs: Warnings to Those Who Investigate
1 DAY AGO - One of the UFO-related issues that isn’t touched on as much as it could be is that of what I Expand
Generale S. Kwast (USAF) : “Esiste Tecnologia per Teletrasportare Esseri Umani dalla Terra in qualsiasi posto”
1 DAY AGO - Il tenente generale Steven L. Kwast della US Air Force, recentemente in pensione, ha tenuto una Expand
The Roswell Bodies: The Biggest Change of Opinion in Ufology Ever?
1 DAY AGO - In my previous article, I detailed how Kenneth Arnold – the man who ushered in the era of Expand

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