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Very Odd Binary Systems Spit 45,000 Miles per Second Winds
1 HR AGO - Researchers at Cambridge University have observed two “very odd” binary systems in a Expand
UFO Music – My Personal Top 5
10 HRS AGO - I thought I would make today’s post a bit different. It’s my personal top 5 songs of a Expand
NASA Announces the New Lightning Capital of the World
14 HRS AGO - If Dr. Frankenstein’s descendants need a good place with reliable power for another attempt at Expand
Trekkies Launch Legal Battle Over Status of Klingon Language
17 HRS AGO - The world of conlangs, or constructed languages, has been receiving some uncharacteristically Expand
This Hoverboard Flies For A Mile and It’s For Real
21 HRS AGO - Forget the Marty McFly Back to the Future II comparisons and jokes. Don’t look for hidden wires or Expand
Understanding Déjà vu
1 DAY AGO - The word déjà vu is French for “already seen.” Most of us, at least 80% of us have experienced the Expand
Here Be Chemtrails! A Famous ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Sees New Circulation
1 DAY AGO - It is perhaps one of the most famous among modern conspiracies: the notion that aircraft flying Expand
The Future is Flying Alongside You!
1 DAY AGO - Decades ago, forward-thinking individuals might have envisioned the future of the 21st century Expand
Ultra-Thin Wearable Devices Could Provide Us with Removable Electronic Tattoos
1 DAY AGO - One important aspect in the evolution of electronics is the continued miniaturization of our Expand
The Short Life of a Baby Titanosaur
2 HRS AGO - Until now, the infant years of a baby titanosaur had been a mystery. Studies conducted on the Expand
I See Dead People: Can Mediums Tell If Someone is Alive or Dead From Just a Photo of Their Face?
10 HRS AGO - Mediumship - the alleged 'talent' of communicating with the dead - is as old as human history Expand
UFOs, UAP, and classic “flying saucer” cases….one more time
15 HRS AGO - Julien [Hessdalen Lights] is fascinated by the idea that UFOs are really UAP, and maybe akin to Expand
The UFO Iconoclast(s)
Shared by UFO Iconoclasts, The
Biggest Cause of Air Rage is Walking Through First Class
18 HRS AGO - The seats are cramped. The overhead bins are overflowing. The armrests are tiny. The bags of Expand
Nightmares of the Future: The Marsification of Earth
22 HRS AGO - A look at how the latest film in the Divergent series, Allegiant, perfectly illustrates the Expand
As a Man Stealeth: Follow up and Rebuttal
1 DAY AGO - This article contains the follow up and rebuttal to Meier and FIGU responses to our exposé of Expand
The Creepy Crawly World of Cryptid Giant Centipedes
1 DAY AGO - There are few things that people who hate bugs fear more than centipedes. The glittering Expand
“A Hideous Being With Disheveled Hair”
1 DAY AGO - In October of last year, I wrote an article here at Mysterious Universe titled “The Glowing Expand
New Woolly Wolf Species Discovered In Nepal
1 DAY AGO - The world of wolves just got a little bigger thanks to some new research in Nepal. Based on Expand
Written in Red: When Murderers Leave Messages
3 HRS AGO - The story was like something you’d find within a mystery novel. There lay the bodies of two Expand
Elon Musk to Open a Training Gym For Artificial Intelligence
12 HRS AGO - The CEO of Tesla Motors, and the same guy who said that artificial intelligence was going to ruin Expand
Biotech Startup Maps Cannabis Genetic Evolution to Prevent Corporate Patenting
15 HRS AGO - Between promising studies regarding the medical uses of cannabis and it's obvious recreational Expand
UAE Wants to Build a Fake Mountain to Increase Rainfall
19 HRS AGO - The United Arab Emirates is no stranger to building very large, very ambitious, very expensive Expand
News Briefs 03-05-2016
23 HRS AGO - TFW when you start the week with good momentum, and all of a sudden... 'New' geoglyph discovered Expand
13.17 – MU Plus+ Podcast
1 DAY AGO - We begin with some new urban legends to take us into ‘The Geography of Madness’ and Expand
Drones Over Fuji
1 DAY AGO - If you're a Close Encounters of the Third Kind fan pining for a bit of 'UFOs playing music on top Expand
Mystery of the Blonde Egyptian Mummies Has Been Solved
1 DAY AGO - It’s hard to tell by looking at mummies, but many people believe that Egyptians living at Expand

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