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Alien Encounter in Virginia Beach, Virginia on November 19th 2013 - I saw this being appear inside my room, in front of the door. It was very tall, very skinny, with long and skinny limbs and fingers.
6 HRS AGO - Sometime in November a few years ago, 2013 or 2014, my brother, his girlfriend and their baby were Expand
Meteorite crashes through Phitsanulok house roof is a treasure from the sky, June 2016, UFO Sighting News.
11 HRS AGO - Date of event: June 2016Location of event: Phitsanulok, Thailand News Expand
Black Triangle Sighting in C͠u͠l͠l, Louisiana on June 28th 2016 - I͠ w͠a͠s͠ s͠t͠a͠n͠d͠i͠n͠g͠ o͠u͠t͠s͠i͠d͠e͠ a͠n͠d͠ i͠t͠
12 HRS AGO - I͠ w͠a͠s͠ o͠u͠t͠s͠i͠d͠e͠ I͠ Expand
UFO Sighting in Haleiwa, Hawaii on December 28th 2015 - I witnessed a V shaped boomerang craft with five lights moving in the night sky.
15 HRS AGO - UFO INCIDENT 12-28-15 2037 hours Haleiwa Boat Harbor Haleiwa, North Shore Oahu, Expand
UFO Sighting in Ontario, Ontario on June 29th 2016 - Stayed hovering for around 8 minutes clouds behind it were moving but the swirl like clouds stayed hovering in place. The
23 HRS AGO - Swirl like cloud that seemed to hover motionless while clouds in the back ground moved. It stayed Expand
Alien Encounter in Caldwell, Idaho on April 30th 2016 - Abduction
1 DAY AGO - On the approximate date of 10 May 2016, I was at home with my wife. It was one of my regular days Expand
UFO Sighting in Orlando, Florida on November 10th 2015 - Multiple types & sitings. Majority of white orbs about the size of a softball & 1 indigo blue sphere of flames.
1 DAY AGO - I see various types of UFO's weekly, sometimes nightly, right here at my house between the hours Expand
UFO Sighting in Bear, Delaware on June 28th 2016 - Took the dog out and looked up and saw this red and green thing sitting still in the sky about 100 yards to the west.
1 DAY AGO - Took the dog out and looked up and saw this red and green thing sitting still in the sky about 100 Expand
UFO Sighting in Ashland, Oregon on June 26th 2016 - saw a shinny silver snake like object move like a snake & then disappeared! It was not in the sky for very long.
1 DAY AGO - I was sitting outside on my deck and a shinny silver, snake shape, and moved like a snake too, Expand
UFOs and anomalies in the solar space in the review of the June 29, 2016 Video, UFO Sighting News.
7 HRS AGO - Date of sighting: June 29, 2016Location of sighting: Earths sunSource: NASA/SOHOHere are some Expand
UFO Sighting in Twentynine Palms, California on June 19th 2016 - Black sphere emitting no noise which hovered above a house then traveled at approximately 35 mph
11 HRS AGO - At 5:20 in the morning on 26 June I was walking my dogs along a regularly traveled route just Expand
UFO Sighting in Kingston, Ontario on September 10th 1977 - Recieved a call from a radar tech that he had unidentified aircraft on his radar and go outside and look up a the nigth sky, and see what I can see.
14 HRS AGO - I had been in the Canadian Military for about 10 years, when this happened. Upon getting a phone Expand
UFO Sighting in Elliot Lake, Ontario on July 12th 1963 - We heard a low hum sound and found the sound coming from the sky and looked up and saw a large disk flying out from a large cumulus cloud.
15 HRS AGO - I was only 13 years old at the time, and my friend was 14 years old. We were going swimming at Expand
UFO Sighting in Spartanburg, South Carolina on March 20th 1974 - What I saw was an actual space ship it appeared neon green and just hovered . no noise but vibrated and hovered but went back and forth
1 DAY AGO - I was just a young kid I was 13 years old... my mother was taking me to see a movie later that Expand
100 Meter Alien Base Found In Tycho Crater On June 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.
1 DAY AGO - Date of discovery: June 2016Location of discovery: Tycho crater, Earths moonSource NASA photo: Expand
UFO Sighting in Bennett, Colorado on June 27th 2016 - Looked up from a chair on my back porch saw a bright white object. The sky was very blue and expecting to see anything it stood out. It was about 15,000 to 20,000 ft up. After observing for 2.30 mm it d
1 DAY AGO - While observing making sure i was seeing what i thought i was seeing the object abruptly headed Expand
UFO Sighting in Bryce Canyon, Utah on June 16th 2016 - Taking nature photos at Bryce Canyon. When I got home I noticed a strange row of lights in the image that started on one side of the image and made it's way to the other side in another image.
1 DAY AGO - 1. Bryce Canyon, taking pics at night. 2. I didn't notice it until I got home and was editing the Expand
UFO Landing in Albuquerque, New Mexico on March 22nd 2016 - My name is Joseph I have some photos of the southern sky I sent some to your Dir and he sent me a email what I am getting on camera is real
1 DAY AGO - this is along story so I am going to try to make it short . I was on JPL web site looking at there Expand
Mars: Ancient Seam Between Rocks Found, Proof Of Ancient Civilizations On Mars, June 2016, Photos, UFO Sighting News.
9 HRS AGO - Above is Mars, below is an ancient wall in Peru. Date of discovery: June 30, 2016Location of Expand
UFO Sighting in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania on June 30th 2016 - multi light very high traveling diffrent directions
12 HRS AGO - Fishing at our lake at 11-11 pm looked up at stars very clear night no clouds I saw what looked to Expand
UFO Sighting in Ferndale, Washington on June 29th 2016 - Bright light over south east corner of lummi island
15 HRS AGO - On Haxton Way driving west to work at Intalco when I saw a bright light basket ball size about 3/4 Expand
UFO Sighting in Sudbury, Ontario on June 27th 2016 - I felt like i could not breathe, had to get outside, huge red orb fillled the Western Sky.
18 HRS AGO - On June 27 2016 I was at home in Northern Ontario at about 1:30 am. I was getting ready to take a Expand
NORAD Secret Documents Show 75 UFOs Intercepts Each Year, June 2016, UFO Sightng News.
1 DAY AGO - Date of video: June 2016Maker of video: Earths Mysteries News.Here is a cool testement to the UFOs Expand
8.5 Mile Pyramid Found Under The Ocean, Ancient UFO Or Alien Base Found, June 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.
1 DAY AGO - Date of discovery: June 2016Location of discovery: West of Mexico (ocean)Google map Expand
UFO Sighting in Bay, Arkansas on June 28th 2016 - i saw 3 lights pulsating slowly for a few minutes they were in the same general area but in a triangular shape quite a distance apart
1 DAY AGO - I stepped out for a cigarette in my car port at approx. 11:05pm and looked up in the night sky Expand
UFO Sighting in Freeport, Texas on June 26th 2016 - This blue orb was observed off shore by my cousin a fishing boat captain
1 DAY AGO - My cousin sent me these photos. My cousin is a fishing boat captain in Surfside TX. He has been Expand

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