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Disc – shaped UFO sighting on Mars on 27th March 2015
1 HR AGO - A possible UFO has been photographed by one of the Malin Space Science cameras which are currently Expand
6 HRS AGO - "It was around four or five in the afternoon on a spring day. I was working, cutting grass at the Expand
UFO Sighting in Clay, New York on March 18th 2015 - looked out window for slim chance to see aurora borealis, saw instead a UFO gliding pretty low and slow
8 HRS AGO - I was watching T.V and it was the night of which there was supposed to be a huge aurora borealis Expand
UFO Sighting in Greenbrier, Arkansas on March 28th 2015 - I have witnessed Alien activity here for several years. Shortly before the first of the year they made me aware of something I had to share.
9 HRS AGO - I'm sure you hear a lot of wild stories, but mine is ongoing, and has been for several years. I Expand
UFO Sighting in Tomball, Texas on March 27th 2015 - Fairly large object strange lights and movement
11 HRS AGO - I was on Northpointe Blvd, going west towards Shaw Rd. I observed a fairly large for the Expand
Black Triangle Sighting in Lake Saint Louis, Missouri on March 29th 2015 - flew over house
20 HRS AGO - Had to sit outside to smoke, watching stars, object came from south flew north until out of site. Expand
Alien Face With Body Found On Mars Near Happy Face! March 2015, UFO sighting News.
21 HRS AGO - Date of discovery: March 22, 2015Location of discovery: Idaeus Fossae, MarsCoordinates: 35° Expand
Black Triangle Sighting in Clayton, North Carolina on March 29th 2015 - The UFO was hovering and the lights blinked.
22 HRS AGO - I walked onto the porch and sat down. It was about 12:25 AM. About 5 minutes later I looked up and Expand
Giant UFO Disk Found On Mars, March 2015, NASA Source! Video, UFO Sighting News.
22 HRS AGO - Screenshot above is from the video, screenshot below is taken by me at the NASA source Expand
Giant UFO near to The Sun on 25th March 2015
1 HR AGO - New amazing video footage of a bright UFO sighting recorded near to The Sun on 25th March 2015.
UFO Sighting in Bridgetown, Saint Michael on March 29th 2015 - Bright silent green light about 2-3 mile out to sea dropped down into the cloud below it and did not come out the bottom of the cloud.
7 HRS AGO - On the way back from picking my girlfriend up from work driving down the coast road heading home Expand
UFO Sighting in Mobridge, South Dakota on April 30th 1996 - Passed by UFO on Hwy 12 Near Mobridge SD
8 HRS AGO - I am sorry but I don't have date and year of actual sighting May 1996 is a ballpark guess. Expand
UFO Landing in Kings Point, New York on May 1st 1966 - Observed in daylight under a tree. Red/orange, dome shaped, approximately 8 ft. in diameter. Suddenly disappears.
10 HRS AGO - I sited a UFO in the mid-1960s, perhaps 1966 or 1967. I may have been about 6 or 7 years old. It Expand
UFO Sighting in Alabaster, Alabama on January 17th 2015 - I went out my back door to feed my chickens and I notice about the tree line a huge two level square chrome object hovering over the trees it was massive almost looked like a building made no noise.
20 HRS AGO - it was two level massive in size all chrome windows on both levels look liked a building it was Expand
UFO Sighting in Morro Bay, California on March 28th 2015 - Two metallic orbs moving in tandem across sky then disappeared suddenly
21 HRS AGO - My husband and I were strolling the boardwalks along Morro Bay at a slow relaxed pace. It was Expand
Black Triangle Sighting in Waco, Texas on October 2nd 1973 - Black triangular obect about 20 ft. wide and 30 ft. long. It was able to hang motionless about 35 ft. above the ground.
22 HRS AGO - I was taking a doctoral course at Baylor University that met twice a week from 7 to 8:30 PM. Expand
In The House of Leviathan - By Bestselling Author, B.D. Bruns
23 HRS AGO - Recently, it seems the horror genre has been overrun with teen melodrama. Just google "why Expand
UFO sighting near The Sun on 15 October 2014
1 HR AGO - Interesting video footage of a huge UFO sighting recorded near The Sun on 15 October 2014.
UFO Sighting in Miami, Florida on March 29th 2015 - I was not witness, my friend posted this picture and the first thing I noticed was the Orb
8 HRS AGO - My friend posted this picture this morning and I immediately noticed the blue light in the sky. No Expand
UFO Sighting in Pasadena, Texas on March 28th 2015 - Chrome object suddenlyappeared then disappeared in clear sky
9 HRS AGO - My son and I were driving in the car the afternoon of 3/28/2015, and suddenly a brilliantly Expand
UFO Sighting in High Springs, Florida on February 14th 2015 - 2 round fireball objects traveling the same path east.the first pass me until it flashed out over the Power Plant.there was another coming from the same direction first one came from took about
10 HRS AGO - At my moms house.I notice a bright fireball object.a ufo.fireball object red and orange with no Expand
UFO Sighting in Bonanza, Oregon on March 27th 2015 - Sn object came into view, hovered, expelled "things", flew low omni-directional, left.
18 HRS AGO - I was camping on my new property out in the woods, no electricity, no water, etc its completely Expand
UFO Sighting in Lompoc, California on March 28th 2015 - Glowing orb with energy field moving incredibly fast no sound and sudden change of direction then dissapears
21 HRS AGO - At 9:45 PM PST, an object was observed travelling from the SE at high rate of speed and observed Expand
UFO Sighting in Bremerton, Washington on November 18th 2014 - two nights in a row clustered. coming and going
22 HRS AGO - I was stationed in Bremerton, wa. I lived in the Bayview west apartments on kitsap way. I walked Expand
UFO Sighting in North Charleston, South Carolina on November 12th 1966 - My mother called all of us onto the back porch to witness a UFO hovering over the area of the US Army Depot on Remount Road. It hovered and changed colors and then took off after abou
22 HRS AGO - I was a child, around 10 or so. My brother, 7 years my senior, and my sister, 3 years younger than Expand

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