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UFO Sighting in Hudson, Massachusetts on September 6th 2014 - moved very fast, black disc shape looked to me!
7 HRS AGO - I have a video I would like to send from plane I was in flying over the Caribbean. when I was Expand
UFO Sighting in Lakeview, Oregon on June 1st 2007 - 3 Orbs.
9 HRS AGO - My brothers were out moving sprinkler lines on my dad's property and saw three orange orbs flying Expand
UFO Sighting in Daytona Beach, Florida on July 6th 2015 - 5 UFO traveling north
11 HRS AGO - Standing on the 9th floor of my hotel room around 9 pm I notice 5 UFO traveling north above the Expand
Wagon-like Machine Found On Mars In NASA Photo, May 2015, UFO Sighting News.
15 HRS AGO - Date of discovery: May 28, 2015Location of discovery: MarsSource photo: Expand
Alien Encounter in Silverton, Idaho on August 31st 2015 - Entity in bedroom
19 HRS AGO - I've reported about entities in my room before but this time they seem to have affected every Expand
UFO Sighting in Monroe, New York on August 30th 2015 - Me and my three friends were walking to my house and noticed orange like stars moving at a medium speed shaped like a giant kite then it disappeared
20 HRS AGO - Me and my three friends were walking to my house and noticed orange like stars moving at a medium Expand
UFO Sighting in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia on September 26th 1967 - witnessed 2 bright orange glowing spheres that hoverd on the lake's water surface
22 HRS AGO - I'm not sure if you'd be interested in my story as it's 40 years old. In any event, back when I Expand
UFO Sighting in San Jacinto, California on September 12th 2014 - pluming clounds from under silver rounded disck with band of light in the middle
22 HRS AGO - 9/12/14 @ 5:55am i was on break at work saw a light in the distance then appeared above us along Expand
UFO Sighting in Washington, District of Columbia on August 28th 2015 - Hovering Lights above the Capitol Building
9 HRS AGO - At the time I took the picture, I was on a foot tour around Washington DC detailing the events of Expand
Black Triangle Sighting in Curitiba, State of Paraná on August 23rd 2015 - Triangular UFO with white round bottom.
9 HRS AGO - I work on Sundays and was preparing to leave for work. I noticed in the sky a dark dot, which i Expand
UFO Sighting in Texas on April 1st 1977 - The UFO appeared from thin air. Has it moved made no sound and was about the size of a football field and glided from southwest to northeast
11 HRS AGO - It was between the year 1977 and 1978, during the time I was a teenager, I was residing in the Expand
UFO Follows The Donald Trump Helicopter, Tells US Trump Will Be Next President On Aug 15, 2015, UFO Sighting News.
17 HRS AGO - Date of sighting: Aug 15, 2015 at 1PMLocation of sighting: Des Moines, Illinois, USASource: Expand
UFO Sighting in Fairport, New York on August 31st 2015 - Too much detail
20 HRS AGO - Around 11:30ish tonight 8/31/15, i Was walking from my apartment to the dumpster when I notice a Expand
UFO Sighting in Santa Ana, Santa Ana on December 28th 2013 - the object plane in the sky and ascend to the clouds
20 HRS AGO - I was in the back yard, I saw the sky and saw a rare object silver that changed the direction Expand
UFO Landing in Lockhart, Texas on August 12th 1958 - Chritmas tree shape object
22 HRS AGO - I have always been fascinated with stars as far back as I can remember. One summer night at about Expand
Strange beam of light recorded from ISS on 29th August 2015
22 HRS AGO - New interesting video footage of a Strange beam of light recorded from ISS on 29th August 2015.
Strange little creature found in Russia along river bank, Aug 2015, Video, UFO Sighting News.
9 HRS AGO - Date of discovery: August 2015Location of discover: Sosnovy Bor, RussiaThis tiny alien body was Expand
UFO Sighting in Benidorm, Valencian Community on September 1st 2015 - Fleet of 7 objects against vegetation
10 HRS AGO - This was not my sighting but a lady on a website that buys/sells 2nd hand articles in Spain, Expand
More Proof Of Giant Aliens Once Living In South Africa, UFO Sighting News.
13 HRS AGO - Date of interview: Nov 17, 2013Location of interview: WITS University, Johannesburg, South Expand
UFO Sighting in ogden utah, Utah on August 27th 2015 - fishing with a relative
16 HRS AGO - While out fishing with a relative at about 1:30 am asked what is that. when I turned in the Expand
UFO Sighting in Livermore Falls, Maine on August 31st 2015 - riding in car saw bright light over field stioped observed it flashed it with light it took pics
19 HRS AGO - I was out for a evening ride,drinking coffee listening to a broadcast. on a rural country Expand
UFO Sighting in Lexington Park, Maryland on August 31st 2015 - Two crafts, each consisting of two connected white spheres, hovering
20 HRS AGO - Around 7:00 P.M. on August 31st, 2015 I saw two unusually shaped objects in the sky. This is Expand
UFO Sighting in Batesville, Mississippi on August 31st 2015 - Lights and erratic movements in southern sky.
21 HRS AGO - I live east of Batesville MS. My husband and I just observed in the southern sky an object of Expand
UFO Sighting in Panama City, Florida on August 31st 2015 - Saw two different lights several miles up
22 HRS AGO - I was with my dog in the back yard looking up at the Sky like I usually do. It was a clear night Expand

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