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Third Phase Of Moon
Topic: UFO
Ufology PRSS
The Mystic that predicted the Brexit
5 HRS AGO - Baba Vanga a blind mystic that have predicted 9/11, the rise of Isis and the boxing day tsunami Expand
Best Real Extraterrestial Beings Caught on Tape in 2016
12 HRS AGO - Do you think aliens exists? In this video a collection of the best real alien videos of 2016 is Expand
Cancer Causing Radium to Be Dumped Into Great Lakes Freshwater Basin
21 HRS AGO - Needless to say, this isn't getting enough traction and the implications of such an action is Expand
Strange Clouds Over CERN Causing Concern: Portal To Another Dimension?
1 DAY AGO - Something very unusal is happening in the vicinity of Geneva near the Large Hadron Collider and Expand
Anti Brexit Protesters with REAL audio
2 DAYS AGO - The entitled sjw special snowflake generation of brainwashed youth protesting outside parliament Expand
Real Flying alien over California 2016
2 DAYS AGO - Most of the flying humanoids are really a difficult mystery to solve. The story is as simple as Expand
Two extortion victims of organized crime & The Luxury Companion - Charlie Sheen is one
2 DAYS AGO - It seems not only Charlie Sheen, but David Garrett now as well has made national and international Expand
Secret Island Near Argentina Is Home To Aliens, Nazi's And Giants
2 DAYS AGO - Why is there a false satellite image hiding this area? Picton Island, just off the southernmost Expand
Alien Photographed On International Space Station
3 DAYS AGO - Something very strange happened on the International Space Station. This video is NOT about a Expand
How pedophile defense attorneys Randazza Legal Group used the courts to harass Glenn Beck
6 HRS AGO - December 2010 Marc Randazza writes an essay defending an "author's" right to publish a booked Expand
Alien Bases and Pyramids: Is this why we do not return to the Moon?
12 HRS AGO - A new age was upon us after humans first set foot on the Moon. No more limitations to stay on our Expand
Odd Red Flashing Green Orb/Craft and a White Shape Shifting UFO
21 HRS AGO - At first I thought the red light UFO video was a Chinese lantern. However after further Expand
Giant Alien Statue Discovered In The Mountains Of Patagonia
1 DAY AGO - A giant statue comprised of many smaller statues found in southern mountain ranges of Expand
Mysteries on Mars: The number 81
2 DAYS AGO - A great find on the surface of Mars. The number 81 found by Marcelo Irazusta Will it be a proof of Expand
Russell Brand, Woody Harrelson, George Carlin and Dave Cappelle Talk About The Illuminati
2 DAYS AGO - Imagine this world from the big large picture in the sky. Every single citizen on Earth Expand
Dave aka Dwight Cunningham of The Luxury Companion & Legal trouble
2 DAYS AGO - Learn about The Luxury Companion and how it links to organized crime, trafficking and much more. Expand
Secret NORAD Files Public
3 DAYS AGO - At the sold-out Alien Cosmic Expo 2016 that took place in Brantford ON Canada on June 24, 25, 26 Expand
Earth is not a sphere
3 DAYS AGO - A Flat Earth science and discussions documentary and proof of a flat earth model hidden in a Expand
Evolution of Awareness - The Surface Reality
7 HRS AGO - This video is a mini documentary exploring human consciousness and the pursuit of happiness. Expand
Keeper of Timer on Mars
19 HRS AGO - Mars anomaly found by Curiosity Rover, Human type being with a wristwatch on his right arm? Expand
A Cigar Shaped UFO Being Chased By MIG 21's (Possibly Andromeda-Gert)
1 DAY AGO - (Possibly Andromeda-Gerät) A Cigar Shaped UFO Being Chased By MIG 21's Vril Andromeda-Gerät Expand
8.5 Mile Pyramid Found Under The Ocean, Ancient UFO Or Alien Base?
1 DAY AGO - A huge pyramid structure has been fpund by Marcelo Irazusta in the Pacific Ocean. Is it a UFO or Expand
Reptilian Alien Teleportation Filmed In Area 51
2 DAYS AGO - Alien reptilian filmed in 2010 near Area 51 in Nevada , this film was made by tourists near the Expand
How To DeBunk UFO Videos
2 DAYS AGO - If you did a search for UFO videos, you're going to come across a gazillion results. Here's the Expand
Dave arrested, felony charges, human trafficking & Pornstars: The Luxury Companion
2 DAYS AGO - Learn about The Luxury Companion and how it links to organized crime, trafficking and much more. Expand
Most Spookiest Ghost Sighting Of Lady Meena In Haunted House
3 DAYS AGO - This ghost hunt was done in haunted galaxy apartment, mumbai. 2nd floor is called haunted by a Expand

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