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Footage of UFOs
Ufology PRSS
A Group Of Tigers Team Up For Devastating Strike
6 HRS AGO - Incredible footage from a Siberian tiger enclosure in China’s Heilongjiang Province has captured Expand
UFO Through Worm Hole?
8 HRS AGO - UFO sightings have long been a topic of great interest among people all over the world. Some of Expand
38 Witnesses Observed Aliens On Top Of A Hovering Object In Papua New Guinea
9 HRS AGO - In June of 1959 at Papua New Guinea, William Gill, a priest, along with 37 others, observed a Expand
UFO Orb Lights Over Manhattan
16 HRS AGO - hi guys and thanks for watching this footage of Multiple UFO Orb Lights filmed Over Manhattan Expand
Dawn of Global Government Revelation Full Documentary
16 HRS AGO - Hi guys and thank you for watching Dawn of Global Government Revelation Full Documentary and to Expand
Floods of 2017 Begin "Historic"
22 HRS AGO - The historic floods of 2017 have begun with mass evacuations in parts of California with much more Expand
The Hall Of Records: The Secret Room Of Mount Rushmore
1 DAY AGO - More than 3 million individuals visit Mount Rushmore National Memorial every year. Here, Expand
Marvin Badilla Captures Saucer-Like Object On Cell Phone Cam, Costa Rica
1 DAY AGO - IMO Still the most compelling video of a UFO to this day. Interesting observation about this. If Expand
New UFO Sightings 2017 - TOP 5 Recent UFOs
1 DAY AGO - the most recent ufo sightings of 2017 unbelievable footage captured of new ufo's this video shows Expand
Something Strange Is Going On Blue Diamond Hills, February 2017
8 HRS AGO - Witness report: I shot this video from my backyard in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada on Expand
Buzz Aldrin About UFOs: 'Houston, There Is A Light That Is Following Us
8 HRS AGO - BUZZ Aldrin: I saw this illumination that was moving with respect to the stars. We were smart Expand
Alien Disclosure? Tom DeLonge Hints At Big Announcement Within The Next 60 Days
9 HRS AGO - Concise round up of Delonge's "Advisors" with cryptic message towards end of video.
Filmed Over Alaska Red Orb or Nibiru? Feb 2017
16 HRS AGO - hi guys and thanks for watching this footage Filmed Over Alaska Red Orb or Nibiru? Feb 2017 Expand
What is the most astounding fact about the Universe?
21 HRS AGO - Watch Neil Degrasse Tyson's response when he was asked to describe the most interesting fact about Expand
The Global Government of Cannibalism
1 DAY AGO - We all know world leaders are power hungry - but who knew just what they were eating? The Expand
SpaceX Dragon Cargo Craft Arrives At The ISS
1 DAY AGO - Following to the launch of the SpaceX Falcom 9 rocket now the cargo craft SpaceX Dragon arrives at Expand
Huge Pyramid in plain sight in Moon's Tycho Crater
1 DAY AGO - A one kilometer high pyramid detected by various lunar missions in Tycho Crater on the Moon. The Expand
Is NASA's Latest Press Conference A Part of UFO Alien Soft Disclosure?
1 DAY AGO - NASA recently announced discovery of potentially habitable planets located in a distant star Expand
Something Strange Slips on Mars
8 HRS AGO - Scientists see Mars as a lifeless planet with no living organisms inhabiting its surface. However, Expand
The Dark Secrets Of Oak Island
8 HRS AGO - It began as every boy's dream adventure, like a chapter from Tom Sawyer. It was the year 1795 when Expand
The Weirdest Mysteries on Mars
16 HRS AGO - hi there people and thanks for watch this compilation of The Weirdest Mysteries on Mars hope you Expand
The UFO Enigma: Alien Mind Control
16 HRS AGO - hi guys and thanks for watching this Full Documentary The UFO Enigma Alien Mind Control hope you Expand
Now released: Amazing UFO sighting filmed over Nevada, near Area 51
22 HRS AGO - This interesting UFO footage was filmed over Summerlin, Nevada back in 2015. However, it was Expand
The Fallen Of WW2 - An Animated Documentary
1 DAY AGO - A heartbreaking and eye-opening animated documentary about war and peace, the fallen of the second Expand
The Genesys 6 Conspiracy: NWO, Illuminati, Giants, and Nephilim
1 DAY AGO - Gary & Doug discuss the NWO, Illuminati, Giants and Nephilim in depth and delve into the Expand
True Doppelganger stories! (I saw my DOUBLE!)
1 DAY AGO - For centuries, thousands of people have claimed to see their twin or exact double. There has been Expand

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