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Third Phase Of Moon
Topic: UFO
Ufology PRSS
Avoid Online Holiday Booking Scams by Bacall Associates
59 MINS AGO - How to avoid online holiday booking scams - Expand
Agrupación Comandos Anfibios: La Instrucción [CAPÍTULO II]
3 HRS AGO - Los integrantes del Batallón de Infantería de Marina Nº 2 realizaron descenso rápido por cuerda Expand
The Universe as The Mind Fundamental Branching Phenomena Information Processing
4 HRS AGO - The Universe as The Mind Fundamental Branching Phenomena Information Processing
The Physical World as a Virtual Reality by Brian Witworth
5 HRS AGO - Abstract This paper explores the idea that the universe is a virtual reality created by Expand
Astana, Kazakhstan - A New Masonic Capital ... Must Watch
5 HRS AGO - Astana is the New capital city of Kazakhstan which is built on Masonic Structure ... The video Expand
Child scares off home invaders in Brooklyn NY 10 year old boy SHOOTS at Intruders like Home Alone
5 HRS AGO - like/subscribe/coment10 Year old Boy foils Home Invasion in Brooklyn NY Video BOY picks up the gun Expand
160501 - Descent into Chaos
5 HRS AGO - Source Links and video text for Today's Items are located at Expand
Restaurant uses automatic wok to make fried rice
5 HRS AGO - New cooking technologies , and innovative gadgets . Helps the chef can do many things at once . We Expand
5 HRS AGO - Sub for more: Russia Insider reports, According to an April 23rd Expand
1 HR AGO - Dominion Birth by princess An-Ra Sekhmet 1st Slayer to Queen RA ruler of the universe.
Ufo recorded event (in HD)/08 - 10 - 13
3 HRS AGO - this UFO recorded encounter will be shown in its entirety. the object will change shape during. Expand
SpaceX Pad Abort Test
5 HRS AGO - Esta semana SpaceX anunció planes para aterrizar una nave espacial Dragón en Marte en 2018. Esto Expand
Simulation Argument For How The Physical Reality is a Virtual Construct
5 HRS AGO - Simulation Argument For How The Physical Reality is a Virtual Construct from the Paper The Expand
The Truth About Nibiru
5 HRS AGO - NASA Lunar Science Institute David Morrison Truth Nibiru Transcription: NASA Lunar Science Expand
A Unified Explanation of Quantum Phenomena The Case for the Peer to Peer Simulation Hypothesis as an Interdisciplinary Research Program by Marcus Arvan
5 HRS AGO - Abstract In my 2013 article, “A New Theory of Free Will”, I argued that several Expand
Jason/Santa Clarita Cop Watch is down.
5 HRS AGO - Video explains all.
Homemade Hoverbike
5 HRS AGO - What a creation, it's a unhinged flying bike/human blender but unbelievably it gets off the ground Expand
Alasdair Macleod-Gold Rising, Dollar Going Down
5 HRS AGO - Alasdair Macleod, who is an expert in precious metals, says, The fundamental reason gold (prices) Expand
2 HRS AGO - Decided to modify the throwing knives again.
8 Crazy MYSTERIES We Cannot Explain. REAL And Crazy
3 HRS AGO - Music used - "Ossuary 2 - Turn" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: Expand
Smoking Scorpion Trails
5 HRS AGO - my mate died the next day
How the Peer to Peer Simulation Hypothesis Explains Just About Everything Including the Very Existence of Quantum Mechanics by Marcus Arvan
5 HRS AGO - In my recently published article, “A New Theory of Free Will”1 , I argued that several Expand
911 CALL - "Amazing" 12 Year Old Girl Shoots Intruder with a Glock During Home Invasion
5 HRS AGO - Inform others about this alleged child ABDUCTOR who breaks into a home and this amazing 12 year Expand
Taurus New Moon - This Love Lasts
5 HRS AGO - The Taurus New Moon means for you is love you and your gifts. This love lasts. Expand
2016: 1st Presidential Election w/o Voting Rights Protections in 50 Years
5 HRS AGO - Ari Berman, author of the new book "GIVE US THE BALLOT: The Modern Struggle for Voting Rights in Expand
New Sun Diving Comet Caught on NASA's SOHO Cameras
5 HRS AGO - www.undergroundworldnews.comLooks like we have another large object/rogue comet diving toward the Expand

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