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Footage of UFOs
September 2018 Sighting
9/18/2018 - You should check out this September 8th, 2018 sighting that a UK UFOlogist has posted to youtube.  Expand
Professor Claims Many Governments Involved in Cover-up
6/30/2018 - Check out this amazing article about a professor from NASA who claims that many governments have Expand
Wyoming UFO
6/27/2018 - This is one of the best UFO sightings from the last few months.  This one is coming in from Expand
13 of the Best UFO Footage
5/15/2018 - This is a great collection of 13 great sightings.  We missed this video which was posted in late Expand
Agean Sea Airplane UFO
4/30/2018 - Very rarely do we get such a clear and odd UFO shot from an airplane.  This has not been explained Expand
Calvin Parker – Alien Abduction
8/14/2018 - New UFO Abduction Story There is a new book being released about a Mississippi man’s claims Expand
UFOs and Drones
6/28/2018 - Here is a top ten collection of some great UFO sightings taken from drone footage.  Having the Expand
The drip feed theory
5/30/2018 - We’ve been talking for years about the ‘drip feed theory’.  That the US Expand
UK UFO in the Clouds
5/10/2018 - What do you think? So many of these videos that we review are just obvious fakes.  This one on the Expand
Former Navy Pilot Chased UFO – Take them Seriously
1/16/2018 - Expand
Arizona UFO Sighting
7/5/2018 - Back in 2017 there was this massive sighting out in Arizona.  This one was again from the folks at Expand
Tulli Papyrus
6/28/2018 - This is a very odd old legend of Tulli Papyrus – which might be the most ancient UFO Expand
Want to know what ETs look like?
5/16/2018 - What do you think ETs look like? Apparently, these science experts think that they know what they Expand
ABC News
4/30/2018 - It’s always interesting when mainstream media picks up on some of these UFO stories and Expand
Best 2017 Footage
12/21/2017 - Here is one of the best of the year: <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ Expand

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