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Third Phase Of Moon
Topic: UFO
Ufology PRSS
New proof of Martian life in NASA photo?
10 HRS AGO - A raw NASA image that had a much smaller resolution than all the others first captured attention. Expand
The Myterious Lost City of Z
19 HRS AGO - Unsafe finding this old civilization events in 1925Percyho Harrison Fawcett,. He believed that he Expand
The mystery of sea maidens
22 HRS AGO - Aliens and their attempts of mutants Almost holy books of all religions around the world suggest Expand
Old messages about aliens hiding the Vatican archives are right?
1 DAY AGO - There were already thousands of years ago? Perhaps they live unnoticed among us? Or are coming to Expand
Ptah / Enki Anunnaki, Sumerian for "those who came from heaven"
1 DAY AGO -  Just for example continuity stemming from Egyptian mythology suggests distant cosmic migration, Expand
Talking to fast facts about Batman
1 DAY AGO - the about my favorite Christmas gifts this year was a DVD set about one Batman TV series from Expand
Strangest Cryptids and Mysterious Creatures
1 DAY AGO - Folklore is peppered with stories of creatures, monsters, and unconfirmed sightings of animals of Expand
Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump In the 10 most hidden secrets
3 DAYS AGO - Ever, no hopeful has been as brain blowingly dubious as Donald Trump. The previous businessperson Expand
Mysterious Dog Vanishes on Camera
3 DAYS AGO - This video shows a mysterious dog that is seen vanishing on camera. It is claimed that the dog's Expand
UFOS: Unbelievable claims by credible people
15 HRS AGO - This brand new video by QUFOSR contains several collections of clips from credible people speaking Expand
Interview with Travis Walton on 5 Day Abduction Memories (1975)
20 HRS AGO - Travis Walton interviewed back in 2015 about his five day ufo and alien abduction memories from Expand
These 10 Secret And Sinister Societies Control Our World
23 HRS AGO - Ever thought that maybe there was something more sinister going on behind the scenes of society? Expand
3 Examples of Literal Demonic Possession
1 DAY AGO - Most people are unaware of the spiritual warfare occurring around them. There are demons hosting Expand
UFO sighting in Spain! September 2016
1 DAY AGO - Stunning UFO sighting (three flying orbs) in Spain. The images were recorded with a mobile phone Expand
Most interesting cases of time travel
1 DAY AGO - Time travel has been a staple of science fiction stories and cinema since the genre was born. The Expand
God Appears In Clouds
2 DAYS AGO - See head of god Shirdi Sai Baba appearing in the left side of the clouds in the sky. Gods, Expand
There Is More Happenig On In Outer Space Then We May Ever Allowed To Know
3 DAYS AGO - The whole world has known of space weapons since Reagan and 'Star Wars'. Even the Russians have Expand
A car teleports out of nowhere and hits a van in australia 2016
3 DAYS AGO - The camera of a vehicle on the road managed to capture a rare moment because it recorded the Expand
100% Real UFO filmed over Arab Airport
17 HRS AGO - 100% Real UFO filmed an Arab Airport film with a sony handy cam dvd 610 , An extraordinary sight Expand
Forbidden truth and secrets of Egyptology
22 HRS AGO - They built the Sphinx of Giza ancient Egypt four thousand years, and it is responsible for elder Expand
Strange secrets case
23 HRS AGO - In the mountains of the Caucasus, in the autonomous republic of Adygeya, was found a mysterious Expand
Alien Apparatus Found On Abraham Lincoln
1 DAY AGO - ***BREAKING NEWS*** Alien Device Found On Abraham Lincoln! There is an unidentified device on the Expand
While renovating a house in Egypt someone found these mysterious coins
1 DAY AGO - It is possible that the coin show visiting aliens on planet earth? According to many ufologist is Expand
Horror Movies and their real-life counterparts
1 DAY AGO - While horror movies and media are a limitless outlet for the creators imagination, some of cinemas Expand
Was a Gun dropped at this time in video? N.C. shooting
2 DAYS AGO - Caught this item when watching the video. I believe you can see something [the gun] being dropped Expand
Amazing Footage: UFO - Sun High-Energy Particle Beam Interaction
3 DAYS AGO - The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) released a video with an interesting anomaly. It Expand

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