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Third Phase Of Moon
Topic: UFO
Ufology PRSS
NWO - The supression of god and never ending scientific nonsense
7 HRS AGO - Another quite interesting video exposing all the complete and utter nonsense espoused by ms Expand
God and physics - the lies are endless
12 HRS AGO - This video is done by ranger mike and it talks about how ridiculous and stupid modern physics has Expand
NASA's Footage of the newly found Earth 2.0 orbiting the star Proxima Centauri
14 HRS AGO - This is an artists impression of the alien planet orbiting the star Proxima Centauri. Does it have Expand
Something strange in the sky
1 DAY AGO - Mid August 2015, about an hour or so before sunset, I went out to have a smoke and noticed above Expand
Corpses Of Sumerian Gods Enkidu and Gilgamesh Found In 12.000 Year Old Grave
1 DAY AGO - If we talk about divine triad and religious perceptions of the ancient Sumerians, who clearly Expand
Sasquatsch recorded by trail cam, August 23, 2016
1 DAY AGO - A Law Enforcement Officer writes “Hey Wes, I will make this as short as possible. I have a video Expand
Leaked NASA Clips Of UFOs Detected And Tracked In Space
2 DAYS AGO - Nasa Released Clips Detecting Flying Objects In Outer Space Shocking 2016. What is NASA hiding Expand
Possible UFO sighting by Salomondrin and his friend
2 DAYS AGO - Salomondrin message to his video: On August 18th, 2016, Pedro and I were driving to Monterey Car Expand
Is that a real dragon from Tibet?
3 DAYS AGO - a shocking video has popped up of a dragon that had fell out of the sky in Tibet. it looks very Expand
Alien interrogated at area 51 admits right wing fundamentalist set to destroy the human race
10 HRS AGO - This video is supposedly of an alien being interviewed at area 51. it speaks about the future of Expand
Glowing UFO Tries To Escape Detection At Space Station, August 2016
12 HRS AGO - Once again, a UFO has been caught at the space station using the live cam. Streetcap1 had a Expand
Black Budget: 'Missing' $8 TRILLION Dollars For A Real Life Star Trek Spaceship?!
14 HRS AGO - A new conspiracy theory pops up about the newly missing 8 trillion Pentagon dollars. Is it to fund Expand
The sensational discovery of giant skeletons in Bulgaria
1 DAY AGO - Relatively new discovery that will inspire "záhadologů", took place in 2014 in Varna, Bulgaria, Expand
A fascinating phenomenon: These clouds look like UFOs
1 DAY AGO - Objects resembling the so-called flying saucers but really were nothing more than an oddly shaped Expand
Giant Alien City On The Moon Found On Google Moon
1 DAY AGO - It is without doubt one of the most interesting discoveries found on the moon by the application Expand
Desert UFOs in 2016
2 DAYS AGO - What is happening in this video?  I can’t figure it out either.  But the UFO in the desert Expand
Alien Face found in Mars crater on Google Mars
2 DAYS AGO - The researcher and ufologist Argentine Marcelo Irazusta has discovered a striking face in the Expand
Top Secret Alien Propulsion System Secret revealed 2016
3 DAYS AGO - In the entire universe there is a force that permeates everything , which gives it dynamism that Expand
Mariology and the catholic lies
10 HRS AGO - This video is an expose of how the catholic church decieves with false doctrine and amplifies Expand
Listen to Will Smiths Conversation with Obama about Aliens
13 HRS AGO - Will Smith interview at BBC Radio drops some interesting clues about the existance of ALIENS
Something strange in the sky 1st clip
1 DAY AGO - I was out for a smoke mid August 2015 when I saw what appeared to be a star/planet, but never at Expand
First Germany, Now The Czech Government Warns Their Citizens: 'Prepare For The Worst!
1 DAY AGO - WTH Is Going On? Nations Are Warning Their Citizens! Now it’s the Czech Government That Is Saying Expand
200,000 years old Ancient Anunnaki Cities discovered
1 DAY AGO - Ancient ruins discovered at the southern tip of Africa, were built by the Annunaki and made over Expand
Different Experiences of Alien Abduction
1 DAY AGO - Through many cases shown through history, Victims have given many different reports, detailng Expand
An Enormous Triangular Object Filmed Circling The Sun, August 22, 2016
2 DAYS AGO - Giant triangular unidentified object followed around the Sun - August 22, 2016 What could it be?
Google Sky Maps - The Secret of The Hidden North Star
3 DAYS AGO - Why is the Polaris or "North star" hidden in Google Sky Maps? Who is behind this cover up - what Expand

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