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Third Phase Of Moon
Topic: UFO
Ufology PRSS
The Nephilim - The Biblical Giants From The Golden Age
9 HRS AGO - There were giants (Nephilim) in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God Expand
Buildings, Bridges and Pyramid found on Mars 2016
12 HRS AGO - This could be the smoking gun that NASA to past life on Mars ? Strange structures found on the Expand
Is Wikileaks Rothschild's Weapon To Bring Down Governments?
17 HRS AGO - Well, this interesting. Much of what the speaker says is factual - but there is an OMISSION in his Expand
True Evil has a name and it is George Soros
21 HRS AGO - Look into the eyes of evil, from looting his own people for hitler to having so much power he can Expand
Plumber Completely Blind in One Eye Healed MIRACLE by God!
1 DAY AGO - WOW! Check out this miracle of the Holy Spirit performed through a brother in Christ healing this Expand
Witness The First News Bulletins After The UFO Crash In Roswell 1947
1 DAY AGO - This video covers the first 3 radio news bulletins concering the crash of "flying discs". The Expand
Rosicrucian Witchcraft Revealed!!!
1 DAY AGO - I reveal the witchcraft of the Rosicrucians and what they teach, after being involved in them for Expand
Ufos ufos ufos ufos
1 DAY AGO - UFO films from 1997 to 1999. a compilation from over the past years taken on the dates listed. as Expand
The Dark Spirit Controlling Washington & The Vatican
2 DAYS AGO - Spiritual wickedness is abounding and stems from the "top" of this world. Today we remove the veil Expand
9 HRS AGO - James O’Keefe of Project Veritas declared victory over the “corrupt scum” of the mainstream media Expand
COVER-UP! What They Found In Antarctica Will Amaze You
14 HRS AGO - There seems to be a lot of activity in Antarctica recently. This is why!
The UK X-Files [Documentary]
18 HRS AGO - 2016 - Very interesting documentary about unexplained encounters and UFO sightings in the UK.
Strange Unicorn Sightings Happening Worldwide
21 HRS AGO - This video takes a look at several different pieces of footage that aim to provide evidence that Expand
Rethinking: Peru, Bolivia
1 DAY AGO - Egypt is a country of secrets - Peru is a country of mysteries. Join Alex Mott as he travels to Expand
FBI WARNING: 'Imminent TERROR Threat' Against L.A. Metro Rail Station
1 DAY AGO - FBI investigating 'imminent threat' against Los Angeles Metro rail station. Threat mentioned the Expand
Is this Anointing or Chi power?
1 DAY AGO - Is the power on display in some so called Christian Churches the anointing of the Holy Ghost. Or Expand
Krampus - The Austrian X-Mas Demonic Ritual
2 DAYS AGO - Krampus, stretches back to pre-Christian pagan rituals in Germanic folklore and is characterized Expand
People Of This Age-Old European Tribe Could Be Of Extraterrestrial Origin
2 DAYS AGO - Nestled in the mountains between France and Spain, there is a semi-isolated population of native Expand
UFO at Distance 100 meters of the International Space Station, Dec 5
10 HRS AGO - Ufo again live stream at the International Space Station . Huge glowing ufo spotted 100 metters Expand
Lockheed Skunk Works CEO: 'Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do
17 HRS AGO - We already have the means to travol among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black Expand
Bill Clinton's Interview on UFOs - An Analysis
18 HRS AGO - My biggest take on the entire video was the moment he nodded "yes" the when Kimmel was asking if Expand
Find Out: Do You Have A Soul? Try This Exercise
1 DAY AGO - This is a simple, yet powerful spiritual exercise. Let's walk through this exercise together in Expand
The Lie We Live: The Video Everyone Needs To Watch ... Now!
1 DAY AGO - If you watch the whole video it really has the potential to change your life! Let your mind wander Expand
PROOF!!! TB JOSHUA using witchcraft powers.
1 DAY AGO - I have proof that TB Joshua from Nigeria is using witchcraft powers to decieve many people around Expand
Albert Pike, World War 3
1 DAY AGO - Albert Pike Freemason, received a vision and passed it on August 15, 1871 to Mazzini. The letter Expand
Anonymous Collective - Web Warriors Or CIA Psy-Op?
2 DAYS AGO - I believe the CIA, Mossad, FBI, or some other shadowy alphabet government agency could not only be Expand

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