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Footage of UFOs
Ufology PRSS
Animals Are Being Spotted Vanishing All Over The World
5 HRS AGO - From vanishing birds to a disappearing cat, this video depicts 5 instances in which animals have Expand
B-2 Bomber and Suppressed Antigravity Technology
13 HRS AGO - Townsend T. Brown, a US researcher, has gone even further than that. There are rumors that Brown Expand
Large plasma UFO?
23 HRS AGO - Plasma is a highly ionized gas composed of ions, electrons (and optionally neutral atoms and Expand
Strange Object Changes Direction During ISS Spacewalk 2017
1 DAY AGO - Strange object change direction during space walk. As you will see this object obviously change Expand
Spring is here and also UFO
1 DAY AGO - Unidentified flying objects are not avoid or Slovensku.lord for yourself in March convinced that Expand
Vladimir Putin I have never seen anything like it
1 DAY AGO - An ancient fortress called Por-Bajin–or Por-Bazhyn, Por-Bazhyng—has historians and Putin—among Expand
And it's out: The moon is alive! This should be proof!
1 DAY AGO - The aliens on the moon built a city, say enthusiasm ufologist. And for the doubters also have Expand
Government Officials Suggest Full UFO Disclosure
2 DAYS AGO - Time to release ufo evidence and evidence of extraterrestrials. Government Employees and Officials Expand
The Vatican's Hidden Images Revealed! Darkest Secrets Now in The Light!
2 DAYS AGO - Breaking News: The ENTIRE Vatican City Papal Regalia has come into light! This information will Expand
9 HRS AGO - This episode allows the viewer to send their room and all in it to Hell and back again. However Expand
According to an explorer, there was a fourth BLACK PYRAMID at Giza
17 HRS AGO - The three major pyramids at the Giza plateau are perhaps the most famous trio of pyramids on the Expand
ITS 2017 Keep Your Eyes To The SKY
1 DAY AGO - Compilation of videos and real shots of ufos from 2017 mostly, and a few from other years as well. Expand
This Cave Has A Truly Devlish History
1 DAY AGO - According to legend, it was said that the devil himself had visited this cave, and what he was Expand
It's a UFO disguised behind a cloud?
1 DAY AGO - The video shows a very strange event in the sky! What could it be? The man reportedly captured Expand
Earth has a new moon. Around blue planet will orbit even centuries!
1 DAY AGO - Seemingly orbiting the Earth for around 100 years and according to NASA that will continue in the Expand
Roswell UFO crash 1947 - First radio news bullletin
1 DAY AGO - Right after the UFO crash in Roswell 1947, different news outlets reported on the story. This is Expand
Cain The Child of Lucifer: Eve had Twins Cain & Abel
2 DAYS AGO - The entire world is a stage of duality: The battleground for Dark VS Light. Cain killed Abel. Expand
What Is The 3rd Temple? A New Human Race
2 DAYS AGO - DNA a self-replicating material present in nearly all living organisms as the main constituent of Expand
Are "Alternative News" Really An Alernative?
12 HRS AGO - Today we take a look at the idea of Alternative News & whether it's really an alternative to Expand
Secrete History Revealed Reagan Helped Win World War II
18 HRS AGO - I am a documentary film maker and I believe that modern day accepted version of history is faith Expand
Thank You NASA 100 Percent Real UFO Proof
1 DAY AGO - Brought to you by Nasa cameras. Nasa your biggest friend and enemy when it comes to the UFO Expand
Ancient Kailasa Temple Exposed
1 DAY AGO - Many ancient sites around the world are proof that thousands of years, The ancient stretching Expand
Unknown spots in the sky over Polish village
1 DAY AGO - In the evening at 7:26 pm of 10th of September I spotted these flying objects on the sky over Expand
Aztec, New Mexico UFO Crash Recovery of 1948
1 DAY AGO - On 25 March 1948, an Unidentified Flying Object was detected and picked up on their scopes by Expand
Amazing Ancient Temple Carved On Mountain
2 DAYS AGO - An amazing work of art, a full temple, carved on a mountain. What an amazing piece of art and Expand
This Guy Infiltrates Pax East To Bring Down Those Monsters -- The Pax East Conspiracy
2 DAYS AGO - In this video, a guy named Chris plans to infiltrate Pax east to bring those cooperate pigs down. Expand

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